Satellite News -- Ward E -- Bit107a

Bit: Surrealism

Episode: 107- Robot Monster

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(Joel and 'bots walk in from theater.)

Joel: Golly.
Crow (moans): Oh, Joel. I think I'm having heart palpitations. This movie's really getting to me.
Tom: Yeah, Joel. I think I'm developing an aneurysm. Please, no more movie!
Joel: Come on, you guys aren't supposed to have human ailments. Besides, I think it's kinda cool in a dark, surrealistic sorta way.
Crow (struggling to speak): Well, so is standing in front of a...a speeding snowmobile.
Joel: No, you don't get it. You see, isn't, isn't it kinda weird, it's like, there's a guy in a gorilla suit, and there's, he's got a robot head and inside, he's got kind of a bunch of clay. I mean, I've seen Dali paintings that make more sense than this movie does.
Tom: Yeah, but I think there's a fine line between surrealism and costume- shop closeout.
Crow: I don't get it, Joel. Is it cool to make no sense?
Joel: No, it's--
Crow: Is it hip to be vague?
Joel: No, it's not cool to make no sense, but it's surreal.
Tom: Oh, like...hoppity-hop-bi-dang! Strawberry potatoes climbing Mt. Everest in tears! Ho, ho! Right, Joel? (Cambot starts distorting picture and sound.)
Joel: Right, you got it, right! (Indicates Cambot) Look, even, even Cambot's getting into it. Look at the monitor. Yeah.
Crow: Ohh. Well, then, ahh, it would follow that dripping cows go Yugoslav Kafka-ing (?) in leiderhosen.
Joel: Right.
Crow: Is that cool though, Joel?
Joel: No, it's not cool, but it's surreal.
Tom: Oh. It's kind of fun too, really, when you think about it.
Joel: Yeah.
Crow: Yeah. Well, see you in the floating head band two pecadillo, Mr. Magritte.
Tom: Yeah, so long, Dali. Gotta rhom rhom ring-diddle vortex bi-dang! Whoa!
Joel (to Cambot): My robots. I think I'll crush grape jelly in my neck until the clocks come home. (Cambot's view drifts up above their heads.)
Tom: Whoa-eee...