List: The 20 most edited flicks in MST3K history

Compiled by Charlotte Roberts

These are the 20 flicks that had to have considerable amounts of sex, violence or sex and violence removed to make them safe for Comedy Central and The Sci-Fi Channel.

ROBOT HOLOCAUST: I can't get confirmation of any gory scenes that were scissored, but I CAN tell you that a tasty topless scene with the mush-mouthed Valaria was cut.

THE SIDEHACKERS: Features a nasty rape/murder. Some violence at the end of the film may also be MIA.

CITY LIMITS: This is the famous episode where Joel has to open his convienently located umbrella to hide the girl taking a skinny dip in a rain tower.

WARRIOR OF THE LOST WORLD: This is an R rated flick, so obviously some profanity and violence had to be clipped.

MITCHELL: This is confusing, because the MST3K "edit" is actually an edit of an already-edited TV print. Most continuity goes out the window, along with John Saxon. Some of the violence at the end of the film is clearly edited.

OUTLAW: Lots of naked slave girls are missing.

ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE: The poofy haired, spaghetti-throwing villian gets graphically impaled on a baseball bat in the uncut version. His death scene is completely removed.

THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS: The opening scene is missing a topless shot of the actress that gets strangled. 

THIS ISLAND EARTH: For some reason, the suits insisted on a "tight" running time and the Brains were forced to remove a LOT of scenes. The original version of TIE runs 87 minutes, and the entire MST3K movie only runs 73 minutes!

DEATHSTALKER AND THE WARRIORS FROM HELL: This actually has the least amount of nudity and violence of any of the "Deathstalker" series, but it still has much more than would ever be acceptable for TV. Plenty of boobs and blood are MIA.
THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN: This is the GORIEST flick MST3K ever tackled, and as a result is probably the most edited. All of the death scenes are heavily trimmed. A scene featuring an attempted rape and the eventual murder of her rapist is completely removed. 

ESCAPE 2000: As with all of the Italian exploitation flicks featured on MST3K, this had to have been edited for television.

SPACE MUTINY: The uncut PG-13 version of this classic features a quick nipple shot from Grandma during her love scene with Slab.

WEREWOLF: Where, oh werewolf, where is the nude love scene? Where is the death scene of the evil Yuri? The boobs and blood were clearly too much.

HOBGOBLINS: Apparently there is a missing scene where the old man sends a ROBOT to find the Hobgoblins. Why this was cut I can't imagine. Time constrants, perhaps?

THE TOUCH OF SATAN: The end scene where Jodie gives it to Melissa on the edge of where the fish lives is edited. In the uncut version you see Melissa's rack. The opening death scene where a farmer gets a pitchfork in the neck is suprisingly intact, but the sheriff's death by bailing hook had to be trimmed.

DEVIL FISH: This ranks with Incredible Melting Man as one of the most heavily edited episodes. There are at least two graphic death scenes that are completely MIA. Notice we never see what happens to the mumbling black girl. In the uncut version, we see the Lou Reed lookalike kill her. Not to mention the up-shorts shot that had to be covered up!

GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS: Hard to say exactly what is missing because I haven't seen the uncut version, but the trailer shows a scene where greasy Leo is molesting Michelle in a car.

BOGGY CREEK II: The uncut version features a scene where the creature rips the head off a deer and another scene where Doc Lockhart has to shoot a rabid dog. There's also considerably more footage of that fat lawyer guy taking a crap.

SQUIRM: Most of the nasty scenes of the worms in action have been trimmed in the MST3K version. Wormface gets a lot more closeups in the uncut R rated version.