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Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Weekend Discussion Thread: Movies You Want to See UnMSTed

Alert regular Stef suggests:

Any movies the MST guys did that you want to see un-riffed and uncut? Because some of those movies are actually pretty good on their own merits, IMO, or because you’re curious about seeing it in its original form or because the guys talked over that one scene and […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movies by Good Directors

An alert regular suggests:

Last week’s WDT begs the companion idea, “Bad MST3K Movies as Re-Done by Good Directors.”

“The Deadly Bees,” as directed by Billy Wilder, who was also a great script writer: It becomes a film noir with serious conflict between Mr. and Mrs. Hargrove, and Doris the bar maid/housemaid is […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Good Movies by Bad Directors

Alert regular Perry suggests…

What would your favorite (presumably good) movie look like if it had been directed by your favorite (not so good) director?

The Godfather by Hal Warren. Michael comes back from college, and spends a lot of time hanging around the house listening to Vito and Sonny argue about Connie’s […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Defending “Weak” Episodes

Alert regular John notes:

A recent discussion thread talked about episodes that would have turned people away from MST3K. Now being that everyone has different tastes, some might think that some of these episodes weren’t that bad or even think that they’re great. So let’s all play devil’s advocate and defend a “lame” […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Product Placements

Sorry for the lateless, I have been under the weather.

Alert regular NHKrypto sez:

With all of the product placement from Coca Cola and McDonald’s in “Mac and Me,” other movies might also deserve some product placement of their own.

How about some Axe Body Spray in Cave Dwellers?

And is that […]