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Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Weekend Discussion Thread: Most Egregious Padding

Alert regular “Sitting Duck” observes:

All too often, the films shown on MST3K rely quite a bit on padding to get up to feature length. Frequently the padding has no perceivable relevance to the plot. So which occasions of non sequitur padding do you find particularly egregious? My top pick is the scene […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: What Movie Would You Like to Be In?

Alert reader David suggests:

I was watching the pre-show press conference and they were asked a question that might be fun to visit with us: what movie would you like to find yourself in? Frank immediately piped up: “Wild World of Batwoman,” to which Joel quipped “That came a little too quick, Frank.” […]

What Did You Think?

We were at the live show in Minneapolis. What was it like in your theater?

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your 5 Favorite Movies

Kevin did a thing on where they coaxed out of him his five favorite movies. It’s a great read.

So, let’s hear it from you! What are your five favorites?

Me? Sigh. As he says, for anybody who loves movies, it’s hard, but here goes:

1. The Philadelphia Story–good God I love […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Seeing the ‘Mitchell’ Ep for the First Time?

Well, we’ve finally gotten around to episode 512- MITCHELL in the episode guide rotation, so let’s talk about it. Were you a fan then? Where were you when you saw it? (My story is in my episode guide comments.) What did you think? If you weren’t a fan then, what did you […]

Best. Bathroom. Ever.

If you’re in the Myrtle Beach area and like craft beer, you might want to visit The Bottle Shop in Conway. And before you leave*, be sure to check out the “Lava-TOR-y.” There, you’ll find what is possibly the Best. Bathroom. Ever.

Designed and built by local patron Eric Hall, the “Lava-TOR-y” is accessible to both […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Most Useless Law Enforcement

Alert regular “Smoothie of Great Power” suggests:

I re-watched Wild Rebels last night and had the thought, “You know, out of all the useless police in these movies, these guys are the worst. At least even the ones in Manos didn’t get killed off left and right like this.” So, what’s the most […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Stingers from Shorts that Might Have Been

Alert regular Sitting Duck suggests:

There have been a few occasions where an episode’s stinger used a clip from the short instead of the feature. So what scene from a short not used in a stinger do you think is stinger-worthy? I’m going with, “Why don’t they look?” from Last Clear Chance in […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Characters with Your Name

Alert reader Danzilla proposes:

This week’s episode discussion (Girl in Lovers Lane) reminded me of something that makes the episode particularly funny to me: Big Stupid’s hooker-obsessed, hobo buddy is named Danny, which is, of course, my name! While I am neither hooker-obsessed nor (at least currently) a hobo, I get a huge […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: The STOOOPIDest MSTed Movie Character

In one of our recent Episode guide comments sections, we were discussing how STOOPID Jimmy from “I Accuse My Parents” was, when alert regular “Littleamishboy” suggested:

Gee, there’s a lot of competition though … Crayola Hat Guy, Doctor Ski Bum. the entire Japanese military/scientific establishment (“The monster called Godzilla is destroying the city! […]