Bit: The Sylvan Glen

Episode: 816- Prince of Space

Transcribed by Lizzie

(The door sequence ends with a *real* bone slamming over a wooden door with leaves and branches everywhere, birds sing.)

Mike: Well, this is good, huh, OK, everything seems to be back to normal, I'm a befleshed human being, and you guys are---oh no. Oh no! (Tom grunts and snorts.)
Crow: Uh, Mike? Why are we in a sylvan glen?
Tom (sneezes, grunts): Hey, I've got hay fever! Cool! (laughs)
Mike: I'm gonna--I'm gonna go lay down until this all blows over. I'll--I'll see you later. (Turns and walks down a path.)
Tom: I--uh, I may need a Kleenex.
Mike (waves arm): You're fine.
Crow: Poor guy. He doesn't handle alternate realities very well, does he? (Mike touches a tree as if in awe.)
Tom (sneezing multiple times in succession): Sorry.
Crow: Still, it's a nice day, though.
Tom: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Crow: Hm.
Tom: Hm. (pause) Fishin'?
Crow: No, thanks.
Tom: OK.