Song: The Girl in Lovers' Lane Theme

Episode 509- The Girl in Lovers' Lane

Transcribed by Laura Fox

[In the theater]

(As the lyric-less theme plays, J&TB come up with their own.)

Tom (singing): "The Girl in Lover’s Lane"...
Crow(singing as Jack Elam's name appears in the credits): With Jack Elam not Jack Lalanne...
Tom (singing): ...not Lalanne...  (Makes clip-clop noises along with the beat.)
Joel (singing as many names appear in the credits):  And lots of actors there’s no time to name...
Crow(singing as the screenplay credit appears):  A screenplay by Jo Heims that’s pretty lame.
Tom (singing): ...laaaaame...  (sings out) The entire crew feels a sense of shame...
Crow (whispering): ...shame!...
Tom (singing):
...If only they had half a brain,
They could attain
A measure of fame,
From a film like "Shane"....
But no! To their disdain,
"The Girl in Lover’s Lane"...!
(Joel makes whip-crack noise.)
Crow(announcer voice): "The Girl in Lover’s Lane!"