Bit: Overdrawn at the Tech Support Line

Episode: 822- Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

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[In the theater]

(During end credits.)
Mike: Man, that was a very bad and confusing movie. I wish there was something we could do.
Crow: Well, why dont you call tech support.
Mike: Tech support for 'Overdrawn at the Memory Bank'?
Crow: Yeah, I'm sure they get alot of complaints. They better have a tech support.
Mike: OK, I'll give it a try. (Picks up phone) Let's see 1-800..what? S.U.C.K. (dials phone)...Hey it's ringing.
Male Voice: Welcome and thank you for calling our award winning 24 hour technical support service for...'Overdrawn at the Memory Bank'...Please be prepared with a specific problem regarding...'Overdrawn at the Memory Bank' order to facilitate assistance from one of our skilled ...'Overdrawn at the Memory Bank'... technicians.
Mike: Oh yeah. I'm prepared for some specific problems about 'Overdrawn at the Memory Bank' alright, dont worry about that.
Female voice: 'Overdrawn at the Memory Bank' technical support. This is Mandy. How can I help you?
Mike: Well, uh, first of all...lets see...
Female voice: Sir, let me take care of some common troubleshooting possibilities right away. Are you in fact watching 'Overdrawn at the Memory Bank'?
Mike: Yes.
Female voice: We do find that people new to our 'Overdrawn at the Memory Bank' family viewers can make a simple mistake in actually be watching another movie. If that is the case, then we would urge you to call the appropiate technical support service for we are legally unable to provide support for other...
Mike: Look Look, were watching 'Overdrawn at the Memory Bank.' The credits are rolling right now.
Female voice: So it's not complete yet?
Mike: Well, No but I mean...
Female voice: We strongly advise our customers to view the entire film. It's impossible for us to gauge the acuracy of any confusion or complaint...
Mike: Look, how are the credits gonna help the fact that we have no idea what was going on with... anything...what was the "I'm interface" thing. What was the skinny woman doing when she was licking her watch?
Tom: Yeah.
Mike: Hey, why the pinch mouth cockney creep and (in voice) "The guy just reverses the access code"...that was well crafted...
Female voice: SIR!
Mike: ...and the music was the most insipid...
Tom: ...banal...
Mike: Banal noodling I've ever heard in my life.
Female voice: Sir, those are unfortunate design flaws which we do acknowledge.
Mike: Well? What can I do about it?
Female voice: When did you Purchase your version of Overdrawn at the Memory Bank?
Mike: ..Uhh I didn't purchase it...I just ahh...
Female voice: Ummph, so you are an unauthorized viewer of 'Overdrawn at the Memory Bank'?
Mike: I dont...umm.
Female voice: I am legally required to report this violation of all...
Tom: Hang up!
Crow: Hang up!
Tom: Hang up!
Crow: Hang up!
Tom: Get outta here. RUN.
Crow: Well, that got us nowhere.
Tom: Were in trouble...
Mike: That went bad. (They rise and exit).