List of invention exchanges

(Note: Thanks to Brian Lafferty for creating this list! If you have any additions or corrections, please send them to Brian.)

Episode invention(s)

Joel's/Mike's invention(s)

The Mads' invention(s)

101- The Crawling Eye

Electric bagpipes

Canine antiperspirant

102- Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy

Airbag helmet

Deep 13's security system

103- Mad Monster


Acetylene-powered thunder lizard

104- Women of the Prehistoric Planet

Toilet paper in a bottle

Clay and Lars' Flesh Barn

105- The Corpse Vanishes


Flame throwing flower

106- The Crawling Hand

Safety saw

Limb lengthener

107- Robot Monster


Methane whoopee cushion

108- The Slime People

Cartoon eyeglasses

Screaming cotton candy

109- Project Moonbase

Juggling water


110- Robot Holocaust

Nitro burning funny pipe

Stocking mask of the future

111- Moon Zero Two

Teleporting food

Celebrity mouth to mouth toothpaste

112- Untamed Youth

Never-light pipe

Tongue puppets

113- The Black Scorpion

Giant party favor

Mads have mutated

201- Rocketship X-M

BGC-19 drum machine

BGC-19 drum machine

202- The Sidehackers

Joel's pet slinky

Dr. F.'s slinky body

203- Jungle Goddess

Radio controlled circular saw

Dr. F.'s head is fused to a sax

204- Catalina Caper

Tickle bazooka

Tank tops

205- Rocket Attack USA

Candy adding machine

Water-polo foosball

206- The Ring of Terror


Life-size "Operation" game

207- Wild Rebels

3D pizza

Hobby hogs

208- Lost Continent

No invention

Exercise variations

209- The Hellcats

Sign language translator


210- King Dinosaur

Incredibly stinky sweat socks

The pocket scientist

211- First Spaceship on Venus

Junk drawer helper

Abe Vigoda

212- Godzilla vs. Megalon

Easy-to-make Halloween costumes

More Halloween costumes

213- Godzilla vs The Sea Monster

Mind controlled guitar

Doggie chew toy guitars

301- Cave Dwellers

Smoking jacket

Robotic arm wrestling

302- Gamera

Endless salad bar

Bird cage vacuum

303- Pod People

Monster chord

Public domain karoke machine

304- Gamera vs. Barugon

Soda can animation

Disco cumber-bubble-bund

305- Stranded in Space

"BANG" weapons

"BANG" weapons

306- Time of the Apes

Cellulite phone

Miracle growth baby formula

307- Daddy-O

Air freshener mobile

Alien teething nook

308- Gamera vs. Gaos

Fax tissue dispenser

Self image printers

309- The Amazing Colossal Man

Non-permanent tatoos

A plant that reviews music

310- Fugitive Alien

Musical chair

Eye, ear, nose, and throat dropper

311- It Conquered the World

The "Sony Seaman"

Hanged man costumes

312- Gamera vs. Guiron

Collapsible trashcan

Racy rorchachs

313- Earth vs. the Spider

CD blow drier

Cheese phone

314- Mighty Jack

Ear-shaped earmuffs

Formal flippers

315- Teenage Caveman

Rainy day epicacs

None (Mads fight)

316- Gamera vs. Zigra


Three Stooges guns

317-Viking Women vs. the Sea Serpent

Waffle-to-pancake iron

Meat re-animator

318- Star Force: Fugitive Alien II

The big head

Big noses

319- War of the Colossal Beast

Between-meal mortar

Breakfast bazooka

320- The Unearthly

Celebrity products

Hard pills to swallow

321- Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

Misfit toys

Wish squisher

322- Master Ninja I

Pop-up books for adults

Boil-in-a-bag IVs

323- The Castle of Fu-Manchu

Extremely useful phone circuit/the big head again

Joe Besser "Stinky" bomb

324- Master Ninja II

Perpetual hamster habitat

Conveyor belt buffet

401- Space Travelers

The dollaroid

Facial tissue

402- The Giant Gila Monster

Sitcom radio

Renaissance festival punching bags

403- City Limits

Mr. meat and potato head

Pop star Tupperware

404- Teenagers from Outer Space

Scratch and sniff report cards

Resusci-Annie ventriloquist doll

405- Being from Another Planet

Jack Palance impersonation kit

Tragic moments figurines

406- Attack of the Giant Leeches

Insty-adolescence kit

Patches the leech

407- The Killer Shrews

Jim Henson's Edgar Winter Babies

Mads plan to destroy Earth

408- Hercules Unchained

The Steve-o-meter

Decorator roaches

409- The Indestructible Man

Cereal novels

Mads' secret invention

410- Hercules Against the Moon Men

Super freak-out kit


411- The Magic Sword

Big gulp berets

Designer bio-hazard absorbent throw pillows

412- Hercules and the Captive Women

The womb-mate

The lawn baby

413- Manhunt in Space

Recycled paper clothing

Beanbag pants

414- Tormented

Aunt Catherine wheel

Drinking jacket

415- The Beatniks

Pocket pool

Troll costumes

416- Fire Maidens of Outer Space

Nike Air Chalada

Big checkbook

417- Crash of the Moons

Rock and wreck guitar

Sugary Deep 13 toothpaste

418- Attack of the the Eye Creatures

Funny gag fax

Router Ouija board

419- The Rebel Set

Abstract paint-by-number kit

Quick primp kit

420- The Human Duplicators

Beanie chopper

William Conrad fridge alert

421- Monster A-Go-Go

Non-violent action figures

Johnny Longtorso

422- The Day the Earth Froze


Unhappy meals

423- Bride of the Monster

Microwave Faith Popcorn

The tough love seat

424- Manos: The Hands of Fate

The cartooner

Chocolate bunny guillotine

501- Warrior of the Lost World

Bittersweet hearts

The square master

502- Hercules

Instant karma

Cellular desk

503- Swamp Diamonds

Android Lloyd Webber grill


504- Secret Agent Super Dragon


Virtual comedy

505- The Magic Voyage of Sinbad

Rat Pack chess set


506- Eegah!


Replacing Frank's blood with antifreeze

507-I Accuse My Parents

Junk drawer organizer

Cake 'n' shake

508-Operation Double 007

Sara the Bobbin Buzzard


509- The Girl in Lovers' Lane

"Don Martins"

Evil baseball promotions

510-The Painted Hills


Cholester-do all

511- Gunslinger

New whiffle items

The scanner planner

512- Mitchell

Daktari stool

None (Mads are being audited)

513- The Brain that Wouldn't Die

The gutter-bumber-shoot

The dream buster

514- Teen-age Strangler

The waiter-baiter


515- The Wild, Wild World of Batwoman


Atomic powered hair dryer

516- Alien from L.A.

Fridge udders


517- The Beginning of the End

New playing cards

Re-comfy bike

518- The Atomic Brain

The Mads

Crow and Tom Servo

519- Outlaw

Fabio kit

Really real time machine