Satellite News -- Ward E -- Bit106b

Bit: Bowling Bots--take 2

Episode: 106- The Crawling Hand

Transcribed by Michelle Alvarez


(Crow stands alone behind the table, facing left. Looking like he's taking a face plant, Crow zooms downward and off camera. The sound of pins being struck tell us he's bowling.)

Crow: He-ey! Baby splits! Wow, that's gonna be tough to beat.

Tom (announcing from off camera): Here we are in the fifth frame. Crow's staring at a nasty 6-10 split. He really needs this one. (Crow dives off camera again; more pins are knocked down.)

Tom (still announcing): Oh, good hook! Yes!

Crow (walking in): Whoa, bingo!

Joel (walking in with Tom): All right, great shot.

Tom: Nice shot Crow.

Crow: Hey, that puts me over 120, Joel.

Joel: All right, that was excellent. Those new arms are working great.

Crow: Great game, you know, but I hate these rental shoes 'cuz no matter how much of that stuff you spray into them, your feet still smell funny.

Joel: Smell? I didn't know you could smell. (Joel looks at Crow's beak.)

Tom: Shh! SHH!

Crow: Uhh...I'm--did I say smell? Uh, I meant spectral analysis, of course, heh heh.

Joel: Hey I was thinkin' let's play murder ball now, whaddaya say?

Tom: Uhh, no. (Crow shakes his head.)

Joel: Wait a minute. I created you guys. When I say we play murder ball, we play murder ball.

Crow: Okay, not it!

Tom: Not it!

Joel (exasperated): Let's do it over.

Crow: Not it!

Tom: Not it!

Joel: Uh, well how 'bout rock paper scissors, huh?

Crow: Oh, no way! I'm not playing that with you again. Look at my hands! Look, see? You know every time we play, uh, I gotta be scissors and you pick rock all the time.

Joel: Hey, it's just the luck of the draw, Crow.

Tom: Mmmm, okay Joel, you win *everything.*

Crow: Yeah, bye. See ya later, Joel. (Crow starts to leave.)

Tom: See ya later Joel.

Crow (suddenly coming back): Go home to your mom. Yeah, we're your friends...

Crow and Tom: NOT!!

Tom: C'mon, let's ditch him. (T & C leave.)

Joel: Oh, that's great. I get it. Yeah, yeah, thanks. Thanks for emptying my load pan. Thanks for creating us, Joel. Thanks for making us intrinsically human, Joel...(to Cambot) Hey Cambot, come in a little bit. (Cambot zooms in.) Hey, Cambot I want you to remind me of something: Next time I make a robot, no more free will. That's it. Oh, we got commercial...(slaps the light, pops a grape in his mouth) I hate this.