Bit: Potato Cakes

Episode 613- The Sinister Urge

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(Crow and Servo are still in cop/detective garb, Gypsy still with hat and single eyeglass. Pay phone rings. Mike heads toward it and picks up the receiver.)

Mike: Yeah?

[Deep 13]

(Frank is on the phone, ticking sound can be heard in background.)

Frank (sinisterly): Mike, can you talk? Good. In about two minutes, Dr. Forrester and Deep 13 are going to be blown into a million, billion, kagillion pieces! Hahaha! How does that make you…

Mike (over phone): Frank?

Frank: Yeah?

Mike (over phone): Hey, can you put Dr. F on for a sec?

Frank: Sure thing. Clay it’s for you!

(We zoom out from Frank to see Clay, still with dynamite strapped to him, with a bag of fast food.)

Dr. F: Uh, thank you. (takes phone) Yello?

Mike (over phone): Did you get the potato cakes?

Dr. F: Yeah, I did! And listen! There was a meal deal, so I got two beef and Swiss, and I know I’m not going to eat them both, so…

Mike (over phone): Would you never mind about that? Get the…all right…hold on…

Tom (over phone): Clay, this is Tom, listen very carefully…did you get the Deputy Dog collector’s glass?

Dr. F: Uh…

Mike (over phone): Would you get out of here! Clay!

Dr. F: Yeah?

Mike (over phone): Get out the potato cake and unwrap it.

Dr. F: Okay. (Dr. F is about to eat it)

Mike (over phone): Don’t eat it! Don’t eat it! No. Break it in half. (Dr. F breaks it in half.) Don’t burn your fingers. Now, wand the odor towards Frank! (Dr. F tries to get the odor toward Frank.)

Frank: Time to die…heheheheh (takes phone). Well Mike, Dr. Forrester’s about to make a mess of himself! Hahahahahaha! Say, is that potato cake I smell?

Dr. F (luring Frank with the potato cake): That’s right Frank, that’s right! (Frank is more than tempted to go after it, and then Dr. F throws the two pieces as Frank goes to fetch them) Go get it! (Gets up and heads to the detonator plunger) That’s right! (Pulls the plug from the detonator as the ticking stops) Well, it looks like I’ve got everything control down here! Carry on!


Gypsy: Oh boy, I wonder if Forrester’s planning on killing Frank!

Crow: Well, I could call Huggy Bear and find…I better call Huggy Bear…

Mike: Oh…call Huggy Bear and find out. Come on now, we got to read a letter. I have a nice one from Victoria Miller. Put the picture up on still store, will you Cambot? OK, and she says: Mike, Tom, and Crow, I did a science…yeah right…I did a science project on how different levels of gravitational force affects wheat seasons.

Crow (sarcastic): How exciting!

Tom: Wheat!

Mike: My science project went all the way to the international science and engineering fair where I won the first place army and air force award…

Tom: Say!

Gypsy: She got it bad…

Mike: They think I got the best botany project in the world!

Crow: Well I…

Mike: I also won the first place NASA award.

Tom: Gee, smart aren’t you, gee, if you’re so smart, how come you didn’t come up with the idea for “Speed?”

Tom, Gypsy and Crow: Yeah!

Mike: That’s a good point. You know, the bus not going under 55 miles an hour.

Tom: Smart, smart, you’re really…

(Mad light)

Gypsy: Nice job Vicky!

Mike: Nice letter though, that’s right! Uh, I hope you weren’t too hard on Frank, Dr. Forrester (hits button).

[Deep 13]

Dr. F: No, no. In fact, Frank should be done deep frying just about now! (Freaks out as camera pans to reveal a Deep Fried Frank!)

Frank: There. I’m deep fried! (Dr. F takes a piece of Deep Fried Frank and eats it) We’re even! Now give me a hug!

(The two hug as Dr. F pushes the button.)

(credit sequence)