Satellite News -- Ward E -- Song910a

Song: The "Rowsdower Saves Us" song

Episode 910- The Final Sacrifice

[In the theater]

Tom: (singing): Oh baby, Rowsdower saves us and saves all the world.

Crow: (singing): He comes to save the day in a broken truck.

Mike: (singing): With stinky denim jacket on his back.

Crow: (singing): He couldn't help this movie, which really sucked.

Mike: (singing): But, at least we didn't have to see him play hackie sack.

Tom: What?

Mike: I'm sorry, I panicked.

Tom: Well, wake up, this is important to be damn it!

Mike: Well, I'll try to do better!

Tom: Shh! Shh! Here it comes! Listen!

Crow and Tom: (singing): Rowsdower saves us and saves all the world!

Mike: (singing): Rowsdower saves us.....

Tom: No, no, Mike, that section's over ya non-musical mook!

Mike: Well, sorry.