Bit: Running From the Movie

Episode: 907- Hobgoblins

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[In the theater]

(Screen flashes "Hobgoblins")

Tom: Hey, the end credits! (Starts walking away) Well, it was a terrible movie. At least it was short.
Mike: These are the opening credits. (Servo sits down)
Tom: D'oh. Well, kill me please? (Mike chuckles) Please? (Screen shows "Tom Bartlett")
Crow: Ah, the king of the Wisconsin Dells finally gets a movie. (Screen shows "Paige Sulivan")
Tom: (Singing) Paige Sul-i-van! (Screen Shows "Steven Boggs")
Crow: Steven ...boggs this whole movie down.
Mike: That's good. (Screen shows "Billy Frank.") Oh, the cheap sequel to Billy Jack. (Screen shows "Taimi Bakke")
Crow: Is she related to 'Wacky T. Bakke'? (forced) Hahaha...I'm leaving. (Gets up and starts to walk out. Mike reaches for him.)
Mike: Crow, no. C'mon. Come back. Just don't try so hard. (An erie pause ocurs with Mike and the 'bots sounding nervous. Screen flashes "...Kari French")
Crow: Uh, Kari French. (forced) Hahaha. I bet she loves that dressing. Sorry, I hate myself! Goodbye! (Runs away.)
Mike: No, Crow. Get back here. (Mike walks off after him. Screen shows "James Marberry.")
Tom: (weeping) James Marberry R.F.D. Oh, i hate myself too. (Walks off)
Mike: C'mon, get back in here. Hey Servo, no! (Walks off after him)
Tom (crying): No. (Mike grabs him)
Crow: I can't...I can't, Mike. I'm outa here. (Walks off)
Mike: Sit down.
Tom: No.
Mike: No, sit. Crow! (Goes after Crow)
Crow: No, I can't take it! (Mike drags him back. Servo cries and runs off.)
Mike: Now sit down. (Reaches for Tom.) Sit down. C'mon. (Servo runs off after Mike lets go of him.) No don't. Come back here! (Crow cries and leaves. Mike grabs Crow. He holds tom and crow down) No. We're going to sit down here, we're gonna calm down, and we're going to watch this movie.

(Commercial sign.)

All: (voices over spaghetti ball) D'oh!