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This Date in MSTory

Written and compiled by Steve Finley, Chris Cornell and Brian Henry
with assistance by Tim Brown, Gordon Lawyer and many other Satellite News commenters.

1895: Oscar Hammerstein, who was mentioned in a host segment in episode 312- GAMERA VS. GUIRON.
1895: Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller, who was mentioned in a host segment in episode 213- GODZILLA VS. THE SEA MONSTER.
1898: Robert E. Cline, cinematographer for the movie in episode 507- I ACCUSE MY PARENTS.
1905: Edward Bernds, director of the movie WORLD WITHOUT END, riffed in MST3K’s first live show.
1909: Lesser Stooge Joe DeRita, who was mentioned in a host segment in episode 319- WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST.
1914: Yuli Kun, cinematographer of the movie “Ilja Muromets,” seen in episode 617- THE SWORD AND THE DRAGON.
1920: Robert G. Anderson, who played a guard in the movie in episode 906- THE SPACE CHILDREN.
1926: Tiberio Mitri, who played one of Valmont’s henchmen in the movie in episode 1013- DIABOLIK.
1927: Jerry Ito, who played a villain in the movie in episode 314- MIGHTY JACK.
1930: Scott Peters, who played Sgt. Lee Carter in the movie in episode 309- THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN.
1932: Monte Hellman, editor of the movie in episode 207- WILD REBELS.*
1937: Bill Cosby, mentioned in a host segment in episode 616- RACKET GIRLS.*
1948: Richard Simmons, who was parodied in a host segment in episode 306- TIME OF THE APES.*
1965: Mark Gregory, who played Trash in the movie in episode 705- ESCAPE 2000.*

1973: Lon Chaney Jr. (age 67), who played Butcher Benton in the movie in episode 409- THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN, Hakur in the season four serial UNDERSEA KINGDOM and was mentioned in a host segment in episode 304- GAMERA VS. BARUGON.
1987: Harold Goodwin (age 84), who played Detective Joe in the movie in episode 802- THE LEECH WOMAN.
1988: Jose Chavez (age 72), who played a train conductor in the movie in episode 113- THE BLACK SCORPION and had an uncredited role as Manuel in the movie in episode 1105- THE BEAST OF HOLLOW MOUNTAIN.
2008: Claudio Guzman (age 80), an assistant director for the movie in episode 307- DADDY-O.

1997: Episode 813- JACK FROST first shown.

2018: Production concludes for season 12 of MST3K.

Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce This Date in MSTory items in any form without express written permission from the authors.
* = According to the IMDB this person is alive. If you can supply evidence that he or she has died, and when, please let us know.
** = If this appears next to a birthday, the IMDB indicates that the person has died, but the IMDB does not have a full death date (probably just a month and year or just the year he or she died). If you can give us the exact date (with some sort of proof we can check), please let us know.
** = If this appears next to a death date, the IMDB does not have this person’s full birthday. If you can provide it (with some sort of proof we can check), please let us know.

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Ennio Morricone, RIP

ROME — Italian composer Ennio Morricone, the Oscar winner best known for creating movie scores that accentuated the dialogue-free tension of the “spaghetti” Westerns directed by Sergio Leone, died here July 6 following complications from a fall. He was 91.

MSTies will recall that, in addition to his more famous movie scores, he composed the score for the movies in episodes 508- OPERATION DOUBLE 007 and 1013- DIABOLIK.

The Hollywood Reporter has the story.

Thanks to Paul for the heads up.

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The Mads Plan a Streaming Event

See below for your chance to win a pair of tickets!

Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff, aka Dr. Clayton Forrester and TV’s Frank, respectively, have announced a special livestream screening of Ed Wood’s “Glen or Glenda” on Tuesday, July 21 @ 8 p.m. EDT.
The show will mark Beaulieu and Conniff’s first time performing together this year, after The Mads’ 2020 tour dates were cancelled due to COVID-19. Tickets are on sale now for $10.
“If you’ve been social distancing yourself from ‘Glen or Glenda,’ Trace and I are giving the all-clear to watch this classic film,” said Conniff. “Of all the movies we’ve riffed, from MST3K to Cinematic Titanic and our own live shows, this is our favorite. Join us!”
“The Mads Are Back: Glen or Glenda” will broadcast live via a private YouTube link that will be sent to ticket purchasers an hour prior to showtime.
A percentage of the proceeds from the event will benefit NAACP Empowerment Programs, who engage primarily in training, education, and advocacy at the national and local levels.
“’Glen or Glenda’ might be the worst movie ever made, but it is also a film with great heart and compassion for the subject matter,” said Beaulieu. “I could be wrong. I’ve only seen it 50 times.”
The Mads will also be conducting a Q&A with fans after the screening for as long as time allows.

Tickets for The Mads Are Back: Glen or Glenda are on sale now. But you can enter to win a free pair. Just send an email to and one person will be randomly chosen to win.

Visit The Mads Are Back website.

Tickets for The Mads Are Back: Glen or Glenda.