Bit: Mike and the 80's

Episode: 820- Space Mutiny

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[In the theater]

(Credits rolling, Hair band type music playing)

Tom: Okay, okay. Be honest Mike, this music kinda really gets your blood going.
Crow: Yeah, Mike, this is YOUR music done by YOUR people, so I blame you for this entire movie.
Tom: Yeah, it's just like you to make a movie like this, geez.
Mike: I hated it too. What are you picking on me for?
Crow: Well, you were a young guy during the 80's weren't you? I mean this is your world, admit it.

(Hair band ballad music starts playing)

Crow: Okay, okay. This here is the kinda music you get all weepy at at the end of a drunken Friday night, sitting there with your hair all feathered, scarfing down cold potato skins.
Tom: Your attempt to get little Suzie what's her name drunk on lime vodka ended in humiliating rejection, so you sit there all mushy and sentimental reciting to yourself the words to some song by Night Ranger. You're pathetic.
Crow: Yeah, and maybe one homely girl feels sorry for you...for a second, but then she sees how stinkin' drunk you are and gets disgusted.
Tom: And maybe the first chair trombone player from the high school band comes by and he takes pity on you, tries to drive you home and all, but, no, Mike. You wanna swerve home in your cherried out Dodge Charger.
Crow: You wind up wrestling for your keys with the guy, then finally he drops you with one punch and he leaves, and you lie there knowing you got your butt kicked by the leader of the high school band.
Tom: You're pathetic.
Crow: You and your 80's.
Tom: Your precious 80's
Crow: You know, it would've continued to be the 70's if not for you.
Mike: All right. All right. That's it. That tears it.

(Mike and the bot's duck down in their seats and start to fight. Punching sounds can be heard. Random phrases and threats can be heard: It's go time, 80's man!!! I'll take you!! 80's jerk!!! Cool breeze huh huh huh????!!?)

(Mike and the bots sit back up.)

Mike: Wait you guys. Wait, this isn't us.
Tom: Yes it is, you hair feathering freak!
Crow: No, no, no, Servo, he's right. This movie has us turning on each other. It won't end! These credits just won't end!!!
Tom: It's just like the stupid 80's. They never did, either.
Mike: No, no! Actually, they did, Tom. It's okay. See? See? There's the copyright, that means it's over.
Tom: I'm sorry, Mike.
Crow: I'm sorry, Mike.