Bit: Crow's Evil Voiceover

Episode: 1005- Blood Waters of Dr. Z

Transcribed by Jason Krietsch


(Mike is polishing his shoes)

Crow (Off screen, impersonating the voice of Dr. Z): Saddle soap: cleaning compound of deceit. (Mike looks around for Crow.) Shoe polishing human, soon you will pay! A life of cleaning, scrubbing, polishing your shoes! And at the right moment.... ATTACK!! (Mike jumps and looks up to where Crow is.)
Mike: Can I help you, Crow?
Crow (still in Dr. Z voice): Heh heh heh, How I loathe you.
Mike: That's nice.
Crow (in Dr. Z voice): Heh heh heh. They think that I am insane! They're the ones that are insane! Soon there will be shoes the sizes they've never seen before. Who-who-like human flesh. And at just the right moment... ATTACK!!
Mike: Crow, come down from there.
Crow (in Dr. Z voice): Sargasam...
Mike: Would you just come down?
Crow: Oh, I'll come down you disgusting biped. But I am... (In normal voice) I seem to have gotten caught in the bulkhead. (Back to the Dr. Z voice) No matter, soon it will be you who will be wedged in the bulkhead of my plan. (normal) If you could just give me a hand here.
Mike: Hold on, let's see if I can... (Mike picks up a squeegee and, using the handle, begins prying Crow out.)
Crow (back in the voice): Ah yes, my friend the squeegee. I love you. (Normal voice.) Now if you could just pry me out of here. AHHH! (falls down in front of Mike) (back into the Dr. Z voice) Yes, now I am in many pieces, but soon those pieces will grow and grow.
Mike (to Cambot): We'll be right back.
Crow (in Dr. Z voice): It is I who will be right back. To rule the universe! (groans in pain)