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Weekend Discussion Thread: Mini Marathons

Alert reader Walt writes in to say:

What about mini marathons? Some days I’m in the mood for themed episodes and watch two to four episode mini marathons. It can range from the Coleman Francis episodes to spy movies (Danger! Death Ray!, Code Name: Diamond Head, and Secret Agent, Super Dragon) or “70s […]

Season’s Greetings from Satellite News!

With the holidays upon us, it’s time once again for our annual holiday tradition, A Child’s Christmas in Space by Tom Servo.

Tom: It’s quiet in the cold of our own little orbit, starless and bible black. And as I look down on the big blue bean we would call home I think […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Moments When Joel/Mike & the Bots Laughed/Cracked Up

I’m not sure who sent me this, but I like it:

I had an idea for a discussion topic: favorite time the bots or Joel/Mike cracked each other up for real.

In “Monster a Go Go,” I always laugh so hard when Servo sings that song [o/` These two girls they make quite […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Good Scenes in Bad Movies

Alert reader “BC” writes:

Some of us could argue that a few of the movies covered on the show weren’t really all that bad. But what about individual scenes? What are some of the most surprisingly good moments in an otherwise bad riffed movie? For me, I’d vote for the “Bird’s the Word” […]

What Did You Think?

An open thread for your thoughts on tonight’s RiffTrax Live show, so let’s take our verbal hiagra and get started.

To begin with, a little news broke at the show:

First: The NatGeo Channel takeover will be Tuesday, Dec. 16.

Second: Sean Thomason and Conor Lastowka will write the introduction to […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movies as Cartoons

Alert regular “Sitting Duck” suggests:

Recently I read this news piece about how CW had discontinued what was the last Saturday morning cartoon programming┬áblock. Seeing as how so many Saturday morning cartoons were adapted from movies and live action shows, let’s mourn the tradition’s passing by discussing what MST3K movies could be reimagined […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Best/Worst Bosses

Alert reader Ken suggests:

Best boss/worst boss in an MST’d movie/short.

The best boss has to be the troubled “Mr. Warren” in “Hired!” He has no idea how to manage people but he’s willing to learn from his flying elf-swattin’ dad!

What’s your pick?

Weekend Discussion Thread: Rediscovering a Forgotten Episode

Alert reader Andrew has an intriguing question:

Over the last few years, I’ve found that going back through episodes that I don’t remember that well is practically as exciting as seeing them for the first time. My goal is to only re-see official re-issued copies, because it’s wonderful to see them crisper than […]

Joel to Present Another Online Turkey Day

Although Joel has been hinting (and a couple of times point-blank saying) that it would happen for quite a while now, our pals at have the official announcement that there WILL be another online Turkey Day marathon this year.

“Where the Hell Are You?” on YouTube

I loved that “Where the Hell Are You?” song at the RiffTrax Live. Turns out it was commissioned, as part of the Kickstarter, by one of the regular commenters here, “Snowdog.”

He got permission to post it on YouTube, which he has done.

Enjoy, and THANKS Snowdog!