Bit: The Mystery Murder Dinner Party

Episode 607: Bloodlust

Transcribed by Ben Wink


(Behind the desk, which is full of place settings and food, Gypsy is has on a blonde wig and is wearing a dress, Servo is dressed up as a bespectacled tennis player, Mike is wearing medals and clusters, a monocle, and a handlebar mustache, and Crow is wearing an ascot and a blazer with his net slicked back.)

Tom: Hello. Welcome to tonight's MysteryÉMurderÉDinnerÉPartyÉ

Crow: I did it!

Gypsym Tom and Crow:: (Irked) CROW!!!

Tom: Oh, jeez, he ruined everythingÉso stupidÉ (Walks off with Gypsy)

Gypsy: For crying out loud! (Both are gone)

Mike: Oh Crow, I get the whole colonel thing worked up and aggghÉahck!É (Walks off disgusted.)

Crow: Too soon? RightÉIÉuhÉehhhÉ (Sniffs the plate in front of him) Ooooh! Hey, is this whole pie for me? Eh? (To camera) Oops.