Bit: Mike's Own Private Idaho…Potato

Episode 610: The Violent Years

Transcribed by Ben Wink


(Crow is wearing a beret in front of the desk)

Crow: Mike…we're ready for you! (Mike enters wearing a flannel shirt, another one with the sleeves tied around his neck, and Prince Valiant-type dark wig on his head, looking like a certain Mr. K. Reeves)

Mike: (Laughing slightly) Oh, good, uh, if we could…

Crow: The talent would please find his light.

Mike: Uh, right. Could we talk about this, 'cause a one-man show about Keanu Reeves? I don't think…

Crow: Darling, you are Keanu Reeves. Pull this off and I'll let you star in my next epic. It's a one-man show about Anthony Michael Hall.

Mike: Ah, that should be good. But let's talk about the script for this one…doesn't just the word lame come to…

Crow: Talent, quiet on set please. Final tech rehearsal will commence. Places everyone. What? Oh, there you are Margo! (Goes off camera) And….begin.

Mike: (To self) I swear this is the stupidest thing I've ever done. (Pulls a potato from under the desk) (In Keanu voice and pointing at the potato) This is My Own Private Idaho…Potato! (Crow giggles immediately, Mike stops) Crow, man that is so lame! (Crow enters)

Crow: (Laughing) Lame? It's humor Mike!

Mike: No, c'mon…it's stupid. I quit. "Idaho potato"…I quit, Crow. I quit. (Walks away)

Crow: Idaho potato! It is funny! It's just it's… (Laughs) (To camera) What?! It's a potato! It's FUNNY!!!