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Weekend Discussion Thread: Nicknames of Movie Characters

Alert reader Sitting Duck asks:

During the course of a film, the riffers will sometimes refer to one or more characters by (usually derisive) nicknames. Which of these are your favorites? Mine come from Time Chasers, where crooked CEO J.K. Robertson is referred to as “Bob Evil.”

My pick: “The Load” in […]

RiffTrax Live: Your Thoughts?

An open thread for your thoughts about tonight’s show.

As always, hold any spoilers until after 11 eastern, when the west coast show starts.

Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite Science References

Alert reader Brandon suggests:

Okay, so we know the show isn’t about how the crew eats and breathes, or other science facts. But Joel, Mike and the Bots sure knew a lot about science and technology. And not just the easy stuff – they often pointed out scientific errors in the film (“There […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MST3K-Inspired Meals

Alert reader Charles suggests:

How about a weekend topic of mst3k sourced meals/banquets. You could start with an appetizer of some of Trumpy’s favorite peanuts. Then a hamburger sammich prepared by the cook in “I Accuse My Parents” within a side of fresh carrots from the Truck Farmer short. Wash it down with […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Turkey Day Picks?

On his Facebook page, Joel has announced that Turkey Day is ON for this year, and he is asking for you to vote for what episodes you’d like to see. I assume he wants no more than six, since that’s been the number of episodes shown in the last two years.

You CANNOT […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: A Movie Element that Actually Impressed

Alert emailer “Torgo02” wonders:

I am curious if anyone has instances where some detail presented in the movie really impressed them. My as “twice and a half times sixty” (i.e., 150). The Sumerians used a base-60 number system. I have always been impressed that the writers incorporated this fact. As for the accuracy […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Introducing the Show to Millenials

Alert regular Jaybird suggests:

What about a discussion of everyone’s experiences trying to introduce younger people to MST3K. I had a mortifying experience along those lines recently, and it made me realize just how hard it is for the average millennial to relate to a show like MST3K. Most of these people have […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your MST3K-Themed Restaurant or Bar

An alert reader suggests:

Have we ever had a WDT of “Name your MST3K bar or restaurant”?

I would have a bar called Beer on the Sun, kind of a weird Canadian/Jimmy Buffet hybrid. Then again, “Beer on the Sun” is pretty much my answer for everything.

What would your pick be?

Weekend Discussion Thread: The 25-Episodes that Define MST3K

Paste Magazine had a piece this week called “The 25-Episode History of Mystery Science Theater 3000.”

I know a good topic to steal when I see one. (And author Chris Morgan noted wryly on Twitter that it’s an idea that’s been had before.)

So, do you agree with their list? If not, […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your MST3K Music Label

Alert reader Troy writes:

Say you were starting a MST3K music label… what would it be called, and who would you sign and/or what albums would you produce?

I’d probably go with the obviously named It Stinks! Records, starting off with Winky’s Songs For My Totally Hot Girlfriend (You Don’t Know Her), the […]