Bit: The Bots Try to Evolve


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Crow: I'm not gonna try it!
Tom: Hey let's get Gypsy! She'll try anything.
Crow: No, she's too heavy. She's fall through the balcony.
Tom: Okay here I go. (falls backward)
Crow: Ah,good,good. (Tom pops back up, but his head is missing)
Tom: Woops! Lost my head!
Crow: Next time try...(realizes Tom's head is off) AAH! OH MY GOD! OH NO! GOD NO!
Tom: Joel, get my head! This is embarrassing. Joel! Get my head! (Joel enters)
Joel: What are you guys doing?
Tom: Well we were reading "Darwin" and it says all species evolve over period of time.
Crow: We were just helping the process a little. Like jumping and then fly.
Joel: You guys can't evolve, your machines.
Tom: We're just trying to be human, and it's hard without a head! (Joel puts tom's head back on) Thank You!
Crow: Hey Servo, tell me again about those mango juice-rubbing babies.
Tom: Uhh...(tom's head falls off again)
Crow: I'll get it.
Tom: I lost my head again!
Joel: Well remind me to never let the 'Bots run another segment. We got Movie Sign