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Volume XXII Titles

Volume XXII will contain:

610- THE VIOLENT YEARS (with short: YOUNG MAN’S FANCY) Yay! A personal fave!!

This will not be a limited edition set with figurine. More info when we get it.

186 comments to Volume XXII Titles

  • 1
    dsman71 says:

    Oh WOW !! How cool is this !! More Sandy Frank titles ! And a couple of public domain cool titles !


  • 2
    Zebulon Pike says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait. My XXI arrives tomorrow.


  • 3
    Dan in WI says:

    Man there are two Joel’s and two Mikes. How could they go back to that?? Oh wait, that’s a good thing.


  • 4
    snowdog says:

    Wow, did Sandy Frank find religion or something?


  • 5

    OH. MY. GOD.
    Honestly, I did not expect more Sandy Frank titles. I’m really excited about Time of the Apes.
    And I’ve always wanted to see The Violent Years.
    Mighty Jack is a bizarre fever dream that I cannot remember mere seconds after watching it. So…endless rewatching?


  • 6
    Gary Bowden says:

    Pretty impressive..2 more Sandy Frank titles,too! Violent Years is another one of my favorites.Glad they got Brute Man.All they need is to get the remaining 3 titles from Season 7 and that will out of the way..Wish they would get some Season 4 titles,but that could be for the next set..Thanks Shout!!


  • 7

    And I hope this means we get Fugitive Alien in XXIII…


  • 8
    Operation Weasel-Snitch says:

    That sounds like a great collection of titles. Sandy Frank must no longer feel he has been treated like a mud butler.


  • 9
    dsman71 says:

    I fully expect Fugitive Alien 1 & 2 to be on the next set or *in the not too distant future* hee hee
    Getting the last of Season 7 , while nothing is impossible, will be tough since
    #703 Disney owns the Deathstalker III movie ( at least the last time I checked, but Shout is releasing a couple Deathstalker movies so you never know)
    #704 MGM owns the Incredible Melting Man – and is an MOD title
    #705 Escape from the Bronx could happen
    Sadly not every episode will make it to DVD but I think a majority from each season is a given..
    With Shout anything is possible..well not with the AIP titles or the Season 8 Universals…at least at this point


  • 10
    Johnny Ryde says:

    Creeper, Creeper, Creeper… YOU give ME the creeps!


  • 11
    hungry and a little confused says:

    Finally the titles. Very excited about all except Mighty Jack. It was just too badly edited a movie for me to follow. But any MST3K on DVD is a DVD to own. Figurine eh? Cambot perhaps?


  • 12
    Cubby says:

    314- MIGHTY JACK
    610- THE VIOLENT YEARS (with short: YOUNG MAN’S FANCY) Yay! A personal fave!!

    ::insert Beatlemania-esque screaming here::

    Time of the Apes & Brute Man? They’re good too.
    But Mighty Jack?

    ::insert Beatlemania-esque screaming here::


  • 13
    hungry and a little confused says:

    ANd now a example of reading CAREFULLY. No figurine…. sorry Cambot.


  • 14
    JK Robertson says:

    I’m very happy. Bravo Shout Factory, Bravo.


  • 15
    Chief?McCloud! says:

    okay december 6….get here already, will ya?

    thank you Shout!Factory


  • 16
    rather dashing says:

    This is so exciting! great choices through and through. at least, they seem to be, I haven’t actually seen them.
    Where did the information come from?


  • 17
    pablum says:

    Wow. Never thought we’d see Time of the Apes or Mighty Jack on retail DVDs either. Good news.


  • 18
    Speedy says:

    Interesting, did they get more third person license holders again? Whenever they decide to do the next limited edition set, I think Cambot would be next and I think the Sci-Fi era version would be the best choice if there is a vote on it.


  • 19
    Hamdingers says:

    I don’t care.


  • 20

    “Why doesn’t Hamdingers care?”

    Smile Nineteen posts before somebody tried that.


  • 21
    Canucklehead says:

    Woohoo! Some great movies to watch. Though am I ready to watch Time of the Apes or Mighty Jack? I don’t know. My Japanese/MST3K experience is limited to Neptune Men, Prince of Space, *mumbles* vs. *mumbles*. Can’t wait for my Gamera set!

    Oh, and thank you Shout Factory, thank you! I believe in MiSTing, I do!


  • 22
    Alex says:

    NO WAY!!!!! TIME OF THE APES AND MIGHTY JACK???? THAT’S EXCELLENT! Grin Did a North American company buy the American rights from Tsuburaya Productions, or did they license them directly from them or what? Personally “Mighty Jack” is not one of my fave Sandy Frank episodes, but it’s got some good riffs here and there and it’s excellent to see more Sandy Frank films come on the set. Also glad to see Violent Years come; I’ve been waiting for that one for awhile. I also figured Brute Man would come soon too.


  • 23
    Sean says:

    Time of the Apes? Okay, who called it? Somebody called it, I’m certain of it.

    But more Season 3 on DVD! Excellente!


  • 24
    Weepy Donuts says:

    Very cool! I can’t wait.


  • 25
    sirhamhat says:

    Holy @#$%!!! (I know it gets said everytime but…) This is now my favorite boxsets!!! Time of the Apes is one of my absolute favorite episodes EVER!!! The Violent Years is one of my absolute favorite episodes EVER!!! Brute Man is a great episode and Mighty Jack–MORE @#$%ing SANDY FRANK! Woohoo!!! This has been a great year (probably the best year) for MST3k box sets–because there have been some great strides made in acquiring the rights of episodes we never though would see the light of day! Well done, Shout! Now… here’s to hoping these episodes are not in horrible shape like Lost Continent and Beast of Yucca Flats. *fingers crossed*


  • 26
    Joseph Nebus says:

    Re #13 hungry and a little confused:

    Actually, it’s the rare Magic Voice figurine. They never turn up in second-hand stores, so get yours fast.


  • 27
    Mr. B(ob) says:

    Two more Season Three episodes from Japan plus an Ed Wood scripted movie and Rondo Hatton. Sounds like a winner to me.


  • 28
    Smirkboy says:

    THREE titles I don’t have! Now that’s a good thing.

    How about a space travel set next?
    & 12 TO THE MOON


  • 29
    TrumpyDumpy says:

    SOOOOOOO stoked about “Time of the Apes”!!! Been wanting that title for AGES! Not familiar with Mighty Jack but from reading about it, I’m hoping it’s as good as Prince of Space. Brute Man is a bit hit N miss for me but the Violent Years is a welcomed addition as well.

    Anyone else stoked about the other two rereleases announced? Red Zone Cuba was my first MST I ever purchased on VHS….it holds a very special place in my heart Grin


  • 30
    Brandon says:

    Man whoever the company is that’s allowing these Japanese/Sandy Frank films to be released, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    And thank you to Shout Factory for snipping up the rights!


  • 31
    Shark says:

    Best set EVAR!


  • 32
    MikeK says:

    Joyous day! I’m glad to have all of them, especially the latter two. The Brute Man has that great host segment with Paul Chaplin as Pearl’s date, the oil guy named Sandy.


  • 33
    Mr. B(ob) says:

    Time Of The Apes? Unlike little Johnny, I DO care! Can’t wait to get a nice commercial DVD of that one. And Mighty Jack too, slow the plot down, matey. Can the must-have Fugitive Alien be next?


  • 34
    Joseph Klemm says:

    @8 Personally, I wonder if a certain incident last year involving Mr. Frank is the reason why we’re finally getting these episodes.

    Still, it’s great to see more Sandy Frank goodness. Now if they can finish the “Sandy Frank” collection and release Fugitive Alien (He tried to kill me with a forklift, ole!).


  • 35
    rcfagnan says:

    I’d like to be the Chicken of Tomorrow, but how can I be more the Man of Today?


  • 36
    PiscesIscariot says:

    IIRC Sandy Frank no longer owns the rights to the films he distributed that were shown on MST3K, so Shout! has been negotiating with the Japanese studios that own the films, not Frank. He doesn’t get a say in these releases at all.


  • 37

    Well, I have to be honest, I expect to give this one a pass. But that has a lot to do with the fact that I have every ep I care about, anyway. And the titles I’d like to see on an official set are mostly locked up by rights issues.


  • 38
    Kenneth Morgan says:

    Now we’ve just got to figure a way to do an end run around Roger Corman…


  • 39
    MPSh says:



  • 40
    frankstv says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!!! Time of Apes #306. Even Mighty Jack #314, just as equal as a surprise! FREAKIN SWEET DUDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great set! I like the other two titles as well ( because I don’t have them on DVD ). It’s good to have two eps of Mike and Joel. I now have hope for Fugitive Alien ( I + II ) being released. Great job Shout!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 41
    CT Himes says:

    Oh. My. God. Yes.


  • 42
    Steelhawk says:

    Hooray! Great set! Two favorite episodes (TotA and MJ) and two new to me episodes. I am a happy little camper. Thank you Shout!


  • 43
    Cheapskate Crow says:

    Is the Violent Years the episode with the speech sampled in Ministry’s song So What or was that The Sinister Urge?


  • 44
    GizmonicTemp says:

    “Young Man’s Fancy” in DVD quality! Heck yeah!!! ROTFL


  • 45
    big61al says:

    Can’t wait for this set. My copy of time of the apes is Xth generation copy with color wash out issues. I can only hope they re-edit the green screen with a original master copy vs a print copy which probably what was given to sandy frank [who not even on the list of greatest Franks]. Anything touched by Ed Wood is gold! The brute man and mighty jack don’t get much tv time, in fact I think I have only seen the brute man once or twice. It’s going to be nice to reintroduce myself to those two titles.


  • 46
    GizmonicTemp says:

    Trumpy Dumpy #29 – Either Pod People or Cave Dwellers was the first MST3K VHS I owned, but Red Zone Cuba was the first DVD. In fact, it was the second DVD I EVER owned. The complete Monty Python’s Flying Circus was the first. I didn’t even own a DVD player yet, but I knew I wanted it. (Talk about a killer app).


  • 47
    Magicvoice says:



  • 48
    Katana says:

    3 of my favorites and the one I enjoy watching to torment others. Sweet!


  • 49
    eegah says:

    Excellent set. All really good episodes.


  • 50
    Tom Carberry says:

    #38–I’m not sure Roger Corman owns the rights to his early works. Some were done for Allied Artists and the other early stuff was sold to AIP. He had an arrangement with AIP until they tampered with “The Trip” in 1967. That pissed him off.


  • 51
    Zee says:

    AWESOME! Thank you, Shout Factory! More season 3, more Season 7, and the final piece of the ED WOOD trilogy! thank you!!!

    And this gives me hope we’ll see the FUGITIVE ALIEN episodes at some point!!!


  • 52
    Brian Jennings says:

    “A Young Man’s Fancy crinkle-cut potatoes”


  • 53
    Disco 3:16 says:

    As a mathematical note, this set’s release will mean seasons 3, 6, and 7 will all be at or beyond 50% released (3 will actually make it to 54% having 13 out of 24, the other two at 50% at 12 of 24 and 3 of 6 respectively), leaving only seasons 8 and 9 below 50% (both of which can get there with release of Horror of Party Beach, Invasion of the Neptune Men, and, say, Quest of the Delta Knights or The Screaming Skull or Puma Man if they ever find the rights holders). 98 of 176 non-KTMA episodes have been released on DVD (counting Godzilla vs. Megalon’s abbreviated release), or about 56%.

    That said, hey, more Japanese fun, and more Ed Wood! And the Brute Man!


  • 54
    Dan in WI says:

    Ooo. I like the idea of a Magic Voice figurine. Wish I had thought of that.


  • 55
    Laura says:

    I have to skip this one. That’s what happens when you’re unemployed. I am also skipping the Gamera set for the same reason. Just can’t spend that kind of money. I’m not confident I’ll be employed by the time the new set comes out.


  • 56

    Whoo! Season 7 FTW!


  • 57

    Yes, yes, yes and yes!!


  • 58
    Watch-out-for-Snakes says:


    While I’m not the biggest TIME OF THE APES fan, it is still great to finally have that on DVD. MIGHTY JACK I’ve seen a couple times but have no memory of. . .that’s just the kind of movie it is. VERY excited about THE VIOLENT YEARS and THE BRUTE MAN, as those are two of my faves.

    SHOUT! does good work. I LIKE IT, VERY MUCH.


  • 59
    Fatbarkeep says:

    Time of the apes and Mighty Jack: incomprehensible Japanese insanity made watchable only through MST-ification.
    The Violent Years: hilariously inept.
    The Brute Man: one of the episodes I have never seen. Schweeeeet!!!!!
    Thank you Shout!
    Keep them coming. Lifetime buyer here.
    And if they ever do release another figurine I am hoping and praying that I will one day get to play with TV’s Frank!


  • 60
    GizmonicTemp says:

    Disco #53 – Good research. I track DVD percentages on my site (just click GizmonicTemp above Grin ) and I’m perplexed as to why so few episodes from Season 8 have been released. I mean, I understand that Sci-Fi could have helped Mst3k get rights to some of the movies they did in that season, but it is the MOST popular season among Msties. Gimmee some Prince of Space and Riding With Death!!


  • 61
    Justin T says:

    Oh hell yes!! Shout! has done it again by getting the rights to
    some of the Japanese episodes from Season 3, the same company
    that owns Time of the Apes and Mighty Jack also owns
    Fugitive Alien I and II, so we may see those two in set next
    year like they did with the Master Ninja’s. This is very exciting!

    I enjoyed Time of the Apes, while The Violent Years is one of my favorite episodes.
    I’m really looking foward to having a nice DVD quality copy of that one
    to replace the copy I downloaded from the Digital Archive Project.
    I have not seen Mighty Jack or Brute Man before so I’ll be happy to finally give them a look.

    Thank you Shout! Factory!


  • 62
    radioman970 says:



  • 63
    jrb says:

    Season 8 has its moments, but I’d hardly say it’s the most popular. Looking at the last Rhino poll, if we look at it in terms of number of episodes total versus number of episodes with high placements on the list, then season 9 probably edges it out.

    But popularity isn’t all that important at this point as, when all is said and done, the real reason season 8 isn’t going to be often represented is that there are only a few episodes left that Shout can get their hands on without having to deal with Universal.


  • 64
    radioman970 says:

    Time is my fav episode. I haven’t been this happy about some MST3K since I finally got a satellite hookup and could watch Sci-Fi Channel and MST3K again after it joined them from CC.

    Now maybe somebody will DVD Time of the Apes as a movie only deal. The original TV series would be a trip and a half too. Any old Japanese shows (Spectreman, Johnny Sokko, anybody?) would be something I’d buy.


  • 65

    There’s a lot to be excited about here, but I’m really happy to see “Young Man’s Fancy” coming to DVD. (I’m not sure if it was on the previous Shorts releases.) It’s one of my favorite shorts, along with “Design for Dreaming”.
    I’m already getting squishy.

    #60 – People can vote in your poll without having seen the whole series, so it’s possible (and likely, I think) that season 8 is the most popular season among people who are only fans of the Sci-Fi episodes. That doesn’t say anything about fans of the whole series.


  • 66
    c. brian mattson says:

    i always love that shout! factory announces the next box just before i get the newest one. always have something to look forward to. Cool


  • 67
    frankstv says:

    The last time I saw #702 The Brute Man was in 1996 when it first aired in Comedy Central ( oh memories ), I never saw The Violent Years #610 ep. To >>GizmonicTemp : The reason why we don’t have too many season 8 eps is because Best Brains used Sci-Fi’s library of old Sci-Fi movies which were owned by Univeral. Univeral owns the rights, and it is difficult even for Shout to get the rights of those eps. Prince of Space was easy to release ( by Rhino 2005 ) because it was owned by an old Japanese movie company which is probably defunct ( I could be wrong, unless if someone else has a better answer on how Prince of Space got released? ).


  • 68
    Truck Farmer says:

    Seeing this set is making me ally squishy inside.


  • 69
    Droppo says:


    Shout Factory, I’m in love with you and hereby ask for your hand in marriage. MARRY ME! (Sorry)

    Time of the Apes = top 10 favorite episode and never ever thought it would be released

    The Violent Years = easily in my top 5 Mike episodes….2nd favorite short ever (behind Mr B)

    Mighty Jack = Sandy Frank! Please, please, please tell me this means Fugitive Alien I and II!

    Brute Man = my least favorite of the bunch and it’s still a very good episode.

    I’m in MSTie heaven:
    Master Ninja I and II are my favorite episodes ever. I bought 2 sets (as promised) when Shout delivered there.


    And now, another 5 star set.

    Shout Factory, I love you!


  • 70
    Edge says:

    Another banked turn!!!

    Really awesome news.


  • 71
    hungry and a little confused says:

    I expect to see the Fugitive Aliens next year on DVD. We may have seen them this year but Shout wasn’t to likely to do three all Joel box sets in a row.


  • 72
    trickymutha says:

    The Violent years- The Bobby Knight Story.


  • 73

    So-so movies, but YOUNG MAN’S FANCY and CHICKEN OF TOMORROW are two of the best MST3K shorts.


  • 74
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    I’m very excited I must say.


  • 75
    Richard says:

    Wow! A box with four episodes that I didn’t already have on video! Sweeeeet!!!


  • 76
    dsman71 says:

    I wonder if Johnny cares that Time of the Apes is finally coming to DVD via MST3K ..


  • 77

    Neat-o! Winners all the way around. Next we need those Season 8 Universal movies in one big package.


  • 78
    Herkaleez says:

    Wha…Wha…WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Two more Sandy Frank Japanese imports??? That’s insane! This can’t really be happening. I LOVE those two episodes, especially “Mighty Jack” because the poor editing makes it hysterically incomprehensible.

    “The Brute Man” means another episode from the cherished and elusive season seven. “The Violent Years” is probably the clunker of the set, but it’ll do. All in all, this is a fantastic set!



  • 79
    Ralph C. says:

    They should’ve made a Mighty Jack figurine. Smile


  • 80
    Zillamon51 says:

    Very glad to see Time of the Apes and Mighty Jack are coming! I’m guessing the Gamera set preorders were very healthy, so Shout got us some more Japanese goodness.


  • 81
    The Toblerone Effect says:

    I love to see S3 finally getting some heavy-duty love after much neglect. Shout! and MST3K really have become a match made in Heaven!


  • 82
    VeryDisturbing says:

    Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME!!!! I hope ‘Mighty Jack’ has the KTMA episode included as a bonus.


  • 83
    CaveDweller says:

    I love all four of those episodes, but I have to say that “Time of the Apes” is quite possibly my #1 favortie MST3K episode ever….not so much that it’s actually the best episode ever, but because it was the first episode that got me hooked on the show! Now, here’s to hoping that Vol. XXIII will contain both of the “Fugitive Alien” movies!


  • 84
    TarlCabot says:

    I think I just orgasmed a little bit. Seriously, I glanced over the first two epsisodes on that list and made an involuntary “AUGH!” noise loud enough for the person in the next room to ask me what was wrong.


  • 85
    TarlCabot says:

    Oh, and I hope Shout! includes the MST Hour wraps for Time of the Apes!


  • 86
    MonkeyPatrol:InColor says:


    I gotta admit I had to go back & read the titles again. After I saw Time of the Apes & The Violent Years I saw nothing else for a minute. Yay!


  • 87
    Mr. B(ob) says:

    @ “This will not be a limited edition set with figurine. More info when we get it.”

    We don’t need more toys. We’ve got the ‘Bots collectibles, they are cool, just keep more episodes coming please!


  • 88
    Manny Sanguillen says:

    Looks like they will neve get any of the old ‘Universal’ movies – great episodes we will probably never have ‘official’ dvds of.
    Riding With Death heads the list, but there are a lot of good ones like Deadly Mantis, The Mole People, and on and on.

    Well we always have Skyroniter.

    Personally I prefer my old tapes anyway because of the poorly audible movies in the soundmix by Shout.


  • 89

    #87 They need to make the next collectible toy a standing model of the classic dogbone Satellite Of Love. It would compliment my bots quite nicely.


  • 90
    Torgo's Pajamas says:

    Amazing news, Sampo! A fantastic set of some incredible episodes. Kudos to Shout! And to Sampo, the deliverer of good tidings!


  • 91
    Kenneth Morgan says:

    -#55 (Laura)

    Check if your local public library will stock them or can get them. That’s what I’ve done when I can’t afford a particular set.


  • 92

    Hey, you got me thinking now! Fantastic post, off to do more research on this, cheers!


  • 93
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    For more information on MST3k, The Violent Years or Mighty Jack, consult your local library. And that’s one to grow on.


  • 94
    hellokittee says:

    And with that I am $40 poorer!



  • 95
    BIG G BURGER says:

    another great set,cant wait,still hoping for that set with the fugitive alien saga.add rocket ship x-m to that,and another space
    adventure,not sure witch one tho.any sugggstions?
    hahaha your stuck here,love that.


  • 96
    Rob S says:

    Glad to see Time Of The Apes getting a release. And, like others, it leaves me more optimistic that the Fugitive Alien episodes will follow along.

    Rocketship X-M is one I’d love to see in a future release, but (assuming they could clear them at the same time) how about Rocket Attack USA and Invasion USA? A nice Cold War double-whammy.

    All I can say is Shout Factory’s been kicking some butt in getting episodes released.


  • 97
    Euphoriafish says:

    It’s high time Time of the Apes got a DVD release; it’s always been one of my favorites. But I’m even more excited about Mighty Jack. That’s the one with the sketch wherein Joel says, “You know, I’m weird and that results in creativity!” while re-enacting the aquatic battle scenes from the stupid movie with a tank of water and assorted toys.

    The only one I don’t care about is The Brute Man, because I don’t remember it at all but know I saw it when it first aired. Is that another Coleman Francis movie? Too painful.


  • 98
    MikeK says:


    Not a Coleman Francis, but it is dreary in it’s own way. The movie is pretty well made, but boring. I like the episode more for the host segments, especially the first one with Paul Chaplin as Sandy, Pearl’s date. It’s comedy gold.


  • 99
    Matt D. says:

    Haven’t seen any of them, so this will be a treat for me. It’s like the Master Ninja syndrome, in that so many of you guys talk about Time of the Apes and especially Mighty Jack that it gets me excited even though I don’t know what to expect.


  • 100
    Big Shemp says:

    TIME OF THE APES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I wrote this one off years ago!)


  • 101
    GizmonicTemp says:

    Mike in Portland #65 – I agree with you that there are likely more fans of the later Mst3k years than the earlier, which only reinforces the poll results that Season 8 is the most popular. If you have one person who likes season 8 the best and has seen ONLY season 8 shows and you have another person who likes season 8 the best but they have seen the entire series, you still have two people who will be more likely to purchase a set that features season 8 episodes.

    As far as my poll is concerned, yes, it would be nice if every voter submitted a complete list so that I could get a more accurate quantitative contrast between seasons, but it just don’t work that way. I figured, if you like a show, you voted for it and if you don’t like it, you didn’t include it.

    Haha! The next time I go to a football game, I should yell, “I want the Chiefs to win more than the Chargers, but the Chargers can win more than the Raiders. Yeah!!” Smile


  • 102
    Akcoll99 says:

    Excellent news!! Violent Years and Brute Man are two personal favorite that I can now, FINALLY cross off that wish list of episodes I want on DVD… Smile


  • 103
    Laura says:


    There is no way my local library will have it, including the county one. Also, the people working there won’t have any clue what I’m talking about anyway. I’m surprised either one has books from this century. I’m going to wait until I’m employed before I pick up either set.


  • 104
    Dan in WI says:

    Let’s talk supplimentary material. I know there are MST Hour wraps for Time of the Apes. Do they exist for Mighty Jack?

    What about Brute Man or Violent Years? Oh wait. Never mind on those.


  • 105
    Chris says:

    VERY nice list… December can’t arrive soon enough!!!


  • 106
    Spector says:

    I think this compilation is the weakest to be released by Shout Factory. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’ve done a tremendous job since taking over from Rhino, and all their previous compilations have been strong. But I won’t be rushing out to get this set, because they’re four of the least memorable episodes in MST3K history. I expect a compilation will have one or two dogs from time to time, but those are usually off-set by the other, stronger episodes in the set. Not this time. Time of the Apes was mildly amusing, while Mighty Jack was so bad even the Brains couldn’t make a good go of it. The Violent Years is the lamest of the Ed Wood trilogy (Bride of the Monster and The Sinister Urge were considerably better), though it does have some very funny riffs, and the short “Young Man’s Fancy” is one of the best they ever riffed. “The Brute Man”, like “The Violent Years”, is overshadowed by a wonderful short, in this case, “Chicken of Tomorrow”. Both shorts are part of the Rhino “Shorts” collection, so I have no reason to purchase this particular set. Sorry, Shout Factory, I’m passing on this one. Look forward to the future releases!


  • 107
    Dan in WI says:

    Oh one more thing. People at Shout! This time demand from Best Brains that the masters include the “Turn Down Your Lights where applicable” intro to the opening credits for the season three episodes.


  • 108
    Mr. B(ob) says:

    @ # 107: I actually asked about the “Turn Down Your Lights Where Applicable” intro on the Shout! forum once because I also enjoyed that atmospheric and humorous little setup yet it hasn’t appeared on any DVD releases. Brian Ward said it was because it was never included on the master tapes, but that he would try to include it on future releases. You may wish to remind Shout! about it by also requesting it politely over on their MST3K Community Forum.


  • 109
    GizmonicTemp says:

    Spector #106 – I don’t believe Young Man’s Fancy is commercially available yet. For some reason, a decent quality copy of episode #610 as evaded me, so it’s awesome that it’s on this set.

    See? You DO have a reason to spend $40! You’re welcome! Devil


  • 110
    Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    @106 – Just to clarify, “Young Man’s Fancy” has never been released on any of the “Shorts” collections. The collections consist of the following…
    Shorts Vol.1: “The Home Economics Story,” “Junior Rodeo Daredevils,” “Bodycare and Grooming,” “Cheating,” “A Date With Your Family,” “Why Study Industrial Arts?,” and “Chicken of Tomorrow.”
    Shorts Vol.2: “Catching Trouble,” What to Do on a Date,” “Last Clear Chance,” “A Day at the Fair,” “Keeping Clean and Neat,” “The Days of our Years.”
    Shorts Vol.3: “Speech: Using Your Voice,” “Aquatic Wizards,” Is This Love?,” “Design for Dreaming,” “The Selling Wizard,” “Once Upon a Honeymoon.
    Mr. B’s Lost Shorts: “Mr. B. Natural,” “X Marks the Spot,” “Hired, Part 1,” “Design for Dreaming,” Johnny at the Fair,” “Are You Ready for Marriage?”


  • 111
    Cornbred says:

    Love this compilation. Time of the Apes, Brute Man, and especially The Violent Years are all favorites of mine. For some reason I can’t recall much about Mighty Jack, despite trying to watch it many times. It may be funny, but that movie causes instant amnesia, probably as a defense mechanism. I hope that the MST hour bumpers will be included again. Those should be for any movie they exist for. I can never get enough of Mike doing his Jack Perkins character.


  • 112

    @106 – to each their own, but Time of the Apes “unmemorable”? To me it’s a key MST3K episode, and although it does get a bit dreary and plodding toward the end, there are enough iconic MST3K moments in it to make it essential viewing for new fans. The very fact that it’s immediately identifiable as an obvious Planet of the Apes rip-off has made it very, very memorable to even casual fans over the years. I know there are lots of people who dislike this episode, I’m just arguing that it’s an important one nonetheless.


  • 113

    OK, rereading you said “least memorable” not “unmemorable.” Sorry about the quotes!


  • 114
    John R. Ellis says:

    Bless you, Shout Factory.

    Bless you all. *grin*


  • 115
    dsman71 says:

    #108 – the MST3K Gamera set has the Turn Down Your Lights” message


  • 116
    Spector says:

    Good call about “Young Man’s Fancy”, as it doesn’t appear in any of the Rhino shorts collections. If Shout Factory sells “The Violent Years” episode as a single (as they’ve done with several others), then I might plunk down the coinage for that, as it’ll be considerably cheaper than buying this compilation. Doesn’t change my opinion of the episodes in this set. Still, a bad MST3K episode is better than most of the dreck on TV today. I’ll keep my old video copies (which I’ve since burned to DVD), plus Netflix also has the Shout Factory MST3K releases, so I can watch those when they become available if I choose.


  • 117
    1 adam 12 says:

    A great compilation! Time of the Apes, Mighty Jack, and The Violent Years are true series icons, and The Brute Man is one of my top 10 favorite episodes. What a fantastic time to be a MSTie!


  • 118
    GizmonicTemp says:

    Spector #116Still, a bad MST3K episode is better than most of the dreck on TV today.

    True, dat!


  • 119
    Kenneth Morgan says:

    -#103 (Laura)

    Try going to the Reference Librarian and requesting it via Inter-Library Loan. Some libraries are reluctant to ship their DVDs, but others are more understanding. It’s worth a shot.

    I work for a public library and, thanks to public interest and my nagging, we’ve stocked a good amount of MST titles, including the original release of Rhino’s vol. 10 with “mumblemumblemumble vs. mumblemumblemumble”. I’ll see if we can pony up the money for this one.


  • 120
    The Professor says:

    Man alive, I love Shout Factory! Laugh


  • 121
    Cronkite Moonshot says:

    @Spector… When has Shout ever sold single discs of any episodes from their four disc sets? The only single DVDs they’ve ever released are episodes that were previously released by Rhino. They’ve never released any single discs of episodes from their new four disc sets like this. Sorry, but if you want that copy of The Violent Years DVD it looks like you’ll have to buy this set.

    Also might I add that if you really think these are “four of the least memorable episodes” then you are insane. I don’t care whether you personally like them or not, but “unmemorable” cannot reasonably be used to describe them, at least not “time of the Apes” or “Mighty Jack”. They are two of the MOST memorable/well remembered episodes of the Joel era by many MST fans.

    And on top of that those two episodes alone are reason enough for any MST fan to rejoice about this set. Until now no one thought that “Time of the Apes” or “Mighty Jack” (or any of the Sandy Frank episodes) were ever going to get an official release, so having them coming directly on the heels of ALL FIVE Gamera movies is a triumph for Shout and all MST fans. It actually gives us real reason to believe that anything is possible for future MST DVD sets, and EVERYONE, including people like you who don’t personally like those episodes, should at least recognize the significance of that.


  • 122
    dsman71 says:

    Spector stands in the minority thats for sure..Everyone has their own opinion..
    Mighty Jack is a great episode and we get to see Joel in the Teal Jumpsuit even though its brief..
    Time of the Apes is one of the episodes that gave the show new heights and is a tremendous episode…
    Violent Years is also a lot of fun
    The Brute Man ..its decent, its a black & white oldie ..its a good one to take a nap on once youve seen it a few times..


  • 123
    Cambot J. Nelson says:

    This doesn’t mean anything to me. Looking into the paper today I see that God is dead. GOOD!


  • 124
    casterberus says:

    Shout Factory, I love you guys!

    Keep ’em coming …


  • 125
    Droppo says:

    My second post in as many days in this thread….but, I just had to once again voice my appreciation to Shout!

    These guys clearly understand and care about the fans.

    Thank you, Shout Factory! (for letting us laugh at love….again)


  • 126
    OnenuttyTanuki says:

    Heh, I was thinking earlier today after buying Vol. 21 , “What Japanese Movie based episodes are left to release”? So I guess after the announcement for Vol. 22. , we still need.
    “ Lizard” vs. “Lobster” with cameo by “ Lepidoptera.
    A re-issue of The Lizard and the Robot fight Asian Long Horn Beetle and Buzz the wonder space chicken
    Fugitive Alien 1 and 2
    Invasion of the Neptune Men

    Kind of a pity that Shout Factory did get the rights to “The Lizard and the Robot fight Asian Long Horn Beetle and Buzz the wonder space chicken” instead of Tokyo Shock.

    On a different note, It’d be interesting if some time in the future they released a box set containing:
    Rocket ship X-M
    Fire Maidens from outer Space
    Last of the Wild Horses
    Samson vs. the Vampire Women
    With possibly a TV’s Frank figure with or with out Timmy.


  • 127
    Jay says:

    @110: “Alphabet Antics” never made an appearance on a shorts comp either, same goes for for “Robot Rumpus” though perhaps that’s a rights issue.

    And like almost everyone else, I am delighted with the next set (hell, I’m delighted with ANY set). Even if a DVD is released of an episode I wasn’t crazy about the first time, I watch it anyway. Along the way, I’ve discovered that there are a lot of episodes I dismissed the first go-round that I quite enjoyed on a subsequent viewing (“Giant Gila Monster” comes to mind). If anything else, it’s nice to be able to jettison my old tapes and have a crisp, clean digital copy in my collection (I give my old tapes to a friend of mine who takes good care of them).

    Thanks again to Shout! for treating MST3K, and it’s fans, with some respect and dignity — and keep those sets coming.


  • 128
    Jeff in Denver says:

    Everbody has thier own view of the show, and I think thats great.I always pick up the DVDs if I like the episodes or not 1) because I want a factory release, and 2) I want to own it before it goes out of print. Hey, I love the Beatles, and Im not a big fan of “Let It Be”, but I still have it.


  • 129
    jj says:

    Great, great news. Thank you Shout!. Now for finding a way to get more Bert I. Gordon stuff released. Maybe a set with King Dinosaur, Earth vs. the Spider and the two Colossals. After news like this, one can dream.


  • 130
    Earl B says:

    Kenneth Morgan says:
    August 1, 2011 at 12:36 pm
    “Now we’ve just got to figure a way to do an end run around Roger Corman…”

    … and Susan Hart Nicholson.


  • 131
    Zee says:

    Don’t know if this is a place for this, but…. My wish lists for the upcoming sets:

    Season One: Not that I’d prefer more Season One episodes but ROBOT HOLOCAUST and MOON ZERO TWO are the most watchable of the remaining 5 options

    Season Two: ROCKETSHIP XM is a milestone episode, if not the most exciting movie. JUNGLE GODDESS and KING DINOSAUR are also early favs, although would be willing to hold off on the latter for a MST3K VS. MR. B.I.G. box set.

    Season Three: FUGITIVE ALIEN & STAR FORCE: FUGITIVE ALIEN II. A MST3K VS. CORMAN box set (with 311, 315, 317, & 806) would be nice.

    Season Four: THE ATTACK OF THE THE EYE CREATURES is one of my favorite episodes of all time. FIRE MAIDENS OF OUTER SPACE an interesting and unique episode.

    Season Five: VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS is one of my favs, and I would love ALIEN FROM L.A., OUTLAW, or TEENAGE CRIMEWAVE.

    Season Six: THE LAST OF THE WILD HORSES is an important episode I can’t believe isn’t on DVD yet. The movie is, like, 100 years old, how much could the rights be!? SAMSON VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN is another all time fav and important (would like to see that on a set with ROCKETSHIP XM). Also love THE SWORD & THE DRAGON and HIGH SCHOOL BIG SHOT.

    Season Seven: Any and all of these. I love this season.

    Season Eight: Would be great if they could do box sets for 801-804 (hosted by Bobo and Peanut) & 805-808 (hosted by The Observers). Also love RIDING WITH DEATH, THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH.


    Season Ten: DIABOLIK!!! Love SQUIRM too!


  • 132
    Lex says:

    I still don’t know what Mighty Jack was supposed to be. I have half the episode on an old tape I found and it’s a funny episode with a bunch of crazy characters and an maybe hating on the Europe folk. Wasn’t the villian Italian or something. They had warm ice or something. A giant Iceberg Island. “We’re informal here at Mighty Jack.” OFcourse the dubbing. “I take this up with Colonel Yubuki.” That’s funny in itself. Mr. Atari? I’m pretty sure that’s not an actual name and he didn’t invent Pong.

    Time of the Apes. What can you say about a Planet of the Apes inspired film that has masks worse than the afformentioned film. Plus a UFO flying around and the Joshua Light Show?

    I know. “I don’t care.”


  • 133
    mstgator says:

    That’s it, I’m voting for Shout! in the next presidential election.


  • 134
    ptomreeves says:

    I’ve never seen Mighty Jack. I’ve only heard the legends. Can’t wait! Thanks Shout Factory!


  • 135
    Opus says:

    Spielberg finally returned one of Sandy’s calls!


  • 136
    Spector says:

    Cronkite Moonshot: Just because I don’t particularly care for those episodes doesn’t make me “insane”. That criticism is a tad extreme, don’t you think? In my humble opinion, they were unmemorable. Others, of course, obviously believe otherwise. That’s cool, I don’t expect everyone to agree. I don’t think they’re “insane” if their opinion differs from mine. I don’t consider you “insane” for disagreeing with me. I just think your response to my criticism is a bit over the top. So the Sandy Frank episodes are finally being commercially released. That’s great for those who were fans of those episodes. Some of them I liked, some of them I didn’t. No big whoop. I’m merely stating my opinion, just like everyone else, and I didn’t denigrate the episodes or those who enjoyed them.

    As for those individual episodes released by Shout Factory, you’re right, but again, they’re now showing individual MST3K episodes released by Shout Factory on Netflix, so I’ll simply have to wait and then I can watch it as many times as I like, without having to plunk down the coin for a box set of what I consider a weak compilation. Plus, I still have the copy I taped years ago (which I’ve since burned to DVD).

    I think we can disagree without stooping to epithets.


  • 137
    pondoscp says:

    I’m still waiting for Master Ninja 1 and 2, Project Moon Base and Magic Voyage Of Sinbad to arrive at Netflix. You still can’t rent or stream those from Netflix yet. Vol. 21 and 22 could be a while before Netflix gets them, but of course, I’m just speculating.
    On a side note, has anyone else noticed that some Netflix streaming episodes have the Turn Your Lights Down intros, while the DVDs of the same episodes don’t have them? I’ve always thought that was strange. Good to hear the Gamera set has them.
    And great job Shout! Keep cranking out these awesome releases! I’ll take any episode you’ve got, but I really buy them for the extras! Love me some new extras! (And episode upgrades too!)
    Maybe one day Netflix will stream extras…


  • 138
    majorjoe23 says:

    A few years back I was tempted to get unofficial copies of episoders that seem unlikely to come out. With the last three releases, Shout almost has me believing anything is possible


  • 139
    td says:

    Regarding Universal – right now they are making $0 in conjunction with MST3K. Why would they not compromise a little or be more reasonable in order to make $? Is the problem that they want too much $, or something else? MST3K pretty much only does stinky movies, so I don’t see how it could ‘ruin’ the reputation of the movies. If anything it will help them sell the un-Mystied versions.

    My other guess – it may be hard to track down the rights owners?


  • 140
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    Spector, You make some good points, for an insane person. Wink


  • 141
    Gorn Captain says:

    Would be really funny if the new Planet of the Apes flick comes out on video the same week as this.


  • 142
    Jeff in Denver says:

    Spector, atta boy for taking the high road, and sticking to your guns at the same time. Everyone rushes to the shows defense no matter how bad the episode or the slight hint of negative thought. You have to love and hold each episode like a new born kitten, otherwise they are comin’ after ya. Now go out and get that new set you insane nut!!


  • 143
    hellokittee says:

    @119 – Bravo for your efforts in bringing MST to the library, that’s awesome!

    @137 – I gave up on waiting for the Vol 20 episodes to show up on Netflix and just went ahead and bought it two months ago on eBay. Weird how it seemed like they had been good about getting them up on there pretty quickly after the dvds were released (within a month or two) previously and this one just never showed up. Hopefully they will get it together for future releases!


  • 144
    jj says:

    It Conquered the World, Viking Women vs. the Sea Serpent and Teenage Caveman would be so sweet. Corman and B.I.G. collections would be amazing. Probably unrealistic.


  • 145
    Captain Cab says:

    This is amazing news, more Sandy Frank Japanese episodes? Time of the Apes is one of my favorite episodes. Fave line: Crow: “McHale’s Navy goes to the Planet of the Apes!”

    And Laura, no offense and I feel bad for your situation but could we go just one announcement without having you simply jump in to glumly inform us you won’t be able to buy the latest release or refuse to drive x amount of miles to see a Cinematic Titanic show? It’s getting really tiresome and again, you have my sympathies but surely you can add more than that?


  • 146
    Travis H says:

    AWESOME news indeed, Shout Factory continues to impress! Grin I’ve updated the LIKELIHOOD FOR RELEASE release accordingly:


  • 147
    Travis H says:



  • 148
    GizmonicTemp says:

    Spector – I really didn’t like Volumes 8 or 9 that much, but Msties ranked those in the top half of box sets. I, too, am insane! Drunken Razz

    Travis H #146 – Your LIKELIHOOD list is amazing and I appreciate all of your research, but Shout! cannot be stopped!


  • 149
    The DA says:

    What a banner year for Shout! and MSTies everywhere! I believe good things come in threes. With the Gamera set already out and Time of the Apes and Might Jack on their way, can Fugitive Alien I & II be far behind? Please, Shout!, work your magic once again and keep delivering the goods!


  • 150
    rather dashing says:

    Fugitive Alien announcement this turkey day?


  • 151
    EricJ says:

    @131 – Village of the Giants are (or were) still tied up by MGM’s Amer. Int’l ownership, wherever it is, like Amazing Colossal Man, and Robot Holocaust was absorbed under MGM’s Orion label. (Think Fox has them now, when they show up on ThisTV.)
    Not sure whether MGM still owns Golan/Globus, but whoever does would handle Alien From LA and Outlaw.

    (And anyone else sense that Shout has gotten the Gamera “theme-set” kick, and has been gearing their sets for pairs of two-title “motifs”?
    XIX was “Devils and Brides”, XX was “Master Ninja”, and XXII is now “Sandy Frank & Violence”.)


  • 152
    big61al says:

    @ TD #139 amen brother! I have been arguing the same point many times. Case in point – my fav – revenge of the creature. Right now the dvd demand for the un-mistyed version is a flat zero, no air time on any tv station equal another flat zero. But get X amount per dvd sold as a MST3K episode is free money for doing nothing but saying yes. Why are the right holders so relutant to make easy money? I just don’t understand that kind of thinking.


  • 153
    Mitchell Rowsdower Beardsley says:

    Time of the Apes!!!!!! THANK YOU SHOUT!!!


  • 154
    John R. Ellis says:

    Is “The Violent Years” the one where Tom briefly has a new, Uncanny Valley-esque head that scares the rest of the SOL crew silly?


  • 155
    Laura says:


    I’m going to post whether anyone likes it or not. I don’t give a damn what other people think. No one is forcing you to read it. Skip over it for all I care. My stance on CT and the sets will not change. I am not going to stop just because you, or someone else, doesn’t like it.

    Screw you pal.


  • 156
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    I just repeat to myself, it’s just a forum, I should really…just…um….


  • 157
    Kenneth Morgan says:

    -Laura @155

    I hope you didn’t take my suggestions the wrong way. I can understand your dilemma; I’d have gotten the Gamera set by now if car repairs, rent and a couple of other unexpected items hadn’t taken priority. I was just trying to give advice about a way around your current difficulties re: MST.

    Hope things improve for you very soon.


  • 158
    Captain Cab says:

    @ #155

    Thanks for proving my point, Laura.

    “Screw you pal.”

    Not tooo big on constructive criticism, are we? I phrased my reply very diplomatically, told you that you have my sympathies and this is how you react? Again, surely there’s more you can contribute as a fellow MST other than posting about your economic problems in every single thread and ignoring or disagreeing with suggestions that you’re offered? That’s all I’m saying. I’ve got three likes on my post, people rarely vote on my posts ever. Hmmmm, I think that says something.


  • 159
    Gary Bowden says:

    What I’d like to know is that does Laura really think if CT ever performs in Atlantic City,will there will be enough people to fill the theater? Or if they do,will she afford to go,since she has no job? And,what does CT performing in Atlantic City,have anything to do with buying one of their dvd’s? I live in Fort Smith,Arkansas and they’ve never performed here or in Little Rock or even Tulsa,but yet I still buy their dvd’s.And,how can she afford to buy their dvd’s if she has no job? In the past I’ve given advice to her about her looking for a job first,then worry about seeing CT later until she has the money to go,but that didn’t work.


  • 160
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    Captain Cab:

    I could get behind your first post a little bit, but you really are just being a jerk about it now. I come to this forum to revel in something I truly love and care about, and in doing so, also care about the other people that post on here as well, not to see people gang up on one of their own. Just because you’re being “diplomatic” in your comments doesn’t mean your not just being a dickweed.


  • 161
    Seneca says:

    Shout Factory seems to have no trouble getting episodes to release. Makes me suspect that Rhino’s real problem was that they are CHEAP.


  • 162
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    It seems too that Shout Factory is just more dedicated. I don’t really want to call Rhino lazy, but it sure seems that Shout has already (and continues) to release episodes that according to what I’d seen, were considered slim-to-never releases. Fingers crossed they keep it up!


  • 163
    Jim says:

    Question for Travis: Is there a chance that Shout! would do a US-only release for the “Lippert” films? Seems a shame to let problems with the Canadian rights keep so many episodes out of our hands…..

    Many thanks for all the work you’ve done on that list. Looks like I need to update my spreadsheet again….I like to sort them by likelihood of release, so I can guess how many new sets we might see in the future..


  • 164
    losingmydignity says:

    Just awesome.

    I don’t think anyone answered it but, yes, The Violent Years is the one sampled by Ministry.

    Now on to Horror of Party Beach and Pumaman. Please, shout factory

    And what’s to stop a MST3K vs Universal set?


  • 165
    Captain Cab says:

    @ 160

    Oh, cry me a river, Cabbage Patch Elvis. Don’t make me put your squishy greasy noggin into that Arch Hall Jr face simulator Crow and Tom crammed Joel’s face into. The tone of my posts were just fine considering how annoying it is to read said posts I mentioned ad nauseum with no variation from a poster who won’t even listen to suggestions others offer her! That’s where I draw the line. Anyways, my steam has been let off, I’m done.


  • 166
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    Wow, now you’re threatening people too. Real classy. Why don’t you go blow off some steam in the street.


  • 167
    Chuck says:

    Wooooo Packers! WOOOO! Laugh


  • 168
    Captain Cab says:

    @ 166

    lol It was just a sarcastic joke and a tribute to one of the greatest Joel era skits ever, grow up.

    Anyways, here’s another vote hoping they can get both Fugitive Alien eps next time.


  • 169
    Sampo says:


    I have spoken to you privately on several occasions about letting your temper get the better of you in the comments. I have explained to you repeatedly that you are welcome to argue the issues but you may not attack other commenters. I have expressed my own sympathy (as have others here, including people you have attacked) with the fact that you are geographically, automotively and financially challenged. I have asked you, repeatedly, NOT to be the skunk at the picnic.

    You continue to attack people as if I had said nothing. So, since private messages don’t seem to work, here’s a public one:



  • 170
    Jeff in Denver says:

    Right on Sampo!!!


  • 171
    GizmonicTemp says:

    Well, now that we’ve all gotten that out our systems…

    New topic.

    I had breakfast at Big Biscuit this morning. It was awesome!


  • 172
    Chuck says:

    I’m kinda hungry, GizmonicTemp,
    But I already had breakfast and have to get on stage tonight, so gotta wait to eat until it’s actually lunch time.

    What did you have?


  • 173
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    GizmonicTemp – I am indeed jealous of you and your Big Biscuit breakfast. I’m not familiar with the place, but the name itself is quite tempting. Sadly, I have squandered any time I might have used to get breakfast by typing this. Now I’m sad and hungry… Cry


  • 174
    GizmonicTemp says:

    Chuck #172 – Stage? Cool! Music? Theater? Other?

    Cabbage Patch Elvis – Three locations around Kansas City, so I guess it’s a chain, but it definitely has a “greasy spoon” feel with a leaky roof, terrible parking lot, waitresses that will run to your car with an umbrella if it’s raining, and great food. Yes Even in these hard economic times, their pancakes remain freakin’ huge, unlike IHOP’s that are shrinking every day.


  • 175
    GizmonicTemp says:

    Chuck #172 – I forgot to answer your question. The Big Breakfast: two pancakes, two sausage patties, two bacon strips, fried potatoes (crispy brown on the outside, but soft on the inside, YUM!), two eggs (scrambled with Louisiana Hot Sauce), coffee.

    Doggy bag? Heck no!


  • 176
    radioman970 says:

    Fried spams. soft cooked scrambled eggs w real butter and cream. cheese toasts with too much cheese. hot tea with honey not sugar. no water or coffee. thank you.


  • 177
    Chuck says:

    GizmonicTemp #174 – nothing so noble, actually. I’m hosting a horror movie showing at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA tonight. Tonight’s movie is “The Fog”, the John Carpenter classic.

    Just want to look good for all the lovely peoples who come out.

    What’s “Louisiana Hot Sauce” with regards to other types of hot sauce? Is it Bold?


  • 178
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    Gizmonic Temp – Sounds awesome. Out where I live in Oregon, we just don’t have that kind of place. We do have Pine State Biscuits in Portland though. My favorite is a biscuit sandwich called the Reggie Deluxe: Fresh biscuit with bacon, egg, country gravy and a piece of fried chicken. My stomach usually hates me for it afterword, but it’s worth it.


  • 179
    Chuck says:

    I know it’s mostly a regional thing around Pennsylvania, but anyone else out there love the hell out of scrapple? Sliced thing, fried till it’s crispy on the outside and still soft on the inside. Slap some ketchup on that bad boy and you’ve got the second best breakfast meat.


  • 180
    GizmonicTemp says:

    Chuck #177 – Still, you’re very important tonight, and movie-nights out are always awesome!

    Well, hell yes it’s bold! Pissed Off “Louisiana Hot Sauce” is not as hot and much more tomato-ish than “McIlhenny’s Tabasco Sauce”. “Cholula Original” (found at my local IHOP) is also really good. Now, if I can just get breakfast places to provide chipotle sauce, then I’ll be in breakfast heaven!

    Wow, so many responses to my completely random breakfast topic proves that it really is the most important meal of the day!

    “Five pound potty!”


  • 181
    Chuck says:

    GizmonicTemp #180
    You know, I’ve always said that chipotle is the key to the lock that is world piece.

    Say, what’s with this stuff not being bold?


  • 182
    Alex says:


    The problem is, and Shout has mentioned this before, the Mst3k boxsets sell very well in both U.S. and Canada. So if it’s just sold in the U.S., Shout will not make enough money most likely, and Canada will become very jealous. Can’t always get what you want, but it’s true.


  • 183
    Slartibartfast, maker of Fjords says:

    #171 – #181, Hijacking the thread this way, makes it a bit like Track of the Moon Beast. Anybody for stew?


  • 184
    ackbar1138 says:

    What the hell happened to this thread? Lol.

    As others have said, I can’t wait for Vol. XXII!


  • 185
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    #183 – I’m up for stew. What’s in it?


  • 186
    sandyfrank says:

    TIME OF THE APES!!! My all time favorite episode THANK YOU SHOUT! Wow you guys have knocked a bunch of my most anticipated titles right off the list. Now PLEASE release these on the next set:

    It Conquered the World
    Incredible Melting Man
    San Francisco International