Episode: 109- Project Moonbase

Crow: It's new!

Tom: It's improved!

Crow: It's Spacom, as seen in the movie "Project Moonbase."

Tom: Yes, Spacom, the miracle home product you thought you'd never need.

Crow: Part wood, part industrial resin, part processed pasteurized cheese food product.

Tom: That valuable china cracked? No problem. Just a dab of Spacom will do the trick.

Crow: Try Spacom on an onion roll for a real lunchtime treat.

Tom: Takes care of rust on that old jalopy, and ladies will just love how Spacom removes those nagging liver spots and planters warts.

Crow: Slice thin for a fabulous roast substitute.

Tom: Kids will just have a ball with Spacom.

Crow: Change your mother into a basketball and drive out rodents and other household pets.

Tom: Include Spacom in your next oil change to lubricate and remove diaper rash while it whitens your wash and melts those pounds away.

Crow: Make Polynesian cheese devils with a little marshmallow creme, a handful of crunchy fire ants, and *lots* of velvety Spacom.

Tom: Eskimos love the way Spacom takes the gum out of diesel generators.

Crow: Mom loves the way it cleans jewelry.

Tom: Dad loves the way it takes the paint off that old table in the attic.

Crow: And kids just love it for a snack anytime.

Tom: Massage it into your scalp for a refreshing change of mind.

Crow: Rub it into your chest and feel the petroleum vapors go to work.

Tom: Not an aerosol, not a paste, and not available in any store.

Crow: It's Spacom! And it's available at this one-time, low, low, everyday bargain price.

Tom: And if you order now, you will receive at no extra charge a year's supply of Spacom!

Crow: Cuts through this tomato like it was a tin can.

Tom: Snapples caps off of jars, bottles, and the baby!

Joel: And, boy, does it catch fish!