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Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Weekend Discussion Thread: Mini Golf and MSTed Movies

Alert reader Troy suggests:

We all know Season 1 Joel was quite fond of pointing out scenes that would “make a great miniature golf course.” So my question is, what other MSTied movies would make a great (or terrible) miniature golf course? For example: The Space Mutiny hole would look remarkably like an [...]

Screening of ‘Future War’ in Kerrville, TX

Long-time Satellite News reader Chris Wooten will be hosting a public screening of episode 1004- FUTURE WAR this Friday, July 18th, at 6:30pm at the First Christian Church of Kerrville,  1900 Goat Creek Road, Kerrville, TX. Food and drinks will be served.

Bad Movie Thursdays in Scranton–Special Summer Episodes

For folks in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the Scranton Cultural Center will again present Bad Movie Thursdays with MST3K – hosted by yours truly — Thursday at 7 p.m. (Cocktails at 6.) Before we start the full season in the fall, we’re going to do a couple of beach movies for the next two months. [...]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite Riff from the KTMA Shows

Alert regular Brandon suggests:

Since we’re reviewing the KTMA episodes again, I thought a good discussion would be what riffs from the KTMA era do MSTies find actually funny, since most of the time the material was hit-and-miss, and they were still figuring the show out. One riff that I love is from [...]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Favorite Parody Host Segments

On Twitter, E. A. Bruce, aka @NeoMyers, asked:

Have you ever done a piece on favorite “genre-bending” episodes? Like “Last of Wild Horses”?

I assume what he means by “‘genre-bending’ episodes” are the ones where one or more host segments take a familiar convention, sci-fi or otherwise, and parody/satirize it. His fave [...]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Favorite Shadowrama Moments

Alert reader Cam suggests:

List some favorite silhouette moments, ranging from the purely visual shtick to those incorporating riffs. I am constantly discovering visual gags that I overlooked because I was watching the featured film itself.

My fave: In Magic Voyage of Sinbad, Crow returns from his lifelong quest thingy in hilarious fashion, [...]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Local Horror Host

Alert regular “Sitting Duck” observes:

During the recent discussion of The Green Slime, much was made of the MST3K connection to local TV programming from days past as well as its modification of the horror host concept.

He brings up his local host, one Dr. Gruesome, a Richmond-based horror host from the ’80s, [...]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Backstories We’d Like to See

Alert longtime regular Jenny writes in with this:

“Maleficent” has done great at the box office, and that got me thinking: which MST3K movie villain would you like to see more of? Whose origin story would you like to see? For me, it is the doctor in “Bride of the Monster.” Not only [...]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Top 5 Riffs of All Time

I know, there are thousands of brilliant riffs, but let’s hear your five all-time favorites, the ones that made you fall off the couch.

Here’s mine:

1. “Nipple, nipple, tweak, tweak, fly! fly! fly!” — The Corpse Vanishes

2. “Its Gloria Estefan and the Catalina Deus Ex Sound Machina!” (One of the greatest [...]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Unhappy Meal

Okay, I hope this one doesn’t get too gross. Alert regular Tim suggests:

I was watching “The Day the Earth Froze” and thought of what would your unhappy meal be. Mine would include: 1: A maze that you must get the famous English musician into the Dakota; 2: A used Kleenex

Okay, mine [...]