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Weekend Discussion Thread: Riff or Line as a Slogan

Yes, it’s another topic from Sue:

If you could pick one MST3K riff as your personal slogan, what would it be?

I’d have to go philosophical with “I wonder if there’s beer on the sun?”

I’m expanding this to include anything they said on the show, including during host segments. Mine, for a […]

Bad Movie Thursday in Scranton

For folks in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the Scranton Cultural Center will host the triumphant return of Bad Movie Thursdays with MST3K — hosted by yours truly — Thursday at 7 p.m. (Cocktails start at 6.) The month’s offering is episode 505- MAGIC VOYAGE OF SINBAD. (And yes, we know he’s not Sinbad.) More info […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Questions about the MSTed Movies

mattygsmail writes:

Hi, while watching “The Rebel Set” last night I realized that the question “who is Merritt Stone?” was not really answered (Tom’s Poirotesque effort notwithstanding – is Poirotesque a word?). It made me wonder about other unresolved questions/plot points that were left hanging in other episodes, like Lt. Lamont in Space […]

More Scholarly Study of MST3K

The Southwest Popular American Cultural Association will hold its annual conference Feb 11-14 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and one of the tracks is “Mystery Science Theater and the Culture of Riffing.” (Sorry about the bad link. Now fixed.)

Topics include:

* Mystery Science Theater and the Culture of Riffing 1

* Mystery […]

Two Tribute Videos

Frank tweeted about this one and it’s really pretty good. It’s been posted for a few months but I hadn’t seen it.

This one’s more recent and was posted about by @ascheer48. Also pretty good!

Just wanted to share. Kudos to both creators.

Another Annotated Episode on YouTube

This time it’s 1001- SOULTAKER.

Again, if they missed something, tell THEM in the comments on YouTube, not us.

Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite Objects and Animals Given Voices

Alert reader Troy suggests:

Let’s discuss our favorite instances where Mike/Joe and the bots provide voices and personalities for animals or objects. The magical world of Petey the Plane from “The Skydivers” was certainly more interesting than anything Coleman Francis ever came up with on his own, and “Satan” the stock-footage snake always […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Favorite Voice-Overs and Narrations

“Sitting Duck” writes:

One of the laziest methods of presenting exposition in a movie is to have a voiceover guy read it off. So naturally this technique is used in several MST3K films. So which of these voiceover guys do you think particularly sticks out. I’m going with the one from Robot Holocaust. […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: The Worst Movies of 2014

RiffTrax conducted a poll, and these are the results:

10. 300: Rise of an Empire (7,020 votes) 9. Noah (7,620 votes) 8. Sex Tape (7,740 votes) 7. Ouija (9,340 votes) 6. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (10,040 votes) 5. Left Behind (11,380 votes) 4. A Million Ways to Die in the West (11,820 votes) […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Mini Marathons

Alert reader Walt writes in to say:

What about mini marathons? Some days I’m in the mood for themed episodes and watch two to four episode mini marathons. It can range from the Coleman Francis episodes to spy movies (Danger! Death Ray!, Code Name: Diamond Head, and Secret Agent, Super Dragon) or “70s […]