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Weekend Discussion Thread: Film/Short Crossovers

Alert regular Ken writes:

Which movie characters would you like to see make cameo appearances in the shorts, and what would they do? Me, I can imagine Torgo paying Nick a visit in “What To Do on a Date” and showing him how to put all those wicked hand moves on the ladies, [...]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Best Eps for a Halloween Marathon

Alert regular Sue has another good one:

It seems impossible, but I can’t find that you’ve had a “Best/Worst Episodes for a Halloween Marathon” WDT. I won’t chime in with my choices just yet, as I’d like to think about it a little longer. “Worst” would be eps that are supposed to be [...]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite Biblical/Religious References

Alert reader Ryan suggests:

So I was recently watching “Jack Frost” and it hit me that there are a lot of biblical references in that episode. Such as “Wow, Peter must be out denying everybody today” [when we hear a rooster crow] or “the three horses of the apocalypse, the fourth had after [...]

Bad Movie Thursdays in Scranton

For folks in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the Scranton Cultural Center will again present Bad Movie Thursdays with MST3K – hosted by yours truly — Thursday at 7 p.m. (Cocktails start at 6.) The month we’ll be rushing the Halloween season with episode 604- ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE. More info here. If you live in the area, [...]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Best Eps for When You’re Sick

I’ve had a low-grade summer cold for about two weeks, and that has mutated into awful post-nasal drip that has given me a hacking cough for about a week. So I’m sick.

And it occurred to me that I’m constantly seeing tweets to the effect of: “I’m sick, so I’m curling up in [...]

Two Items

Two things that might have escaped your notice:

1. Hold on to your hat for this one. Trace and Joel, along with Firesign Theatre’s Phil Proctor and former-co-host-of-“Mr. Show”-turned-major-TV-star Bob Odenkirk, provided voice talents for an overdub of something called “A Belly Full of Anger,” which has to be seen to be believed. [...]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Cringeworthy Moments in MSTed Movies

Alert reader James writes in to say:

This week’s thread about non-sensical lines got me thinking about things that made the movies MST did truly cringeworthy (as opposed to being arduous because they were boring). Even things that get riffed can penetrate and affect the viewer, causing there to be some basis for [...]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Laughing at MST3K at the Wrong Moment

This one’s been sitting in the cue for a couple of years:

Have you ever had MST playing in the background while you were ‘fooling’ around with your wife, husband, or significant other and started laughing at an inopportune time when you heard a funny line? Klisch

Well, no, Klisch, but let’s expand [...]

Weekend Discussion Thread: ‘Say What?’

A certain regular who asked not to be named opines:

[Recently], several of us [commenters in a certain thread] were commenting about how silly the spam messages were, which you’ve since deleted. They sounded like something weirdly translated into English, and I said this might be a good WDT, perhaps call it, “Say [...]

Weekend Discussion Thread: What Would You Say to MSTed Movie People?

Alert regular Steve sent a suggestion that I am going to bounce off of for this weekend’s question: If you could jump into a time machine and visit anyone involved in any MSTed movie while they were making it, what would you say to him or her? Don’t worry if your comment might [...]