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Weekend Discussion Thread–Episode Guide, First Draft: 1101- Reptilicus

Opening: Space trucker and rebellious Renaissance man Jonah Heston is returning to Gizmonic Institute with a load of meteors, when he receives a phony distress call from Moon Base 13 on the dark side of the moon. Jettisoning his load, he lands and is immediately captured and brought to theĀ  underground […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Season 11 Movies

Well, the spoiler commands have been lifted, but before we begin discussing each of the episodes, I’m going to you another week to get some of these watched.

So, in the meantime, here is the official list of the movies that will be riffed in season 11: 1101- Reptilicus 1102- Cry Wilderness 1103- […]


This thread is for comments on and reactions to the screening of episode 1101 that is available to Kickstarter backers today.

Please DO NOT post reactions in any other thread on this site.

I think you can guess what the Weekend Discussion Thread will be on Friday. :-)

Weekend Discussion Thread: Truly Loathsome MST3K Movie Characters

I’m once again stealing a topic from Facebook, where a fellow named Luke Yount asked:

Is Watney Smith from Outlaw of Gor the most openly loathsome character from an episode of MST3K?

I would have to pick the two peeping tom military guys from “Attack of the the Eye Creatures.” I feel like […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: What Has MST3K Taught You?

Alert reader Stacy writes:

I was thinking that a possible discussion thread might be this…

“If MST3K has taught me anything, it’s… (fill in the blank).

For me, MST3K has taught me to be careful when saying the word “peanuts”. :-)

For me, it’s that meteors roam around space in swarms.

What about you?

Weekend Discussion Thread: What Pop Culture Disappointed You?

I am going to steal a discussion thread from a great Facebook page called MST3K Revival League and a fellow named Josh Brock. It’s a little outside the box, but it has generated hundreds of responses over there and I am curious what you guys are going to say.

Alright, this might […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Favorite Misheard/Misread Line

Alert regular MSTie suggests:

Best/Worst/Most Confusing misheard/misread/misunderstand line of dialog (sometimes known as a Mondegreen). Without a doubt, the “Idiot Control Now” song in Pod People is one giant Mondegreen.

Many of these come from bad sound or out of focus visuals. One of my favorites, from early in “Warrior of the Lost […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movie Characters You Wish Had Visited

Alert regular “Sitting Duck” sez:

Throughout MST3K’s run, characters from the shorts and movies have made appearances in the host segments. Which character who has not made such an appearance would you like to have seen on the SoL/in Deep 13/on the Hexfield? I’m going with Ro-Man of Robot Monster. He could have […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Bright Spots in Bad Movies

Alert regular MSTie suggests:

We’ve covered good acting performances in bad MST movies, but how about “Non-Acting Bright Spots in Otherwise Horrible Movies”? It could be particularly beautiful scenery, a surprisingly well-done camera shot, music, good special effects, etc. I thought of this the other night when watching “The Sky Divers.” When the […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: How Will You Watch the Debut?

Alert regular Steve writes:

So with the new season just weeks away — so close we can almost touch it — what plans do you have for the premier of MST3K Season 11? Party like it’s 1999 with a few hundred of your closest MISTIE friends? A quiet viewing with family? Just you, […]