Satellite News -- Ward E -- Listjump

List of Jumpsuit colors worn by Joel or Mike.

(Note: This list was originally created for the old "list of lists." Thanks to Pam and for filling in the blanks!)


Pilot-K01: Light blue/aqua.
Opening Theme and K02-K21: Light Tan.

1st season:
Always bright red, including the opening credits.

2nd season onward:

Opening credits- bright red, teal
201- Rocketship XM through 203- Jungle Goddess -- teal
204- Catalina Caper and 205- Rocket Attack USA -- bright red
206- Ring of Terror and 207- Wild Rebels -- teal
208- Lost Continent -- cyan
209- Hellcats and 210- King Dinosaur -- pastel green
211- First Spaceship On Venus -- cyan
212- Godzilla vs. Megalon and 213- Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster -- maroon

Starting with season 3, always maroon except:

314- Mighty Jack (pre) -- pastel green
404- Teenagers from Outer Space (post [fashion show]) -- turquoise, navy blue


From 512-605, always lime green except:

512- Mitchell (before he became host) -- navy blue
522- Teenage Crimwave (pre) -- gray
523- Village of the Giants (pre) -- white sweats
524- 12 to the Moon -- tan

Red Cross PSA -- electric blue

601- Girls Town -- black (Tuxedo jumper)

604- Zombie Nightmare -- electric blue

From 606 on, always blue except:

615-Kitten With A Whip -- blue-green
616-Racket Girls and 617-The Sword and the Dragon -- forest green
618-High School Big Shot -- blue-green
619-Red Zone Cuba -- forest green and tuxedo jumpsuit
620-Danger! Death Ray! -- sailor jumpsuit and forest green
621-Beast of Yucca Flats -- forest green
622-Angels' Revenge -- blue-green
623-The Amazing Transparent Man -- forest green
624-Amason Vs. The Vampire Women -- blue-green
701-Night of the Blood Beast -- forest green
703-Deathstalker and the Warriors From Hell -- forest green
705-Escape 2000 -- forest green
801-Revenge of the Creature -- forest green
804-The Deadly Mantis -- forest green
807-Terror From The Year 5000 -- forest green
809-I Was a Teenage Werewolf -- grey brown
810-Giant Spider Invasion -- forest green
811-The Clonus Horror -- forest green

From 901-1013, always forrest green except:

905-Deadly Bees -- electric blue
907-Hobgoblins -- electric blue
908-A Touch of Satan -- blue
909- Gorgo -- electric blue
1001- Soultaker -- electric blue
1002- Girl in Gold Boots -- blue
1003- Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders -- electric blue
1006- Boggy Creek II -- electric blue
1010- It Lives By Night -- Blue
1012- Squirm -- blue
1013- Diabolik -- electric blue