List: The Ludlum Library

Susan Fleming sent us this list, from episode 405- Being From Another Planet of the "Ludlum Library" sequence.

  • The Horshack Conspiracy
  • The Forbin Conundrum
  • The Slingshack Congealment
  • The Migraine Containment
  • The Crankshaft McNogginbee
  • The Polping Po-poopoo
  • The Klingla Kogluglu
  • The Shreenshrack Regeengyne
  • The Momaw Ma-moomoo
  • The Greengreen Gagrinegagrinega
  • The Lala Kalingalingaling
  • The Kriskrack Krakrakra (to which Tom adds, "We're glad there's always Tourette's.")
  • Zinga Zingaza
  • The Macheengo Conghelium (as added during the credits)
  • The Mingmang Patingtang