Bit: Krankor Visits

Episode: 819- Invasion of the Neptune Men

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(M&TB huddeld together in fear.)
Tom: I mean - I mean we've had bad movies before Mike, but this one...uh..ung.
Mike: I know, Tom...I know.
Tom: My will to live Mike, draining...draining fast.
Crow: To be dead, to be nothing, to watch Neptune Men no more.
Tom (shouting): I can't go back in there guys. Shove me out the airlock. Please Mike, if you have a shread of dicentcy left in you. oh will there ever be light in this world again. (Cries.)
Mike: I don't know, Tom...I don't know. (Knocking from off camera.) Whoever it is, go away. save yourself! (Krankor enters laughing.)
Krankor: It is you who needs saving. For as you see, our technolegy is far superiour to yours, and we will crush you!
Mike (happily): It's the Phantom Dictator of Krankor from Prince of Space! (M&TB cheer.) Krankor!
Tom: Yey!
Crow: Alright, yea!
Krankor: Yes, it is I, and as you can see, I have come back to conquer your puny satellite once and for all. (Everyone laughs.)
Mike: Oh God, it is good to see you.
Crow: Krankor, what a breath of fresh air you are.
Tom: You guys, it's really him! It's really Krankor! Hooray!!
Krankor: I...I do not understand. Last time you did not seem to like me very much at all.
Mike: No, no Krankor. Don't say that.
Tom: That was before this horrible movie we had today. I think we learned to appreciate what we had with you guys.
Krankor: Well...thats...very nice...(about to cry) I suppose I--no no no, wait! Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa.
Tom: Horayy!
Mike: God. Krankor, how are you man?
Krankor: I suppose that I am fine.
Tom: Well, have you been keeping busy at all?
Krankor: Yes, I have been working hard. I suppose that one could say I am hardly working! (Everyone laughs.)
Tom: Oh, I love that one.
Mike (shouting, pointing to Krankor): I love this man!!!
Crow: Hey Krankor, any good stories about filming Prince of Space?
Krankor: Ahh yes, oh yes yes. Well, there was this one time I was supposed to walk over to the x-radar screen, but I walked over to the laser cannon panel insead. (Mike laughs.)
Tom: No.
Krankor: Quite an embarrasing moment, as you might imagine.
Tom: Yeah. (Everyone laughs.)
Mike: Oh God, that is great. God. Ah, Krankor. God, it is good to see ya'.
Krankor: It is good to see you as well. I guess my belicose ways prevent me from expressing my affection completely. I see them now as a cover for my loneliness and heartbreak.
Tom: Well you're always welcome here my friend...always.
Krankor: Thank you...that's very...(holding back tears) that's very nice. That's very...(Krankor cries--then gets hold of himself.) No no no wait, YA' SCUM! (Everyone laughs.)
Crow: You da' bird!
Tom: Yeah!
Krankor: Well I suppose the Earth isn't going to conquer itself. I better...(Mike and Krankor hesatate to shake hands, and hug intead.) G-g-g-g-good-g-g-goodbye. (Krankor exits.)
Mike: Bye Krankor.
Tom: Bye.
Krankor (from of camera): Oh, and by the way, it is useless or you to resist, for we will conquer you completly. (Everyone laughs.)
Crow: We love you.
Tom: You've conquered my heart.
Mike: Ah, Krankor. You feeling better, Tom?
Tom: Oh, alot better Mike. You know, after a movie like this, to check in with a voice of sanity like Krankor, well it's healing, isn't it?
Mike: Yea, God I...I miss him already.
Tom: Aww. (Tom rests his head on Mike's shoulder as they all sob.)
Mike: No Cambot, come on. Gimmie a second here.
Tom: Krankor.
Mike: We'll be right back.