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Weekend Discussion Thread: Darwin Awards–MST3K Edition

Another example of a WDT coming out of this week’s episode guide entry:

“Kansas” said:

?While Marvin wasn’t too bright, the dumbest character in the movie was the crook who thought he could take on a gunman (with two guys backing him up) with a blackjack. Give that man a Darwin Award.??


Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movies: The Musical

Alert regular Timmy asks:

I went to see “Wicked” a few weeks ago. During the play, I thought, what movie from the show would make a good musical. I thought: “Manos” (Torgo sings a song to his theme) and “Daddy-O” (like “Grease”) There WAS no “Monster A Go Go” play. So what’s yours?


Weekend Discussion Thread: MST3K Looks at the Future

Alert reader Tanya writes:

Now that the new year is here and we’re well into the 21st century, you could say we’re now living “In the not too-distant future, next Sunday A.D.” So what do you think of the future as seen on MST3K? Most of the movies and shorts were made well […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Riffing is Everywhere

Alert reader dakotaboy observes:

These days, riffing is everywhere. From tweets, to podcasts, and many other medium, riffing has become a cultural phenomenon. Which movie, TV show, etc., is the most like MST3K without actually being MST3K? I vote for the 90’s movie Wayne’s World, because the style of humor is much like […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Favorite Christmas Riff

MST3K, RiffTrax and Cinematic Titanic have given us so much Christmas hilarity. THREE different riffs of “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians,” TWO different riffs of “Santa Claus” and many many RiffTrax features and shorts.

For me, it’s a tie between Cinematic Titanic’s riff of “SCCTM” and RiffTrax’s “Fun in Balloonland.” Both are […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Least-Imposing Villain

Sorry for the late start. Slept in.

Somebody in the comments suggested this a few months back (sorry, I didn’t take note of who). It sounded like something we might have done, but I searched and I can’t find anything (though I did see TWO different “dumbest evil plan” threads).

So: least-imposing villain […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Outdated Riffs

Alert regular Paul opines:

The Chicago Cubs’ recent World Series win got me thinking. I recalled all the jokes made by the MST3K gang about the Cubs being perpetual losers.

Now those jokes are no longer as relevant. I began to think of other memorably-dated riffs.

There was that joke about the high […]

RiffTrax Show Reports

An open thread for your reports about tonight’s RiffTrax Christmas show.

Weekend Discussion Thread: The MSTie ‘Abbey Road’ Cover

This one is very silly but fun. Alert regular Timmy says:

I was looking at the Beatles Abbey Road album cover and thought, who four MSTed movie characters would you pick to be crossing the road? Mine: Commander Jansen, The Soultaker, Steve (from ‘This Island Earth’) and Troy. What would yours be?

Rowsdower, […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Characters Yearbook Votes

Alert submitter Stacey suggests:

In most high school yearbooks, the students are voted “Best Looking” or “Most Athletic” or any other number of titles. So what would a yearbook of characters from MST3K movies look like? Would Jimmy from “I Accuse My Parents” be voted “Biggest Liar”? Would “Mitchell” be voted “Most Likely […]