Episode: 516- ALIEN FROM L.A.

Mike: Okay, McCambot. Just as we practiced it - 'My Wild Irish Ireland'
Crow (Irish accent): Or in the Gaelic - 'Erin Go Braless'!
Mike: Crow, don't start! (singing)
Oh Kathy, oh Kathy, my wild Ireland lassie
You're not just an island to me

Tom: (In wig, giggling, falsetto) Thank you!

With your sparkling green eyes and your skin alabaster
You've stolen my heart, ya see!

Tom (Falsetto): Awww!
Crow (singing):
Oh Kathy who squeaks with the voice of an angel
I don't think you're so big a 'bone!
Tom: Good!
Crow: I'd like to come over and roll in your clover
And kiss your blarney stone! (Bots giggle)
Tom (Falsetto): Come on, big boy!

Mike (spoken): Guys! C'mon! NO improvising!
Crow: Sorry, I was just going with my feelings, you big mush!
Mike: Let's just skip to the chorus
All (singing):
Kathy, Kathy, my soprano lassie!
I'll adore you till the end of time!

Tom (spoken): It's a little predictable, isn't it Nelson?
Mike: C'mon - Just do your part!
Tom: OK, Ohhhh...
Mike: No! Do the voice!
Tom (Falsetto):
Oh Mikey, Oh Mikey, it's you that I likey!
You're a bitchin' dream! Ha ha ha!
With those baby blue things
And the stuff that you wear
And you're shoes are really choice! Ha Ha Ha!
(spoken) Sorry! Mike! Mike! It's ME, Tom, Mike! No, no Mike! Tom here! Mike - the chorus?
Mike (staring at Servo): Ohhh...
All (singing):
Kathy, Kathy, you made me daffy!
I will love you till the end of time!
Oh Kathy, compact and delicious young Kathy!
Tis only for you I that pine!
I'll make al your enemies die for their sins
And love you until Movie Sign!