Satellite News -- Ward E -- bit210d

Bit: Going Nuts about Lippert

Episode: 210- King Dinosaur

Transcribed by Lorrie Matheson


Crow: Hey, you guys...that's the fourth Robert Lippert film we've seen in as many months!

Tom: Um-hmmm.

Crow: Remember "Rocketship X-M," uh, "Jungle Goddess," uh, "Lost Continent," and now this one, "King Dinosaur"...I've never even seen a Kurosawa film. Works of Francois Truffaut? Uh-uh, not familiar with them, sorry. Odessa Steps sequence? I don't think I know that one, no...and uh, yet I'm intimately familiar with a frame-by-frame basis with a major part of one Robert L. Lippert's output. Why? Why? Why? Why? I don't understand it!

Joel: Crow...

Crow: I just--

Joel: Crow, hey.

Crow: Huh?

Joel: Take it easy. It's only--

Tom: Hey, Crow's right, Joel. Y'know, there's only so much that we can take.

Crow: Yeah.

Tom: Really.

Joel: Well, the fact is, you guys might be interested to know that Robert Lippert was quite an innovator in his time. In fact--

Tom: Oh, really?

Joel: Yeah, I've prepared a special presentation...

Crow: Ah, no, no, no you don't...n-n-n-n-n-no...

Tom: Nope, nope, nope, nope, no, no, no, no.

Joel: Oh, you don't want to see that?

Tom: Nope.

Joel: Well, fortunately, uh, Cambot and I have worked up a little uh, sound and light show. Cambot, cue that up...

Tom: No, no, no, hold it. Stop the music...kill that light, Cambot, or I'll kill you.

Crow: That's better.

Joel: Well, I don't see why it would bug you that I would try to do such a thing.

Crow: Because, those artist's renderings, musical tributes--I don't think so, Joel. C'mon.

Joel: I'm just trying to show you--

Tom: Joel, Lippert is NOT worth it. No. No.

Joel: Well, there's just one thing that he did that I would like to show you because I spent a lot of time in the shop working on it.

Tom: Okay.

Crow: Yeah...

Tom: Show us your little toy...

Joel: Robert Lippert was the first filmmaker to ever use a thing called the Theremin. And the Theremin creates a uh---

Tom: Cool....

Joel: --body of particles, and when you interrupt the particles it changes the sound. You have heard it in other uh--

Tom: Sure...

Joel: --space movies before. Here, here, let's turn it on here...

Tom: Hey...

Crow: Oh...

Tom: Well, that's rather pleasing, isn't it?

Crow: Yeah, neat.

Tom: Cool...interesting, the way it changes...well, thank you very much for sharing your little toy with us, Joel. You can turn it off any time now. (Joel begins to walk back and forth across the bridge with the Theremin)

Crow: Thank you....thank you, Robert Klein...

Tom:, why don't you take that down to your uh, cabin there, Joel? Oh. Well. I guess it's up to us to uh, take care of business.

Crow: I guess so... (thud off camera)

Tom: Uh, just set that anywhere, Joel. Well. So, let's uh, read this letter that's down here.

Crow: Yeah, go ahead.

Tom: Uh, after he leaves. Joel, would you please... So! It says here-- (thud off camera)

Crow: Joel, if it bends, it's funny, if it breaks, it's not funny.

Tom: Yikes. Okay, it says, "Dear Sirs, it's us again, the MSTies from Milwaukee, with our weekly approbations of doom. As usual, we..." Uh, thank you, Joel. "We had a great time with the latest show, we wanted to point out a few things regarding the enclosed..." (thud off camera.) Thank you again, Joel. "Enclosed..." They enclosed some scorecards--Cambot, put these up, these are really interesting.

Crow: Oh, cool!

Tom: Now, look--they actually rate us on a scale of 1 to 10 on the movie, on sarcasm, on the invention exchange, and they say host segments. Uh, what are host segments?

Crow: Uh, I don't know.

Tom: Got me on that one. Okay, now what are we supposed to do now?

Crow: Uh, say something to the scientists.

Tom: Oh. Uh, hey, guys, are you watchin'? Uh, how did it go? Whaddya think?

[Deep 13]

Dr. F: I think we should go to the Kurosawa festival at the Jerry Paris Cinema. What do you think, Frank?

Frank: Oh, forget that. What about the Theremin? Oooooh woooooo....

Dr. F: I have another idea. Until next time, Joely. (bashes Frank's head against the control panel)

Frank: Missed. (Dr. Forrester: bashes Frank's head again)