Satellite News -- Ward E -- BitK21

Bit: Going on Hiatus

Episode: K21- Legend of the Dinosaur

Transcribed by Robott12


Joel: You remember we're going to tell everybody that we're going on hiatus now.
Tom: For the summer?
Joel: For the summer. (crow sighs) What are you going to do for the summer, Crow?
Crow: I'm going to Space Camp.
Tom: I'm going to fill my head with cocoa butter and surf 'till I drop.
Joel: I'm gonna be working on my uh, Bob Hope impression this summer.
Crow: Let's hear it!
Joel (as Bob Hope): I love the kids today. Love that Swedish hotcake, Elki Summers. Boy, I don't wanna complain about Exxon, but now I know why they call them tankers. (Tom laughs)
Tom: Exxon's grasping now that all their station's have, "Our gas contains no water" signs.
Crow: Oh yeah.
Tom: Regular, unleaded, or desalinated.
Crow: Hehe.
Joel: Anyway...
Crow: What a year.
Joel: Anyway...
Tom: BA-BA-boom.
Joel: Thanks, thanks. We really appreciate all the people in the fanclub, and especially our friends at TV23.
Tom: If you like the show, write and tell the station.
Joel: I think that oughtta do it.
Crow: Yeah.
Joel: Bye everyone!
Crow: See ya!