Satellite News -- Ward E -- Bit 810a

Bit: MRxL!

Episode: 810- The Giant Spider Invasion

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Mike: Hi everyone! Mike Nelson here and welcom to the Satalite of....

Tom (Interupting Mike): Are you ready for some Spirit!

Mike: Huh?

Tom: Alright, Alright, Alright. Don't you wanna hear it. The Satalite of Love has got OODLES of spirit. Yeaaaah!

Crow: OK??

Tom: Gimmie an S!

Mike (Taking time to Think): No.

Tom: Gimmie an A!

Crow: Hmm, No.

Tom: Gimm, Gimmie a T!

Mike: Nuh, uh.

Tom: Oh come on you gotta give me something.

Crow: Well technically we don't really.

Tom: Oh come on, just give me the other T.

Mike: Well what do we get out of it?

Tom: Uhh...Spirit. (Mike and Crow confer privately a few seconds)

Crow: OK, we can give you an M, an R, a small x, and one L.

Tom: So MRxL then. Wheeee! The Satelite of Love has got MRxL, MRxL, MRxL. Have you got as much, uh, huh, uh, huh, MRxL as us? I don't think so!

Mike (with Tom still singing in the background): We'll be right back...