Bit: Frank's Weakness

Episode 613- The Sinister Urge

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(Mike is on the bridge with Crow, in a suit, and Gypsy, with a single eyeglass over her eye and a hat look over at the computer.)

Mike: We just got to find a way to stop Frank, but how?

Crow: Yeah, that’s the sixty-four dollar question…wait! I’ve got an idea! A door-to-door search! Gypsy, can you give me a schematic of the whole city?

Gypsy: You want the suburbs too?

Crow: All the way to the sticks! I want to see barns and cows and roosters!

Gypsy: There goes my vacation!

Crow: Thanks doll face! (tries to kiss Gypsy)

Gypsy (disgusted): Get out of here you lug!

(Tom darts in, in a police officer’s uniform)

Tom: All right, all right, all right! Hold everything! Ha ha! Got the report back from the lab, and guess whose fingerprints are all over the ransom notes?

Mike: Uh, probably Frank’s. He signed it.

Tom: Oh…(chuckles) that’s right I guess…

Mike: This is a dead end, a blank wall, an empty check!

Gypsy: It’s no piece of cake, that’s for sure!

Mike (quickly realizing what Gypsy just said): Wait! Hold it Gypsy, say that again…

Gypsy: I said, ‘It is no piece of cake!’

Mike: Potato cakes! That’s it!

Crow (surprised): Potato cakes?!

Mike: Remind me to buy you a new hat next payday sweetheart! (hugs and kisses Gypsy)

Gypsy: Wow!

Crow: How does she get a new hat?

Mike: But first, I got a very important phone call to make! (dials pay phone) I have to dial one?

Tom: one…

[Deep 13]

(Dr. F is still at Frank’s mercy, with dynamite strapped to him. Deep 13 itself is laden with dynamite and gun powder, as Frank is busy cleaning the detonating plunger. The phone rings. Dr. F picks it up and answers it.)

Dr. F: Yello, Deep Thirteen, how can I help you?

Mike (over phone): Clay! Thank goodness you’re there! Listen…I’ve got the answer: potato cakes!

Dr. F: Potato cakes? Well, those are tasty. I prefer curly fries. They have…

Mike (over phone): No, they’re not for you, Clay, they’re for Frank! 

Dr. F: Well, that’s very thoughtful Mike, I don’t have to tell you, I’m just the teensiest bit peeved at our young Frank right now!

Mike (over phone): Oh, no, don’t you see? Frank loves potato cakes! Get some, and use them to lure him away from the dynamite!

Dr. F: Heheheheheh…delightfully devious! (hangs up phone) I wonder why I didn’t think of that? (Gets up, with the dynamite still strapped to him) Frank! I’m steppin’ out, okay?

Frank: Yokay! (waves)