List Of Theater Appearances Other Than Joel, Mike, And The Bots -- Updated!

Compiled with the help of many, many patient, helpful, sharp-eyed and mnemonically advantaged MSTies out there.

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(The list does NOT include props brought into the theater by Joel/Mike and the bots, images on the theater screen or badly mangled versions of the bots.)

  • KTMA Opening -- Gypsy
  • Episode 102- The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy -- A Demon Dog
  • Episode 112- Untamed Youth -- Gypsy
  • Episode 207- Wild Rebels -- Gypsy
  • Episode 412- Hercules and the Captive Women -- Gypsy
  • Episode 416- Fire Maidens of Outer Space -- Timmy, Crow's evil twin
  • Episode 611- Last of the Wild Horses -- Evil Servo, Good TV's Frank and Good Dr. Forrester
  • Episode 618- High School Big shot -- Giant Mutant Dumb Servo
  • Episode 816- Prince Of Space -- Robotic Mike
  • Episode 818- Devil Doll -- Tom Servo's soul transferred into a toaster strudel
  • Episode 821-Time Chasers -- Mike's Brother Eddie
  • Summer Blockbuster Review 1998 - Pearl Forrester, Observer and Bobo
  • Episode 913-Quest of the Delta Knights -- Pearl Forrester, Eggs the handyman
  • Episode 1001-Soultaker -- Gypsy's voice over