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Weekend Discussion Thread: Addressing or Summing up the Movie

Alert reader Jeffrey suggests:

I think my favorite riffs are the ones that sum up the entire movie. They don’t necessarily relate to a specific scene or line of dialogue, but rather how the writers feel about the movie in general. For example: Red Zone Cuba – “I want to hurt this movie, but I can never hurt […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Cage Match!

Alert regular Timmy asks:

What MSTed movie characters would you like to see fight in a cage match (monsters must fight monsters). I would like to see Gamera vs. Godzilla (because it would be a cool movie crossover) and Mitchell fight Sheriff Geronimo (Joe Don Baker fighting himself, like Graham Chapman fighting himself).


Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movie Characters in TV Shows

As several of you have written to tell me, in this week’s episode of the CBS drama “Elementary,” a witness/suspect tried to throw investigators off the trail by giving a description of the killer he claimed to have seen that basically was a description of Torgo in “Manos: The Hands of Fate.” The […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movies ‘What Ifs’

Alert reader Jeffrey suggests:

I was watching The Brain That Wouldn’t Die recently and was thinking about what would have happened had there never been a car crash which removed the unfortunate woman’s head. The movie might have been renamed “The Thing in the Closet” and taken on more of a Frankenstein tone, […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: ‘Kinkiest’ Riff or Host Segment

Cornjob suggests:

Some time ago we had “Favorite/notable gay sex riffs” as a topic. Part of the premise was that there was nothing wrong with homosexuality and that sex, gay or straight, is just inherently funny. Recently I referenced Irving Klaw in a discussion of “Women of the Prehistoric Planet” and someone else […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Best Rock Music Reference

The ever-resourceful Susan suggests:

While watching clips of “Beginning of the End” to get the words right in one of my responses, I heard the “All riiiiight, playing Tull out the window, man, woo!,” riff when the weird frequency is being played over the loudspeakers to attract the giant grasshoppers. So, “best rock […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Dumbest Statements in MSTed Movies

Alert reader Ken suggests:

My wife suggested a good one — dumbest statements made in a movie. Our first choice comes from Tia Carrere’s character in ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE: “This is a really big garage.” My second (perhaps oddly enough) comes from Eva in THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN: “Squeamy Ellis?” which of course results in […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MST3K-Themed Band Names/Songs

Alert reader Chris suggests:

Silly idea, but I wonder if MSTies formed bands, what classic riffs or lines from the films would they use to name their bands and songs? For instance, I think I’d call my band “Shut Up, Iris” and our signature tune would be “(Plenty of) Lip and Tongue Action.” […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Sleaziest Character in a MSTed Movie

“Smoothie of Great Power” writes:

Joel/Mike and the bots had to witness some outright sleazy characters in the movies they riffed; both hero and villain. So it’s time to discuss who the outright sleaziest character witnessed in an MST3K movie.

My vote is definitely J.C. of Sidehackers due to his nearly homoerotic obsession […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Riff or Line as a Slogan

Yes, it’s another topic from Sue:

If you could pick one MST3K riff as your personal slogan, what would it be?

I’d have to go philosophical with “I wonder if there’s beer on the sun?”

I’m expanding this to include anything they said on the show, including during host segments. Mine, for a […]