Satellite News -- Ward E -- Bit 907a

Bit: Accidental On-Turning

Episode: 907- Hobgoblins

Transcribed by The WereTorgo


(Mike and Tom are standing back-to-back)
Tom: Well, I'm sorry, Mike.
Mike: Well, there! You just did it *again*!
Tom: What the-- oh, GOD.
Mike (To Cambot): Hi everyone, welcome to the Satellite of Love. Servo and I were just talking--
Tom: Look. I didn't mean to turn you on, and I'm really sorry.
Mike (To Cambot): Well, you know, ever since Robert Palmer introduced to concept of accidental turn-ons in his song, "I didn't mean to turn you on," well, there's been a lot of involuntary on-turning around here.
Crow (Pops up from under desk): Hey there, guys, what's up?
Tom: CROW!
Crow: Oh, *no!* Did I just turn you on again?
Tom: Yes... you *know* you did. Geez--
Crow: I am sorry. I tried NOT to turn you on, but I guess I unintentionally did.
Mike: You know, let's all try to be a little more careful about turning each other on, okay?
Crow: Sure, Mike...
Tom: Right, Mike...
Mike (to Cambot): And, you folks at home - be a little more careful, don't involuntarily turn anyone on, okay? We'll be right back.
Crow and Tom: MIKE!?
Mike: Did I!?
(...and into commercial, with the sounds of M&TB bickering underneath)


(Coming out of commercial, M&TB are standing behind the desk.)
Crow: Oh, now THERE! (To Tom) You did *so* mean to turn me on that time!
Tom: Okay, I admit it! I turned you on on purpose, okay? Cause I was upset so I turned you on so BIG DEAL.
Mike (to SERVO): Well now you just turned ME on. Can't you do *anything* without turning people on? It's just--
Tom: Well, that's nice. (Servo goes on, but is largely inaudible. All of the following overlaps.)
Mike (to Crow): Well you turned me on--
Crow: --I did not--
Mike: --Before he--
Crow: --It's your imagination!
Mike: Yes, you did! You turned me on--

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