Satellite News -- Ward E -- Listend

List of unusual closings.

This includes any audio or video differences that appear after the words: Created by Joel Hodgson

(Thanks to Scott Russell his help with this list.)

211: First Spaceship On Venus Dr. Forrester retching
307: Daddy-O broken button
311: It Conquered The World Peter Graves' speech
312: Gamera vs. Guiron Michael Feinstein / Gamera's theme
414: Tormented hand grenade explosion
417: Crash of the Moons Bannergram
419: The Rebel Set TVís Frank: "Who is Merritt Stone?!"
424: Manos: the Hands of Fate Torgo's theme
508: Operation Double 007 Torgo's theme (reprise)
513: The Brain that Wouldn't Die "DEEP HURTING" chainsaw
516: Alien from L.A. Vend-a-Gut coin return
521: Santa Claus Merry Christmas - If That's O.K.
522: Teenage Crimewave Dr. F. sprays Frank with Mace Mousse
523: Village of the Giants The Greatest Frank of All
603: The Dead Talk Back Endless Jerry guitar riff
606: The Creeping Terror Creeping Terror dance music
610: The Violent Years Frank lists music on FRANK
615: Kitten With a Whip Kids hitting Frank piñata
618: The High School Big Shot Dinosaur in Frank's Pants
621: The Beast of Yucca Flats Dr. F. slapping Frank
801-Revenge of the Creature Laughter from Pearl and Apes
802-Leech Woman Granny Tom Servo yelling "JEEEEEED!"
804-The Deadly Mantis Widowmaker van honks
805-The Thing That Couldn't Die Pearl snoring
815-Agent for H.A.R.M. Sound of Mike cleaning the SOL
820-Space Mutiny Sound of fire set by Bobo
821-Time Chasers Sounds of the cheese factory break room
901-The Projected Man Sound of Bobo falling down the mountain.
908-Touch of Satan Steffi disciplines Bobo
1009- Hamlet Hamlet's sililoquoy
1011- The Horrors of Spider Island Pearl tells Bobo about the "birds and the bees."