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Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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What Did You Think?

Theater about half full in Dickson City (outside Scranton). Lots of laughs. I’d forgotten about all the bad acting in this thing. Fave riff: “Leave…the…bait.”

Sampo from the Guv’mint.

Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite Hexfield Moments

Alert reader “Be Right There” asks:

Has there ever been a Weekend thread about favorite hexfield/Rocket #9 moments? These were always some of my favorite MST moments.

I gotta go with Kevin as Ilya Muromets at the Waffle House. “HAM!!”

What’s your pick?

Weekend Discussion Thread: Food

Alert reader Jay suggests:

Food. The Brains brought up food in many, many episodes. What is your favorite? For me it has to be Hamdingers. Not only were they Joel’s exit device, but they sound darn tasty! Too bad they aren’t around anymore.

I kinda like The Mads’ breakfast bazooka.



Weekend Discussion Thread: Encountering Unexpected MSTies

Alert reader Sarah had an idea for a topic about reconnecting with an old friend/relative by discovering their shared love of our favorite cowtown puppet show. I’m going to expand it a bit and ask about discovering a MSTie in an unexpected situation. For example, I was interviewing a corporate executive about something […]

Weekend Discussion Threads: Earworms

Dan suggests:

Insidious earworms? They can come from a riffed film or they can be something the guys did. For example, I have both the slimy salamander song from ‘Untamed Youth” and o/` “Poo…maman… he flies like a moron o/` thoroughly lodged in my head as I write. Help me.

Me, I would […]

New Kickstarter Message from Joel

Joel just sent out an update to the Kickstarter backers, which has some more information about the Rifftrax/MST3K reunion and their Kickstarter, and also encourages fans to support a Kickstarter related to the great Frank Zappa. Enjoy!

Weekend Discussion Thread: MST3K Trivia You Thought Was Hard But It’s Not

Mark suggests:

As an example, name the only host segment ever shot outdoors. (Answer: the “sylvan glen” moment from episode 816- PRINCE OF SPACE. Every single one of you knew that, didn’t you?)

The stumper I used to use, which I have more recently discovered most MSTies have no problem with, it turns […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: The Show and Music

Troy opines…

Since the news just broke that David Bowie died, it got me thinking about musical references on the show. I’m curious what influence MST3K has had on people’s musical tastes, whether it got them into a band they wouldn’t have known about otherwise, or caused ! them to suddenly understand a […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movie Characters You Could Be Friends With

Ken suggests a topic:

MST character (from movies or among hosts) you think you could be best friends with.

I’m going to go with Henry Krasker in “The Dead Talk Back.” Seems like he’d be a good conversationalist.

Who would you pick, and why?

Keep sending suggestions!

Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movie Characters that Need Therapy

Regular poster Kenneth asks:

Which MST characters do you think really need heavy therapy? Yes, some of them do what they do out of stupidity, or because they’re just evil. But which ones seem like they could really use heavy sessions with a good therapist?

My pick: Jodi from “Kitten with a […]