Satellite News -- Ward E -- bitk14

Bit: Bowlin' Bots

Episode: K14- Mighty Jack


(Crow's head is sticking up from under the desk. Crow suddenly zooms off camera and you hear bowling pins crashing. Crow returns)

Crow: Oh! Seven-ten split. That's gonna be hard to beat.

Tom (off-screen): Here we are at the fifth ring. Crow's staring at a nasty seven-ten split for the inter-satellite championship. Oh, it's a good... Looking good! It is! (Crow zooms off screen again. more pins crash. Crow returns. Joel and Tom enter.)

Crow: Bingo!

Joel: Allright!

Crow: Oh, that puts me over a ninety.

Joel: Good shot.

Crow: Oh boy, I hate these rental shoes, though. No matter how much you spray in, they still smell funny.

Tom: Shh!

Joel: Hey, wait a minute! I didn't know you could smell.

Tom: xnay...

Crow: Uh, did I say smell? I meant spectro-analysis, of course.

Joel: Hey uh, let's play Murderball now!

Tom: Uh... no.

Joel: No? Hey, I uh... created you guys. I invented your world and when I say I want to play Murderball, we play Murderball!

Crow: Okay. Uh, not it!

Tom: Not it!

Joel: Wait a minute, do over.

Crow: Not it!

Tom: Not it!

Joel: Not it. Um... How 'bout... I know, let's play Rock-Scissors-Paper... with Crow.

Crow: No way!

Tom: Why not?

Joel: Yeah, why?

Crow: No, I'm not gonna play that with you. Look at my hand! See? I can only be scissors and you get rock all the time.

Joel: Well, I... It's the luck of the draw, you know?

Tom: Okay, you win everything.

Crow: Bye Joel. See ya later. Why don't you go home to your mom? I'm your friend... Not!

Tom: C'mon, let's ditch the dweeb. (robots leave)

Joel (imitating robots): Hey, thanks for creating me, Joel! (to cambot) Next time, no free will. Movie Sign.