Satellite News -- Ward E -- Bit201c

Bit: What's Your Dream?

Episode: 201- Rocketship X-M

Transcribed by Lorrie Matheson


(J&TB are sitting around staring out into space, quoting dreamy verses and stuff.)

Joel: What do you guys wanna do with your life? What are your dreams? I mean, where do you wanna be in two years?

Crow: Beauty walks the razor's edge. Someday I'II make it mine.

Tom: Bless the beasts and the children.

Joel: Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you walk near?

Crow: All I want is a tall ship and a star to sail her by.

Tom: Oz never did give nothin' to the Tin Man.

Joel: One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do.

Crow: I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night.

Tom: Half-breed. That's all I ever heard.

Joel: We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.

Crow But the stars that we reached were just starfish on the beach.

Tom: Dames like this always got beer around.

Joel: What?

Crow: Huh?

Tom: Oh, oh, oh. I mean...Filled with mingled cream and amber I will drain that glass again. Such hilarious visions clamber. (Joel and Crow stare blankly) Poe!

Crow and Joel: Ohhhhhh....

Crow: Hey, there's a ship out there!

Joel: Who said that?

Crow: I did.

Tom: That's beautiful.

Crow: No, no, no. There's, really, there's a ship outside.

Joel: Oh, it just goes on like that?

Crow: No, outside, there's a ship outside.

Tom: Oh, you mean outside the bounds of earthly restraint?

Crow: No, no, out there. See, look!

Joel: Yikes, he's right. Hey, Cambot, give me Rocket Number Nine, I need an exterior of the ship. Let's go, you guys. There's somebody outside the ship...and they're trying to hail us. Check it out on the Hexfield Viewscreen.

[Valeria appears on viewscreen]

Valeria: Hello, puny earthling.

Tom: Oh, hi! Oh, I think she's talking to Joel.

Valeria: I have come these many light years to find you, and and your daughter are doomed.

Crow: Maybe she's talking about Gypsy, Joel.

Valeria: You and your daughter will never escape the power of the Dogwa.

Joel: Dogwa? Doug...Doug Warren? I haven't seen him since high school. Dark One? I don't know any Dark One.

Valeria: You dare to mock me? See if you can mock me in the Room of Questions.

Tom: Uh, Joel, who is she, and what the heck does she mean?

Joel: Just let me handle this. I know how to talk to these space vixens. [uses Binaca] Uh, I could never give in to your'll...never getÉany satisfaction...out of me.

Valeria: Not even a little?

Joel: No. God, she's ugly.

Valeria: Okay, well. Then gotta go. Bye, bye!

Joel: Wait!

Valeria: Kick it down, Tork.

Crow: Wait, wait, wait, Joel! Maybe she can help us get back down to Earth.

Joel: Yeah. Can you rescue us or help us?

Valeria: To Earth? I don't know. What does it look like?

Joel: We have to get down to Earth!

Valeria: How nice for you. Well, gotta go, ciao! Bye, bye! Tork, kick it down. [in deep voice] I live to serve you. [in "normal" voice] Bye, bye!

Joel and the bots: (variously) Wait, hey!

[viewscreen closes]

Joel: Oh, man.

Tom: What a strange woman. Kinda makes you think, though, doesn't it?

Crow: Yeah. Guess you don't have to be a rocket scientist to uh, pilot a rocketship.

Joel: Well, at least we still got each other, you guys.

Crow: matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like the kitchen best.

Tom: Yeah, and if you don't believe the dead come back to life, huh, you should see this place around quitting time.

Joel: Yeah, it's a nice day for a white wedding. We got commercial sign.

Crow: Hey, I'm moved. Who said that?

Tom: Uh, was that Blake? Or Yeats, perhaps? Or Rod McKuen? Hmmm...

Crow: Hmmm....