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Weekend Discussion Thread: Truly Bottom-of-the-Barrel Movies

Alert reader Ed suggests:

We’re having a small exchange of comments on the announcement of the new Rifftrax of “Dark Power.” There were a couple of comments as to Rifftrax introducing, even people who thought they’d seen it all, to bizarre-beyond-belief movies, such as (natch) “Dark Power” and “Santa Claus and the Ice […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Military-Related Humor

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Alert regular Timmy offers:

My father was in the Air Force (he was a B-52 navigator for Strategic Air Command). A few years ago I showed him the clip from SCCTM from Cinematic Titanic that had the B-52 in it. He laugh at that clip. For those who haven’t […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Dated-but-Still-Funny Riffs

Alert regular Brandon opines:

How about dated or topical riffs that are still very funny? I know we often mention riffs that feel outdated, or ones where the reference has been sort of lost, but what about ones that may be dated but still make us crack up laughing. An example for me […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Tweets from MSTed Movie Characters

The oft-reliable Sue brings in another good one:

If MSTed movie characters tweeted. May I offer up:

The dog’s meat, have you seen it? #WorstMarriageEver

Ebzolootly fessinating. #Wahrwilf

My first thought:

He’ll never touch you, Terri, you’re dirt. #skank

Have at it!

RiffTrax Live: Your Thoughts?

My theater was about 3/4 full and people were laughing a lot. I know I sure was.

Great show.

Oh, and my doctor recommends against having a hip dick installed. Just sayin’.

Your thoughts?

Weekend Discussion Thread: My Dinner with…

A while back, alert reader Ken suggested “The character in a MSTed movie you could be friends with.” But I’m gonna change it up a little.

What character in a MSTed movie would you like to have dinner with, spend an evening with? What would you ask him or her (or it!)?

I’d […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your MSTie Funeral

Alert regular Timmy writes:

As i was watching The Gunslinger when Joel and the Bots talked about what they wanted their funerals would be like. I was thinking, what would you want your MSTie funeral to be like. Mine, I would have the Girls in Gold Boots Dance and the bands from Catalina […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Most Questionable Fashion Choice

Alert reader Dan writes:

Have you done a thread about the most questionable fashion choices in riffed movies? I’ve been watching the Fugitive Alien films so I’d have to go with the helmet/wig combo worn by the Star Wolves. Can anyone explain the point of them? Is Halkon(?) so touchy about being bald […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Embarrassing Crush on a MSTed Movie Actor

Alert reader Amy has a great one:

Just a few days ago, I was minding my own business watching Overdrawn at the Memory Bank when the scene came on with Apollonia reprimanding Fingal for spending – what, several days? – “making love” with Felicia. Raul Julia turns on the smolder in that scene, […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Best One- or Two-Word Riffs

Alert reader Ken is concise:

Best one or two word riffs.

My nomination: “ENNNNNNNND!!!!!”