Bit: Tom Takes Care of Rick Sloane

Episode: 907- Hobgoblins

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(Servo is carring a 45 millimeter gun, wearing sunglasses, and a black leather coat.)
Tom: (to himself) Good work, Servo. Nice job. (Mike enters)
Mike: Hey, clownhead.
Tom: Hey, there Mike, you know how we didn't care for thar stupid movie? (Mike nodds.) Well, by using our time machine I went back to the early '80s and I took care of our little Rick Saloan problem, if you know what i mean.
Mike: (shocked) Servo! You don't mean you k-k...
Tom: Yeah, I sure did! I hunted down Rick Saloan and I KICKED HIM! Right in the shin! I'm sorry, my friend. It's gruesome, I know, but I had to take matters into my own hands.
Mike: Well, I thought you had gone back and terminated him.
Tom: What! Terminate! Are you nuts? I don't even like guns, I hate them! Well, anyway by giving Mr. Sloan a firm swift blow to the shin, Ive changed the course of events and "Hobgobins" is no more.