Bit: Hide-and-Seek With the Universe

Episode: 203- Jungle Goddess

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(J&TBs are out of sight behind the desk. They pop their heads up to whisper lines during the segment. Crow peeks head up, then back down.)

Magic Voice: 30 seconds to Commercial Sign. (Tom peeks head up, looks around, back down)
Joel: Hey everybody. Welcome to the experiment.
Magic Voice: Commercial Sign in 15 seconds.
Joel: We're playing hide-and-seek with the elusive and inexplicable forces which control the universe.
Tom: We're still safe because the cosmic universe has its eyes closed, and it's counting to 6.02 times ten to the twenty-third.
Crow: I wanted to play hopscotch with the impenetrable mystery of existence, but he stepped in a wormhole and had to go in early.
Magic Voice: Commercial Sign in 5,4,3,2, Commercial Sign now.
Joel: We'll be right back. (hits button)


(Back on the SOL. Crow is looking down, and Joel is covering his and Servo's eyes while they count.)

All: ...97...98...99...100.
Joel: Ready or not, here we exist. (Looks around.) Oh, look, the cosmic universe isn't even *tryin'* to hide!
Crow: Aww.
Tom: Rats.
Joel: Oh, and the feckless ubermenches are flexing their zeitgeists again!
Crow & Tom: Huh?
Joel: The scientists, barking down my snorkel!
Crow & Tom: Ohhhh.