List: MST3K Rush References

Eddy Maxwell slightly amended this list is from Sabre X's webpage, where you can hear all of these quotes as .wav files.

  • Commenting on a letter, Joel says "Very trippy, and I bet you listen to Rush, don't you?" (Episode 213- Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster)
  • Tom Servo confirms that Joel identified "The Rush Guy" (Episode 213- Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster)
  • Listening to the movie's soundtrack, Tom notices "Neil Peart on drums." He rhymes "Peart" with "Bert." (Episode 303- Pod People)
  • Mr. Servo also says "Neil Peart on drums" in Time of the Apes (Episode 306- Time of the Apes). He mispronounces it here, too.
  • Joel Robinson sees a poorly-lit woman and says, "You know, in that light she looks just like Geddy Lee." Crow sounds nauseous... [Note: She really does look like a '70s Geddy] (Episode 504- Secret Agent Super Dragon)
  • Dead body with headphones on. Crow: "He died listening to Rush." Joel: "2112." (Episode 508- Operation Double 007)
  • Mike Nelson sees three weirdos and says "Hey, it's the band Rush!" (Episode 516- Alien From L.A.)
  • Silver Morgan calls home for her sister, Mary Lee, who isn't there. So Crow says, "Well, then, is GEDDY Lee there?"(Episode 601- Girls Town)
  • Crow T. Robot sees a crate marked RUSH and yells, "Rush albums! Woo!" (Episode 614- San Francisco International)
  • Seeing the same crate later on, Tom announces "Serum. The new CD from Rush." (also from episode 614- San Francisco International )
  • Mike says, "Man, I'm so baked right now... you gotta hear this Rush tape." (Episode 804- The Deadly Mantis)
  • Mike reads Peanut's letter, explaining his miraculous escape to the year 2112. (Also episode 804- The Deadly Mantis)
  • An air-drumming loser prompts Tom (Crow?) to say "The true story of Neil Peart" in (Episode 907- Hobgoblins)
  • Mike attempts to recite the opening verse of "The Trees." Crow shuts him up. (Episode 908- The Touch of Satan)
  • Crow identifies a secluded Canadian cabin as "Geddy Lee's birthplace" (Episode 910- The Final Sacrifice)
  • While the bots trash Canada during a host segment, Mike says "They gave us Rush!" in its defense. (Episode 910- The Final Sacrifice)
By the way, Rush mentions "MST-3K" and "Gamera (is turtle meat)" in the "Assistance, inspiration, comic relief, and/or just plain friendly service" section of the liner notes on their 1993 album Counterparts.