Song: The "Please Stay" Operetta

Episode: 905- The Killer Bees

Transcribed by Brandon Bell

(with an assist by

[Castle Forrester]

Observer (singing):
I am leaving with my buddies,
no more smelly dumb gorrillas,
no more yelling shrewish woman,
I must go.
I'm departing with my kinsmen
to the planet where I come from,
even if it means destroying all I know.

Pearl and Bobo (singing):
Please stay,
we are your friends.
Though our brains are not in pans.

Pearl: Please stay!
Bobo: We'll give you juice!
Pearl and Bobo: If you'll only take our hand...
Bobo: Or take my paw.

Can you give me any reason
why I shouldn't up and leave you,
and blast your silly planet as I go?

Pearl: There are several million reasons...
Bobo: No, there's none that I can think of...
Pearl (annoyed): There are several million reasons, here we go.
Bobo: There's meat,
Pearl: and we've got string,
Bobo: and tortillas stuffed with ham
Pearl: If you stay,
Bobo: If you stay,
Pearl: I'll fold your sheets
Bobo: She'll fold your sheets, if you just stay where you am.

Observer (happy):
All these reasons you have given me
have totally convinced me,
I really can't be going I must stay.
There's meat,
and you've got string,
and tortillas stuffed with ham.
If I stay,
she'll fold my sheets,
if I just stay where I am.

Pearl and Observer: He/I will stay!