From: The MST3K Summer Blockbuster Review (1997)

Transcription by Jim Lauwers (


Tom: Tom Servo presents the first annual Mystery Science Theater Summer Blockbuster Review! Hit it, Cambot!

[music starts]

Tom (singing): Oh it's a special with stars, and a bunch of flying cars, it's a summer blockbuster review!

Crow (spoken): Wow!

Tom: It's got monsters in rubber, and actors who blubber, and lots of naked ladies, too!

Crow (spoken): Really? Will we see fine cigars?

Tom: Uh-huh!

Crow (spoken): And muscle-headed stars?

Tom (spoken): You bet! (Singing) And action up the old kazoo!

Crow (spoken): All right!

Tom (in rhythm): Just because it's kind of relevant, we'll ballyhoo Fifth Element

Crow: Protect your sacroiliac, when we review the Men In Black!

Tom: They're terrorizing little girls, thats Steven Speilberg's Lost World!

Crow: And Jodie Foster takes Contact, so she won't sneeze in, uh, Contact...

Tom: And heads'll be a-throbbin' when we hit Batman And Robiiiiiiin!

Crow (soft): Okay

Tom (spoken): Big finish!

Tom and Crow: On the, Myst-ry Science Theater Summer Block, Bus-ter revieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!