Song: The Poopy Suit Anthem

Episode: 612- The Starfighters

Transcribed by Robert Hutchinson

[in the theater]

(as stirring martial music begins...)

Crow (singing): We're flying away, in our poopysuits...

Tom (singing): Pushing our crayon in our rayon...


Tom: Don't crap in your hand,
crap in your poopysuit!
You'll feel relief,
filling your briefs!

Mike (joining in): Fill your pants over France,
in your poopysuit...

Crow: Flying high in the blue
Free to do
Number two

Tom: Poop-oop-ee-doo...

Mike: (spoken) I think that's probably enough...

Tom: (singing) Unh unh unh unh,
Unh unh unh unh, unh unh unh!

Mike: No, no, that's quite enough...

Crow: Splash, splash!

Mike: Thank you! Thank you!

Tom: Splash, splash!

Mike: Stop it!