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Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Weekend Discussion Thread: Pet Names

Alert regular Paul opines:

While watching the recent RiffTrax Live showing of “Mothra,” I made the observation that Mothra was like a giant pet to the two fairy girls. It got me wondering if any MST3k fans have named their pets after any of the characters from MST3k or the films or shorts […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Advice that Would Ruin the Movie

Alert regular “GizmonicTemp” opines:

“Just Stop and Aim, You Idiots!” Crow gives this free advice to the mutineers in “Space Mutiny” and I realized something. Had they actually followed this little “Duh!” nugget, it would have completely changed the outcome of the movie; Ryder is dead, the ship is overthrown and Kalgan is […]

What Did You Think?

Theater a bit more full than in recent shows (I wasn’t here for MST3K reunion show, so I don’t know how full it was, but maybe the increase is a residual effect) — maybe half full — in suburban Scranton.

I liked this one a lot. It was up there with “Jack […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: ‘Fly on the Wall?’

Our alert pal Timmy asks:

What film that the Brains chose would you have like to been in the room for, when they watched/wrote the jokes. Mine are the 2 Joe Don Baker films.

I want to go with “I Accuse My Parents” ’cause I think they got SO into the movie, it […]

New Annotated Episode…


As always, post any additions or corrections there, not here.

And speaking of augmenting episodes, a brave fellow has begun completely closed captioning all the episodes (he hopes) for the hearing impaired. His Youtube Channel is here. It’s tough to read a puppet’s lips and it’s even harder when […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Olympic Events Based on MSTed Movies

Yep, it’s time again for the Olympics, and, hey! I’ve got a crazy idea!

What new olympic events can you dream up, based on MSTed movies?

The first one that comes to mind is the Ator-athlon, where you have to make (from twigs and whatever you can find) a hang glider, and then […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Local Horror Host

Alert regular Timmy brings up a question that is JUST BARELY on-topic, but fun…:

When you were all growing up (this one is for mainly our older residents but you young’uns can post too), what was your local creature feature host/show.By the time I was old enough to stay up late (also had […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Most Egregious Padding

Alert regular “Sitting Duck” observes:

All too often, the films shown on MST3K rely quite a bit on padding to get up to feature length. Frequently the padding has no perceivable relevance to the plot. So which occasions of non sequitur padding do you find particularly egregious? My top pick is the scene […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: What Movie Would You Like to Be In?

Alert reader David suggests:

I was watching the pre-show press conference and they were asked a question that might be fun to visit with us: what movie would you like to find yourself in? Frank immediately piped up: “Wild World of Batwoman,” to which Joel quipped “That came a little too quick, Frank.” […]

What Did You Think?

We were at the live show in Minneapolis. What was it like in your theater?