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Weekend Discussion Thread: Outdated Riffs

Alert regular Paul opines:

The Chicago Cubs’ recent World Series win got me thinking. I recalled all the jokes made by the MST3K gang about the Cubs being perpetual losers.

Now those jokes are no longer as relevant. I began to think of other memorably-dated riffs.

There was that joke about the high […]

RiffTrax Show Reports

An open thread for your reports about tonight’s RiffTrax Christmas show.

Weekend Discussion Thread: The MSTie ‘Abbey Road’ Cover

This one is very silly but fun. Alert regular Timmy says:

I was looking at the Beatles Abbey Road album cover and thought, who four MSTed movie characters would you pick to be crossing the road? Mine: Commander Jansen, The Soultaker, Steve (from ‘This Island Earth’) and Troy. What would yours be?

Rowsdower, […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Characters Yearbook Votes

Alert submitter Stacey suggests:

In most high school yearbooks, the students are voted “Best Looking” or “Most Athletic” or any other number of titles. So what would a yearbook of characters from MST3K movies look like? Would Jimmy from “I Accuse My Parents” be voted “Biggest Liar”? Would “Mitchell” be voted “Most Likely […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: The MSTed Movie that Should Be Preserved

In last week’s WDT, we asked which MSTed movie you would want eradicated from the earth. That prompted “Green Switch” to opine:

The flip side of this question – which MST3K film would you want the Library of Congress to deem “culturally significant” and worthy of preservation in the National Film Registry – […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Movies in a Stump Grinder

Alert reader Dave suggests…

At the end of The She-Creature, Mike’s final line is, “Man, if there was ever a movie I wanted to throw into the stump grinder, this is the one!” And there’s no doubt that MSTies feel the same way about various other MSTed movies, that are not simply plain […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: A Four-Hour Layover in Chicago/Cleveland

Alert regular Timmy suggests:

Now that the Cubs are in the World Series (first time since 1945), what would you do if you had a four-hour layover in Chicago (from episode 419- REBEL SET). Me, I would try to catch a Blackhawks hockey game and maybe get some pizza at Rosati’s Pizza (you […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: How Did MSTed Characters Die?

Alert reader Troy writes:

How do you think various MSTied movie characters eventually met their demise?

For example, it’s pretty obvious that Remedy from Last of t! he Wild Horses blew himself up after taking a correspondence course on how to make homemade gelignite. The entire cast of Hobgoblins picked up a horrible […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Adopt a Creature?

Alert regular “MSTie” opines:

I’d call this “How Much Is That Kaiju in the Window?” — if you could adopt any pet/animal/monster/thing from an MST3K movie, what would it be and why?

I’ll go with Chris the Dog from “Revenge of the Creature.” He was a good boy and got a raw deal […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Failed TV Series You Wish They’d Riff

Alert reader Natalie writes:

Several experiments have involved either a failed two-hour backdoor pilot movie, or two episodes of a failed series clumsily edited together. What other known series failures would you like to see riffed? Mine would be the 1987 attempt at Bates Motel, the one that tried to position the iconic […]