Bit: Tom and Crow Run Away

Episode: 410- Hercules Against the Moonmen

Transcribed by David Boyle


Joel: Listen, are you sure you guys want to go? The experiment's about to start.
Crow: Oh, the experiments bite. It's all so dull and so--uh--banal!
Tom: Yeah, Joel. This place is for losers and squares. Stick around here and you're headed for nowhere in a rocket sled, baby. Uh--No offense, of course...
Joel: Oh, hi everybody. Welcome to the Satellite of Love. I'm Joel Robinson, still stuck up here in space. This is Gypsy.
Gypsy: Hi!
Joel: And my other two robots, Tom Servo and Crow, have decided to run away from home and go live on the other side of the ship.
Crow: All right. We're gonna to get going then, Joel. Oh, and Please? Don't embarrass yourself by following us, ok?
Joel: Oh no, I won't. This is your deal. I can see you've got everything. Uh--what's this right here, Tom, in your hand?
Tom: Oh. I made a boomerang to hunt wild animals.
Joel: Smart. Oh, well, see you later.
Crow and Tom: Ok--bye bye.
Tom: (singing) I was born under a wandering star--
Gypsy: They'll be back.
Joel: Yeah. Uh, hey, Magic Voice. Want to give us a status report on how they're doing?
Magic Voice: They are fifty yards away. They have stopped. They appear to be arguing. Crow has put down his pack and is hitting Tom Servo on the shoulder. Tom is crying. They're heading back now.
Joel: You were right, Gypsy. We'll be right back.


Crow: We're back. We forgive you.
Tom: What's for lunch?
Joel: I thought you guys were going to run away and live on the other side of the ship?
Gypsy: Yeah.
Crow: Uh--we did. We're done. It got way toobuilt up over there.
Tom: Yeah. What's the movie today?
Joel: I don't know. (Deep 13 lights) Oh, Shari Lewis and Lambchop are calling.