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Weekend Discussion Thread: Eps Your Significant Other Enjoys

Alert reader Rick suggests:

Significant others. Don’t we love them? And, do they love our obsession with MST3K? My girlfriend of seven years was a MSTie Turkey Day fan in college, but beyond that had been away from the show until we met. She now is the proud owner of her own top […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movies You Saw Before MST3K

We did something very like this a number of years ago, but let’s do it again anyway. Alert regular Susan suggests…

Another suggestion: MST’ed movies you saw **before** they were riffing fodder, and what you thought of them. My contribution would be memories of a very wimpy child. I saw “The Mole People” […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Peabody Episode

Alert reader Rick suggests:

What is your Peabody episode? Longtime MSTIES know that episode 519- Outlaw was the experiment that was submitted, and, won the coveted Peabody award for. As a long time viewer of the series, I have my own “Peabody” episode, along with runner ups: My episode is: #805 The Thing […]

RiffTrax Live: Sharknado 2

What did you think? An open thread for your reports. I will post something later.

Weekend Discussion Thread: 4th of July Episodes

Alert reader “Gobi” suggests:

With July 4th upon us, what patriotism-themed eps will MSTies be watching this weekend? “Starfighters”, anyone?

Since I think that topic is a bit narrow, I am going to widen it a bit: What episodes are good “4th of July weekend” watching, not just on the patriotism angle, but […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MST3k-Inspired Horse Names

Alert readers Steve & Keri suggest:

With the recent triple crown win, I thought: what if I owned a racehorse, and what MST-related name would I give it. I always thought “Prince of Space” would make a great racehorse name. Others I like include “Flag on the Moon.” “Satellite of Love,” “Sirveaux” and […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite MSTed Dads

Alert regular Timmy suggests, since it’s Father’s Day weekend:

Who is your favorite father on mst3k (and least favorite too). Mine is Joel since he was a father figure to the bots (while Mike was the crazy uncle).

Gotta go with the permissive, clueless dad in “The Violent Years.” Oh, and he […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: ‘Comfort Food’ Episodes

Alert regular Brandon opines:

The other day I found myself thinking about what I call “comfort food” episodes of Mystery Science Theater. These are my go-to episodes when the chips are down. Bad day at work, personal crisis, whatever the situation. These episodes are my mental mac-and-cheese, the thing that can make me […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: The MST3K Justice League

On Twitter this week, there was a great thread in which people were asked to create a Justice League of MSTed movie characters.

It was a good idea and so I’m stealing it.

Let’s hear your picks for the MSTed movie Justice League (and what each member would bring to the table).

Ambitious […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Truly Bottom-of-the-Barrel Movies

Alert reader Ed suggests:

We’re having a small exchange of comments on the announcement of the new Rifftrax of “Dark Power.” There were a couple of comments as to Rifftrax introducing, even people who thought they’d seen it all, to bizarre-beyond-belief movies, such as (natch) “Dark Power” and “Santa Claus and the Ice […]