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Sampo & Erhardt

Sci-Fi Archives

Visit our archives of the MST3K pages previously hosted by the Sci-Fi Channel's SCIFI.COM.

Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Help Put Tom & Crow in the Puppetry Arts Museum

There is campaign to get both a Tom Servo & a Crow puppet inducted into the Atlanta, Georgia-based Center for Puppetry Arts museum.

The campaign ends Friday, Jan. 11, with a goal of $10,000. Contributions are tax deductible to an extent, and are being matched. At this writing they have about […]

J. Elvis Turns Illness Into Comedy

We haven’t talked to you about this before, and you deserve an explanation as to why. One of the cardinal rules we live by at Satellite News is “the cast is entitled to a private life.” The standard example was: if Mary Jo gets a speeding ticket on the way to the studio, […]

Dragon Con Appearances

Joel and many members of the The Return crew are in Atlanta this weekend for Dragon Con. Here’s what Erhardt dug up on what you don’t want to miss.

Friday, August 31 at 11:30 AM MST3K: Return to the Satellite of Love Grant Baciocco, Felicia Day, Daniel Griffith, Rebecca Hanson, Joel Hodgson, […]

Mary Jo’s New Lifestyle Vlog

Hey, did you know Mary Jo Pehl has started a lifestyle vlog? Well, she HAS. It’s called “Ruth Larson Lives Life! A Lifestyle Vlog for Lifestyling!” See it here.

Jim Interview

Josh of The JM Archives has posted an in-depth interview with Jim Mallon on YouTube.

It’s a very good interview, with lots of new information.

Among other things, I believe it is the first time he has addressed the death of his daughter (an open secret among many MSTies) and its effect on […]