Satellite News -- Ward E -- list817

List: Crow's Rant About Kids Today

From Episode 817- Horror of Party Beach

Submitted by: with a correction by Blake a.k.a. Crash, Fatman


(Mike and the Bots are dressed as the rock band The Del-Aires--as in the movie--and have just completed the sodium song.)

These kids today, with:

  • their big pants, and
  • and colored chalk, and
  • their Neve Campbell, and
  • their fanny packs, and
  • their nerf balls, and
  • their listening to the No Doubts, and
  • their Pong, and
  • their Volkswagen Golf leases, and
  • their notebooks, and
  • the kids with your pierced I-dont-know-whats, and
  • their roller skates, and
  • their 23-skidoos, and
  • their listening to the Becks....