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Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movies That Would Make Good Saturday Morning Cartoons

Alert regular Timmy suggests:

I was thinking, what MSTed movie would make a good Saturday morning cartoon? I think that the Starfighters (on the lines of the old Beetle Bailey cartoon show from the 1960s*) and Mighty Jack (on the lines of any anime show). So what is yours, then? * Look it […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: What MSTed Movie Should Go to Series?

During the Angels Revenge episode guide comments, Bad Wolf asked:

Did we already do a Weekend Discussion about episodes we’d like to see go to series? This would definitely be one for me.

Oh I want to see a weekly Batwoman series. Everybody does.

Your pick?

Could the MST3K Logo Fit on the Moon?

Nerdist answers this burning question. Because Science…

Weekend Discussion Thread: The Many Faces of Mike

Alert reader Scott observes:

Mike did all kinds of characters and celebrity impressions on the show over the years. What do you think were some of his best? Or what impressions do you wish he’d tried? Personally, I loved his Morrissey


I talked about this in the episode guide entry for “Wild […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Random Appearance of MSTed Movies

Alert reader Thomas asks:

What moments from MSTed movies have you randomly seen, totally out of their original context? I don’t mean watching a MSTed film on an old horror movie program, unriffed. I’m talking about seeing moments from movies/shorts totally divorced from the movies that feature them. As an example, the former […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Alternate Endings

I feel like we did this, but I searched and couldn’t find anything.

So let’s go with Rick’s suggestion:

In “Girl in lovers lane” Crow and Servo suggest an alternate ending. My girlfriend suggests that many MST movies lend themselves to alternate endings. For instance, in Devil Doll, would it have not been […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Darwin Awards–MST3K Edition

Another example of a WDT coming out of this week’s episode guide entry:

“Kansas” said:

?While Marvin wasn’t too bright, the dumbest character in the movie was the crook who thought he could take on a gunman (with two guys backing him up) with a blackjack. Give that man a Darwin Award.??


Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movies: The Musical

Alert regular Timmy asks:

I went to see “Wicked” a few weeks ago. During the play, I thought, what movie from the show would make a good musical. I thought: “Manos” (Torgo sings a song to his theme) and “Daddy-O” (like “Grease”) There WAS no “Monster A Go Go” play. So what’s yours?


Weekend Discussion Thread: MST3K Looks at the Future

Alert reader Tanya writes:

Now that the new year is here and we’re well into the 21st century, you could say we’re now living “In the not too-distant future, next Sunday A.D.” So what do you think of the future as seen on MST3K? Most of the movies and shorts were made well […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Riffing is Everywhere

Alert reader dakotaboy observes:

These days, riffing is everywhere. From tweets, to podcasts, and many other medium, riffing has become a cultural phenomenon. Which movie, TV show, etc., is the most like MST3K without actually being MST3K? I vote for the 90’s movie Wayne’s World, because the style of humor is much like […]