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Volume XXII Titles

Volume XXII will contain:

610- THE VIOLENT YEARS (with short: YOUNG MAN’S FANCY) Yay! A personal fave!!

This will not be a limited edition set with figurine. More info when we get it.

186 Replies to “Volume XXII Titles”

  1. EricJ says:

    @131 – Village of the Giants are (or were) still tied up by MGM’s Amer. Int’l ownership, wherever it is, like Amazing Colossal Man, and Robot Holocaust was absorbed under MGM’s Orion label. (Think Fox has them now, when they show up on ThisTV.)
    Not sure whether MGM still owns Golan/Globus, but whoever does would handle Alien From LA and Outlaw.

    (And anyone else sense that Shout has gotten the Gamera “theme-set” kick, and has been gearing their sets for pairs of two-title “motifs”?
    XIX was “Devils and Brides”, XX was “Master Ninja”, and XXII is now “Sandy Frank & Violence”.)


  2. big61al says:

    @ TD #139 amen brother! I have been arguing the same point many times. Case in point – my fav – revenge of the creature. Right now the dvd demand for the un-mistyed version is a flat zero, no air time on any tv station equal another flat zero. But get X amount per dvd sold as a MST3K episode is free money for doing nothing but saying yes. Why are the right holders so relutant to make easy money? I just don’t understand that kind of thinking.


  3. Mitchell Rowsdower Beardsley says:

    Time of the Apes!!!!!! THANK YOU SHOUT!!!


  4. John R. Ellis says:

    Is “The Violent Years” the one where Tom briefly has a new, Uncanny Valley-esque head that scares the rest of the SOL crew silly?


  5. Laura says:


    I’m going to post whether anyone likes it or not. I don’t give a damn what other people think. No one is forcing you to read it. Skip over it for all I care. My stance on CT and the sets will not change. I am not going to stop just because you, or someone else, doesn’t like it.

    Screw you pal.


  6. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    I just repeat to myself, it’s just a forum, I should really…just…um….


  7. Kenneth Morgan says:

    -Laura @155

    I hope you didn’t take my suggestions the wrong way. I can understand your dilemma; I’d have gotten the Gamera set by now if car repairs, rent and a couple of other unexpected items hadn’t taken priority. I was just trying to give advice about a way around your current difficulties re: MST.

    Hope things improve for you very soon.


  8. Captain Cab says:

    @ #155

    Thanks for proving my point, Laura.

    “Screw you pal.”

    Not tooo big on constructive criticism, are we? I phrased my reply very diplomatically, told you that you have my sympathies and this is how you react? Again, surely there’s more you can contribute as a fellow MST other than posting about your economic problems in every single thread and ignoring or disagreeing with suggestions that you’re offered? That’s all I’m saying. I’ve got three likes on my post, people rarely vote on my posts ever. Hmmmm, I think that says something.


  9. Gary Bowden says:

    What I’d like to know is that does Laura really think if CT ever performs in Atlantic City,will there will be enough people to fill the theater? Or if they do,will she afford to go,since she has no job? And,what does CT performing in Atlantic City,have anything to do with buying one of their dvd’s? I live in Fort Smith,Arkansas and they’ve never performed here or in Little Rock or even Tulsa,but yet I still buy their dvd’s.And,how can she afford to buy their dvd’s if she has no job? In the past I’ve given advice to her about her looking for a job first,then worry about seeing CT later until she has the money to go,but that didn’t work.


  10. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    Captain Cab:

    I could get behind your first post a little bit, but you really are just being a jerk about it now. I come to this forum to revel in something I truly love and care about, and in doing so, also care about the other people that post on here as well, not to see people gang up on one of their own. Just because you’re being “diplomatic” in your comments doesn’t mean your not just being a dickweed.


  11. Seneca says:

    Shout Factory seems to have no trouble getting episodes to release. Makes me suspect that Rhino’s real problem was that they are CHEAP.


  12. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    It seems too that Shout Factory is just more dedicated. I don’t really want to call Rhino lazy, but it sure seems that Shout has already (and continues) to release episodes that according to what I’d seen, were considered slim-to-never releases. Fingers crossed they keep it up!


  13. Jim says:

    Question for Travis: Is there a chance that Shout! would do a US-only release for the “Lippert” films? Seems a shame to let problems with the Canadian rights keep so many episodes out of our hands…..

    Many thanks for all the work you’ve done on that list. Looks like I need to update my spreadsheet again….I like to sort them by likelihood of release, so I can guess how many new sets we might see in the future..


  14. losingmydignity says:

    Just awesome.

    I don’t think anyone answered it but, yes, The Violent Years is the one sampled by Ministry.

    Now on to Horror of Party Beach and Pumaman. Please, shout factory

    And what’s to stop a MST3K vs Universal set?


  15. Captain Cab says:

    @ 160

    Oh, cry me a river, Cabbage Patch Elvis. Don’t make me put your squishy greasy noggin into that Arch Hall Jr face simulator Crow and Tom crammed Joel’s face into. The tone of my posts were just fine considering how annoying it is to read said posts I mentioned ad nauseum with no variation from a poster who won’t even listen to suggestions others offer her! That’s where I draw the line. Anyways, my steam has been let off, I’m done.


  16. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    Wow, now you’re threatening people too. Real classy. Why don’t you go blow off some steam in the street.


  17. Chuck says:

    Wooooo Packers! WOOOO! :laugh:


  18. Captain Cab says:

    @ 166

    lol It was just a sarcastic joke and a tribute to one of the greatest Joel era skits ever, grow up.

    Anyways, here’s another vote hoping they can get both Fugitive Alien eps next time.


  19. Sampo says:


    I have spoken to you privately on several occasions about letting your temper get the better of you in the comments. I have explained to you repeatedly that you are welcome to argue the issues but you may not attack other commenters. I have expressed my own sympathy (as have others here, including people you have attacked) with the fact that you are geographically, automotively and financially challenged. I have asked you, repeatedly, NOT to be the skunk at the picnic.

    You continue to attack people as if I had said nothing. So, since private messages don’t seem to work, here’s a public one:



  20. Jeff in Denver says:

    Right on Sampo!!!


  21. GizmonicTemp says:

    Well, now that we’ve all gotten that out our systems…

    New topic.

    I had breakfast at Big Biscuit this morning. It was awesome!


  22. Chuck says:

    I’m kinda hungry, GizmonicTemp,
    But I already had breakfast and have to get on stage tonight, so gotta wait to eat until it’s actually lunch time.

    What did you have?


  23. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    GizmonicTemp – I am indeed jealous of you and your Big Biscuit breakfast. I’m not familiar with the place, but the name itself is quite tempting. Sadly, I have squandered any time I might have used to get breakfast by typing this. Now I’m sad and hungry… :cry:


  24. GizmonicTemp says:

    Chuck #172 – Stage? Cool! Music? Theater? Other?

    Cabbage Patch Elvis – Three locations around Kansas City, so I guess it’s a chain, but it definitely has a “greasy spoon” feel with a leaky roof, terrible parking lot, waitresses that will run to your car with an umbrella if it’s raining, and great food. :yes: Even in these hard economic times, their pancakes remain freakin’ huge, unlike IHOP’s that are shrinking every day.


  25. GizmonicTemp says:

    Chuck #172 – I forgot to answer your question. The Big Breakfast: two pancakes, two sausage patties, two bacon strips, fried potatoes (crispy brown on the outside, but soft on the inside, YUM!), two eggs (scrambled with Louisiana Hot Sauce), coffee.

    Doggy bag? Heck no!


  26. radioman970 says:

    Fried spams. soft cooked scrambled eggs w real butter and cream. cheese toasts with too much cheese. hot tea with honey not sugar. no water or coffee. thank you.


  27. Chuck says:

    GizmonicTemp #174 – nothing so noble, actually. I’m hosting a horror movie showing at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA tonight. Tonight’s movie is “The Fog”, the John Carpenter classic.

    Just want to look good for all the lovely peoples who come out.

    What’s “Louisiana Hot Sauce” with regards to other types of hot sauce? Is it Bold?


  28. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    Gizmonic Temp – Sounds awesome. Out where I live in Oregon, we just don’t have that kind of place. We do have Pine State Biscuits in Portland though. My favorite is a biscuit sandwich called the Reggie Deluxe: Fresh biscuit with bacon, egg, country gravy and a piece of fried chicken. My stomach usually hates me for it afterword, but it’s worth it.


  29. Chuck says:

    I know it’s mostly a regional thing around Pennsylvania, but anyone else out there love the hell out of scrapple? Sliced thing, fried till it’s crispy on the outside and still soft on the inside. Slap some ketchup on that bad boy and you’ve got the second best breakfast meat.


  30. GizmonicTemp says:

    Chuck #177 – Still, you’re very important tonight, and movie-nights out are always awesome!

    Well, hell yes it’s bold! :pissedoff: “Louisiana Hot Sauce” is not as hot and much more tomato-ish than “McIlhenny’s Tabasco Sauce”. “Cholula Original” (found at my local IHOP) is also really good. Now, if I can just get breakfast places to provide chipotle sauce, then I’ll be in breakfast heaven!

    Wow, so many responses to my completely random breakfast topic proves that it really is the most important meal of the day!

    “Five pound potty!”


  31. Chuck says:

    GizmonicTemp #180
    You know, I’ve always said that chipotle is the key to the lock that is world piece.

    Say, what’s with this stuff not being bold?


  32. Alex says:


    The problem is, and Shout has mentioned this before, the Mst3k boxsets sell very well in both U.S. and Canada. So if it’s just sold in the U.S., Shout will not make enough money most likely, and Canada will become very jealous. Can’t always get what you want, but it’s true.


  33. Slartibartfast, maker of Fjords says:

    #171 – #181, Hijacking the thread this way, makes it a bit like Track of the Moon Beast. Anybody for stew?


  34. ackbar1138 says:

    What the hell happened to this thread? Lol.

    As others have said, I can’t wait for Vol. XXII!


  35. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    #183 – I’m up for stew. What’s in it?


  36. sandyfrank says:

    TIME OF THE APES!!! My all time favorite episode THANK YOU SHOUT! Wow you guys have knocked a bunch of my most anticipated titles right off the list. Now PLEASE release these on the next set:

    It Conquered the World
    Incredible Melting Man
    San Francisco International


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