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Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Weekend Discussion Thread: Adopt a Creature?

Alert regular “MSTie” opines:

I’d call this “How Much Is That Kaiju in the Window?” — if you could adopt any pet/animal/monster/thing from an MST3K movie, what would it be and why?

I’ll go with Chris the Dog from “Revenge of the Creature.” He was a good boy and got a raw deal […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Failed TV Series You Wish They’d Riff

Alert reader Natalie writes:

Several experiments have involved either a failed two-hour backdoor pilot movie, or two episodes of a failed series clumsily edited together. What other known series failures would you like to see riffed? Mine would be the 1987 attempt at Bates Motel, the one that tried to position the iconic […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite Narrartor-Insipired Riffs

Alert reader Ken notes:

I was thinking about how the narrators in the movies tend to inspire great riffing (“The Creeping Terror: and “The Dead Talk Back” immediately spring to mind), so how about favorite narrator-inspired riffs? One of my favorites occurs when the narrator of “The Dead Talk Back” performs a running […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Three Fictional MST3k characters

Alert reader “Johnny Drama” suggests:

With the recent #threefictionalcharacters thing going around, I thought it might be interesting to do #threeMST3Kcharacters (from the movies) that best describe you. I’ll have to give it some thought myself.

Krasker, Dad from “A Date with your Family” and Ator. Figure that one out.


Weekend Discussion Thread: What Happened Next?

Alert reader Troy suggests:

What do you think happened to MSTied movie characters as soon as the film was over?

So, in Cave Dwellers, after Ator left, I think Dong (Thong?) and the crazy old man opened up a successful business installing safety railings and personal workout rooms in neighboring medieval castles, and […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Date, Marry, Kill

alert reader fry1laurie asks:

How about a discussion on the old “date, marry, kill” theme. Which MST3K character, in a film or a host segment, would you chose for each one. For date, Natalie of Wurwilf. I think it would be absolutely fascinating. Marry, Betty from Teenagers from Outer Space. She could do […]

Long Weekend Discussion Thread: Unintentionally Funny Line Readings in MSTed Movies

Alert regular Smoothie of Great Power wonders about…

…movie lines that are meant to be serious but end up sounding unintentionally funny due to the poor delivery. I recently re-watched “The Horror of Party Beach” and got a good laugh (as did Mike and the bots) at how Hank tried to reassure Elaine […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Pet Names

Alert regular Paul opines:

While watching the recent RiffTrax Live showing of “Mothra,” I made the observation that Mothra was like a giant pet to the two fairy girls. It got me wondering if any MST3k fans have named their pets after any of the characters from MST3k or the films or shorts […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Advice that Would Ruin the Movie

Alert regular “GizmonicTemp” opines:

“Just Stop and Aim, You Idiots!” Crow gives this free advice to the mutineers in “Space Mutiny” and I realized something. Had they actually followed this little “Duh!” nugget, it would have completely changed the outcome of the movie; Ryder is dead, the ship is overthrown and Kalgan is […]

What Did You Think?

Theater a bit more full than in recent shows (I wasn’t here for MST3K reunion show, so I don’t know how full it was, but maybe the increase is a residual effect) — maybe half full — in suburban Scranton.

I liked this one a lot. It was up there with “Jack […]