Bit: Servo's Dopple

Episode 822- Overdrawn At The Memory Bank

Transcribed by Alec


(Servo is laying down on desk with brain exposed under a large machine. Next to him is an identity cube from the movie.)

Mike: So, uh, where's the monkey?
Tom: Oh, never mind him, Mike. Come on! Synth my dopple down to the nanite and monitor both my cube time and my fingal time.
Mike: Hey! W-Why are you so eager to get down to that nanite world?
Tom: Oh, you know. I'm feeling a little wicked. I wanna go down there and mess with the little shrimps. You know, have a few laughs, just shake 'em up. He he he...
Mike: Well, gee, that doesn't sound very nice, Tom.
Tom: Oh now, I wont be too hard on 'em. Just rattle their cages a little bit, yank their chains, push 'em around, just get a few kicks! Ya know, kicks!
Mike: Yeah. W-Well, don't be too rough on 'em, ok?
Tom: Ah yeah. Just dopple my fingal. I'll show you some fun stuff. (Servo begins dopple. Servo is doppled to the nanite world and finds himself in a "rough part of town." Chuckling to himself...) Heh-heh. Hey, Nanites, hey ya little pip-squeaks. A giant walks among ya. (Looks around.) It looks like I must have landed in the rough part of town! Heh-heh...Hey, hello! Where are those little idiots anyway? (Two rough-looking nanites enter.)
Slicer: Well well well. What do we have here, Mookie?
Mookie: I-I don't know slicer. (Spits) Looks like a college boy to me.
Tom: (Obviously scared) Uhm, Hi fellas. Heh-heh...
Slicer: So, Mookie. Did I just here this punk callin' me an idiot?!
Tom: Oh, no no! Not you! No!
Mookie: So what?! Y-You callin' me an idiot then?! Huh, college boy?!?!
Tom: He he, excuse me a second. (Turns; Yelling) Mike! You didn't have to synth me down quite so small! (Goes back to the desk)
Mike: (Dressed like Apallonia, holding his hand to his ear and looking into machine) I'm sorry, Tom. It's out of my control. (Chuckles. Crow enters.)
Crow: S'up, Mike?
Mike: Oh, Servo's syntho-dopple thing is down in the nanite world.
Crow: Huh.
Slicer: (Heard from Nanite world) Come around dissin' our neighborhood, mister college?!?!
Tom: No no no...
Mookie: Ya know your gonna take a beatin'! Hold him Slicer!
Tom: Oh Boy! Oh, Come on, guys! I've never even been to college. Ugh, Please help me! (Hear Servo getting beaten; Mike and Crow cringe at the sound.)
Mike: Wow! Servo's dopple is getting his butt kicked! Ya think we should bring him out?
Crow: Nah, teach him a lesson, ya know?
Mike: Oh yeah. Tough love, right? We'll be right back. (Trash is thrown at Mike while monkey sounds are heard)
Crow: Oh, Henry! There you are! (Mike takes his "passive posture" and "ooks").