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Weekend Discussion Thread: What Movies Should the Reboot Riff?

Well, what a week it’s been!

The news we got this week is causing all sorts of speculation…so let’s do some more!

What movie(s) do you think would be good fodder for the new MST3K? Obviously they won’t be doing big blockbusters, so keep in mind that the movies will be a lot […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: What If You Were Indestructible?

Our pal Timmy sez:

I just watched The Indestructible Man. In host segment 2, Joel ask the bots: what you do if you were indestructible? I would be used as a punching bag by Floyd Mayweather, be shot out of a cannon into a brick wall and would tap dance across a mine […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movie Character Costumes

Troy suggests:

With Halloween fast approaching, it might be fun to toss out ideas for MSTed movie character costumes that you could piece together from items in your attic or local thrift store. (Don’t worry if nobody else gets your costume … you’re like the wind, baby!) For example, put on an extra […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTie Vacations

Brandon asks:

Tired of the daily grind? Looking for a change of scenery? Hassled by creditors? How about a rejuvenating trip to your favorite MSTie vacation spot?

Example: The dog’s meat; have you seen it? NOW YOU CAN on jolly old Seagull Island!

Where would you go on your MSTie vacation?

I […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Episode Pairings

In the episode guide discussion this week, somebody suggested a good episode that would go well with “City Limits,” and I thought, hey…!

So what pair of episodes works together for an awesome double feature? (Triple feature?)

My pick: “Catalina Caper” and “Horror of Party Beach.” Little Richard meets the Del Aires.

What’s your pick?

Weekend Discussion Thread: Worst MSTed Movie Prop

Alert regular Brandon says…

Many of the films that got the MST3K treatment were made on shoestring budgets (and some got a lot less). So the filmmakers couldn’t construct elaborate sets or expensive CG effects…or build reasonable props. The list of bad props in MST films is a treasure trove of WTF? I […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Nicknames of Movie Characters

Alert reader Sitting Duck asks:

During the course of a film, the riffers will sometimes refer to one or more characters by (usually derisive) nicknames. Which of these are your favorites? Mine come from Time Chasers, where crooked CEO J.K. Robertson is referred to as “Bob Evil.”

My pick: “The Load” in […]

RiffTrax Live: Your Thoughts?

An open thread for your thoughts about tonight’s show.

As always, hold any spoilers until after 11 eastern, when the west coast show starts.

Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite Science References

Alert reader Brandon suggests:

Okay, so we know the show isn’t about how the crew eats and breathes, or other science facts. But Joel, Mike and the Bots sure knew a lot about science and technology. And not just the easy stuff – they often pointed out scientific errors in the film (“There […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MST3K-Inspired Meals

Alert reader Charles suggests:

How about a weekend topic of mst3k sourced meals/banquets. You could start with an appetizer of some of Trumpy’s favorite peanuts. Then a hamburger sammich prepared by the cook in “I Accuse My Parents” within a side of fresh carrots from the Truck Farmer short. Wash it down with […]