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Very Confessional Podcast Interview with Frank

It is the policy of this Web site to keep the private lives of the people we cover private, unless they’re willing to talk about it. We were aware that Frank was recently featured on comedian Paul Gilmartin’s “Mental Illness Happy Hour” but since the podcast deals almost entirely with Frank’s personal issues, we hesitated to post a link to it. However, he e-mailed us today and suggested that our readers would be interested.
So check it out here Oh, and: some of the language and topics are probably not appropriate for kids.

24 Replies to “Very Confessional Podcast Interview with Frank”

  1. ackbar1138 says:

    I don’t get how something would be private if it was talked about on a podcast.


  2. rcfagnan says:

    “are probably not be appropriate for kids.” and all your base are belong to us.


  3. Sampo says:

    ackbar–it’s a difficult policy, but we are committed to it.

    rdfagnan–Oops! Good catch.


  4. radioman970 says:

    “Ed McMahon’s ball bag”

    That’s pretty safe…uhm for kids. Well, not Ed’s actual ball bag, but the term “ball bag”. They’ll think a ball bag holds baseballs and that Ed McMahon is a former baseball player!


  5. ackbar1138 says:

    I guess what I mean is that if you knowingly record an interview with someone for a podcast, you know it is being put on the internet for people to hear. That is what a podcast is. I understand that you respect the private lives of the MST3K performers/writers, I just was not clear on how anyone could consider a podcast as being private. But I really didn’t mean to sound trollish, just curious. And thank you for posting the link. Hopefully I can check it out when I get off work.


  6. radioman970 says:

    Talking about Ed McMahon’s ballbag is not as personal as talking about your own ballbag.


  7. rather dashing says:

    Only a quarter of the way through, this is awesome.


  8. Sampo says:

    ackbar–I get what you’re saying, it’s out there, it’s public. And for any other site that would usually be enough. What I’m saying is that for this site, that’s not enough, and we have to hear from and get an okay from the person involved before we’re comfortable going there.


  9. big61al says:

    I understand and respect your wish to tread like lightly on personal issues with the private matters. Getting the ok from Frank just shows your respect to Frank and the others. Never feel like you are being weak for protecting privacy. It’s just illustrates how polite the website behaves. And believe me the internet needs all the politeness it can get. ;) I’ll have to listen later also. I’ll post a comment here after listening.


  10. Zee says:

    About 25 minutes into the podcast. The host is really annoying- but I guess that’s standard for podcast hosts. I absolutely love Frank and it interesting to hear him talk about a lot of the same problems I suffer from.


  11. SAVE FERRIS says:

    Wow……Surreal is the only word I can think of to describe this.

    Thank you so much, Sampo, for posting this link………………I think. :dazed:


  12. mst3ktemple says:

    Very interesting. I had heard about some of Frank’s problems with substance abuse in his earlier life, but it’s interesting to hear from his own perspective the roots of the issue and how he has dealt with the situation through the years. I’m sure many fans can relate to some of the comments both he and Paul make. Difficult topic to successfully utilize humor, but as usual Frank is able to do it.

    BTW, I understand your position on this topic completely Sampo. One of the things that I’ve always appreciated about this site is the complete respect for the show, cast and crew that you and Erhardt have always demonstrated. I am glad Frank gave you his blessing to post the announcement though, because it is a facet of his life that will interest some.


  13. jmanley1 says:

    Frank being frank about Frank. I really appreciate Frank C. as a human being. This was a very nice podcast.


  14. John Seavey says:

    I just wanted to say how proud I am of Frank Conniff for being so open about his struggles with substance abuse. There are a lot of people out there every day who struggle with those same issues, and hearing someone else talk about how they deal with it might be what helps someone get help or stay sober.


  15. bdtrppr6 says:

    thank you. haven’t listened yet, but tv’s frank is one of the best second bananas ever. his stuff was always the funniest. probably because it was limited on screen.

    ah yuck ah eeeeee!!!!


  16. big61al says:

    Frank, the more I learn about you the more respect and admiration I have for you. Our lives have a lot of similarities. I too grew up in New York City, being born just five year after you, I had an unhappy childhood filled with horrible events. I too dove into TV as an escape from the sad reality I lived in. I too have suffered from depression and I too have been to the brink of suicide. Self doubt, drug use, broken spirit – been there, done that. That being said, I am still here. Still kicking. You are doing the best thing to prevent getting to the point where you don’t want to be. Talking. People will listen and you can manage to get pass the hurt. Frank you truly are a positive in my life. Take it easy!


  17. I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says says:

    I am ashamed to admit that I am not a big fan of Frank C when he is NOT being TV’s Frank ( but he is so terrific when he is ), so I didn’t have high hopes for this interview, but wow. This is very good, and I now have an enhanced respect for the man ( not that he should care what I think of course ). I love the material about his father. Good decision to post, thank you.

    And sorry Sampo, I think you’re probably being too sensitive on the personal life issue. not that YOU should care what I think either :)


  18. hellokittee says:

    Thanks for going ahead and posting Sampo. And thanks to Frank for being candid and sharing his personal demons. Not many people in the “spotlight” are willing to share this sort of thing, which I suppose is understandable if it is too personal for them, but there is no shame in being human. I’m sure that more people than we even know can relate and take comfort in the fact that they aren’t alone.


  19. Josh says:

    I suffer from severe depression and am also trying to make it in entertainment, and it really helps hearing guys like this talk about their issues honestly since I’ve been too embarrassed and afraid to try any kind of group therapy so far. Thanks for posting this guys, and a special thanks to Paul and Frank for being brave enough to do the podcast.


  20. It’s an interesting glimpse into Frank’s life but I do think the host is pretty awful (it’s hard to criticize someone trying to do a service like this, but he hasn’t quite figured out how to take the “me” out of the equation of hosting. He’s not alone by any means, but it would have been much nicer to have more “Frank” and less him. Which is not to say he couldn’t have facilitated more but if you listen to this closely you’ll realize that Frank is actually a better host than the host).

    I’m always slightly shocked when folks who enrich our lives with their talent are so miserable themselves, even though it’s a very familiar refrain. I hope Frank can find happiness eventually, as he really deserves it.


  21. radioman970 says:

    I guess you have to have a few screws loose to like the host and the style of the interview, which is more a discussion format anyway. Glad several here have it together enough to find him annoying.


  22. Josh says:

    #21 Why would you ever be glad that someone finds a person annoying? Yeesh. And #20 wonders why entertainers are miserable…


  23. radioman970 says:

    Josh, the host has some problems. And if you also had problems too you’d find him more appealing instead of annoying. It was a little joke…

    Frank didn’t sound all that miserable talking to the guy. I think they got along well…


  24. Stig says:

    Did you guys know Frank is pretty much a weekly guest on the Jimmy Dore Show? It’s a liberal political roundtable discussion with a podcast that drops every Friday. Fantastic stuff, Frank is a master of one-liners.


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