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Episode guide: 315- Teenage Caveman (with shorts: ‘Aquatic Wizards’ and ‘Catching Trouble’)

Short: (1955) Water skiing thrills in Florida’s Cypress Gardens.
Short: (1936) Wildlife bully Ross Allen threatens ecosystems, endangers animals and generally terrorizes the Florida Everglades.
Movie: (1958) A rebellious teenage caveboy questions the clan’s rules and yearns to explore the land beyond the river.

First shown: 11/9/91
Opening: It’s dreary rainy day on the SOL and J&tB are bored. Magic Voice has some suggestions for activities
Invention exchange: J&tB present their creative ipecacs, the Mads try to unveil their invention, but end up in a brawl
Host segment 1: J&tB present “Catching Ross”
Host segment 2: The Mads are still fighting
Host segment 3: Joel explains to the bots how there were conservatives and risk-takers throughout history
End: The bots are dressed as the mutants from the movie, Joel reads a letter, the Mads are patching things up with a cup of kindness
Stinger: Watch out for that … tree!
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• It’s a rare two-short episode and that’s just one of the delights of this episode. The movie is Corman at his corniest, and it brings out the best in the riffers, and the segments are a lot of fun too. A standout episode.
• This episode is not yet available on DVD.
• My copy is from Turkey Day ’94, with Robert Vaughn appearing in the window of Adam West’s microwave during the introductory bumper.
• J&tB have one of their longest conversations with Magic Voice during the opener.
• The invention exchange has the memorable ipecac bit, followed by the truly classic battle of the Mads.
• As Frank and Dr. F prepare to mix it up, Frank makes use of the classic “Road House” line: “Take the train.”
• What do the two shorts in this ep have in common? They’re both essentially commercials for now-extinct Florida tourist traps. For more about Cypress Gardens, which in 2011 reopened as Legoland, this page has a lot of good info. Ross Allen’s Florida Reptile Institute was in Silver Springs and closed down in the 1970s, as the popularity of Walt Disney World muscled out a lot of other Florida attractions. You can still visit Ross Allen Island, however.
• The riffers did a lot of variations of the line: “Just throw that stuff in back, I kinda live outta my car.” (Does anybody know where that line is from?) In the water skiing scene it’s: “Just throw that stuff in the back. I kinda live off my shoulders.”
• Where I used to live, we knew a couple who actually named Bob and Connie. I made them a special sound file of Crow saying: “Bob and Connie really enjoy life.” They did, too, and as far as I know they still do.
• Now we come to the infamous “Catching Trouble” short – featuring such casually cruel footage that J&tB feel they must immediately take revenge in the following host segment, which became an instant classic. I love Joel’s cry of “We went to camp together! He hates me!”
• Memorable moment: Joel has one bear cub call another bear cub “Greg.” Tom then turns to him and asks, incredulously, “Greg?”
• Wondering what the Helsinki Formula is and why they keep mentioning it? It’s a supposed baldness cure that Robert Vaughn used to pitch. These days Robert pitches law firms (at least in my neck o’ the woods). And while we’re on Robert, I said this on Twitter but I’ll say it here: WHEN oh WHEN will there be the Robert Vaughn guest shot on “NCIS,” alongside David McCallum??? It’s a ratings blockbuster waiting to happen!!
• A character in the movie mentions “the thing that gives death with its touch” and the riff is “Penny Marshall?” Huh?
• Joel seems to be parodying his own season two segments in segment 2. That stack of artist’s renderings has become shorthand for “Joel has a boring idea for a presentation.”
• There’s a moment in the theater when Tom Servo applauds. …um…
• Note the Star Trek fight music playing during second fight scene. Also note the classic Mannix/James Kirk disarm, the cry of “HiKeeba!” and a slam on Beetle Bailey outta nowhere.
• Isn’t it fun when you get a riff for the first time, even after you’ve seen the episode several times? I had one of those this time, when Tom sings o/` “Heeeeerrrrre he iiiiiis, your komodo draaaaagonnnn” o/` which I suddenly realized was a reference to the movie “The Freshman.”
• Segment 3 is not really funny, just kind of thoughtful. But I like when Tom Servo says “Well, they were right about THAT!” Which is true, and kind of negates the point Joel is making.
• For some reason Crow’s net is on the counter during segment 3.
• Vaguely dirty riff: “He invented the quiver.” “So did SHE!”
• Callbacks: “You know right now I could go for a char-broiled hamburger sandwich…” (Jungle Goddess), “Plenty of lip and tongue action,” (the Speech short), “I’m Trumpy!” (Pod People), “Thong, the fish are ready!” (Cave Dwellers), “Chili peppers burn my gut” (Sidehackers), “…a charbroiled hamburger sandwich…” (Jungle Goddess) and “This looks like a job, for MIGHTY JACK!”
• At one point, when actor Ed Nelson appears, Joel recognizes him and points out that he’s there. So? Just a state park joke?
• There’s a Firesign Theatre reference as Tom, as the old survivor, says that something “scared everybody.”
• This makes twice in two episodes they have used the Odd Couple line: “bad meat or good cheese.”
• Behind the scenes: The parrot-like costume is left over from “Night of the Blood Beast,” and was worn, as it was in that movie, by uncredited actor Ross Sturlin. Sturlin also helped make and wore a leech costume in “Attack of the Giant Leeches.” Screenwriter R. Wright Campbell was capable of better: he got an Oscar nomination for his screenplay for 1957’s “Man of a Thousand Faces.” Once again, stock footage from “One Million B.C.” makes an appearance. Exterior water scenes were done at the Arboretum in Arcadia, Calif. Other exterior shots were filmed at Bronson Canyon, of course.
• Cast and crew round up: (Again, I will not repeat connections I’ve mentioned in previous entries) Cinematographer Floyd Crosby was assistant director on “The Screaming Skull.” Assistant director Jack Bohrer was production manager on “Viking Women,” “Attack of the Giant Leeches” and “Night of the Blood Beast.” Production manager Maurice Vaccarino was assistant director on “The Screaming Skull” and “The Phantom Planet.” Sound man Herman Lewis also worked “Viking Women,” “Blood Beast” and “Mitchell.” Sound man Philip Mitchell worked on “Bloodlust!” and “The Unearthly.”
In front of the camera, we already ran into Robert Vaughn in KTMA’s “Hangar 18.” Joseph Hamilton was also in “Giant Leeches.” Barboura Morris was also in “Viking Women.” Ed Nelson was also in “Blood Beast,” “Superdome,” “Swamp Diamonds” and “Riding with Death.” Robert Shayne also appeared in “The Indestructible Man” and “The Rebel Set.”
• CreditsWatch: Faye Burkholder returns for two eps as hair and makeup person. Trace and Frank are still guest “villians” (misspelled) and Dr. F’s last name is still spelled “Forrestor.”
• Fave riff from first short: “They just snap clean away!” Honorable mention: “This has got litigation written all over it.”
• Fave riff from the second short: “Ross tries to towel away the evil, but nothing doing” Honorable mention: “Oh, there just happened to be a camera under the water…”
• Fave riff: “Um, like, do you know any Tull?” Honorable mention: “So, how many toasters did we get?”

93 Replies to “Episode guide: 315- Teenage Caveman (with shorts: ‘Aquatic Wizards’ and ‘Catching Trouble’)”

  1. snowdog says:

    “…with the oldest teenager you’ll ever see in an obviously 20-something Robert Vaughan”

    You have seen Grease, right? :)


  2. snowdog says:

    @Son of Bobo

    Thanks, that’s very informative. I think we’re starting to see an uptick again, although I can’t imagine “boyfriend” making a comeback.


  3. JeremyR says:

    Hey, someone dissed my beloved Hangar 18.

    Even if you think that is a really bad movie, you should see some of Vaughn’s other stinkers. Starship Invasions, Battle Beyond the Stars (which was halfway high budget), Baseketball, Superman III. Compared to those, Hangar 18 is a oscar winner


  4. mstgator says:

    rcfagnan: I always associated Crow’s “Catching trouble” riff as being a Betty Boop-ish flapper voice (since Servo sings the theme in a Rudy Vallee-ish ’20s/’30s style). But I like your take too.


  5. H says:

    My absolute favorite. Both shorts and the movie are fun and taken on well by Joel and the bots. I can’t pick a favorite moment because I have so many.

    And, @33, I thought ‘Greg’ was a reference to Greg Evigan, of BJ and the Bear. I don’t know if that’s right or not but it’s a possibility.


  6. jjb3k says:

    Catching Trouble and its accompanying host segment definitely eclipse the rest of the episode in my opinion. These Corman episodes are such a fight to the finish for me; the movie’s incredibly short (uncut, it’s only like 58 minutes long or something) yet it still feels like it lasts somewhere in the neighborhood of three and a half weeks.

    This is the episode where they got the fan letter from a professional stuntman, right? If you look at his letter when it’s on still-store, you can see that he recommended that the Brains do Eegah on the show. Wonder if they had him in mind when they actually did it two years later?

    This is also one of those episodes I tried to watch with my grandmother, who still doesn’t get MST3K to this day. She loves westerns, though – maybe I should show her “The Painted Hills”.


  7. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    For those who might be interested, Ross Allen’s spiritual descendants (or something like that):


  8. Really old teenager from OuterSpace says:

    “Catching Trouble” was my favorite short. My favorite line (and I use it constantly) “Do not bring your evil here.” I love it.


  9. in_stereo says:

    So wait… according to Tom, Chad Slabbody is dating Connie Slabbody? Um, ick.


  10. Runciter says:

    Sorry guys. I can safely say I only chuckled once or twice during the entire duration of the feature. The shorts, however, are great.


  11. NoTrafficAccidents says:

    My fav riff is the one directly prior to Sampo’s: Tom’s “‘I Talk To The Wind’ by King Crimson”. I love the show’s references to obscure music, particularly their good-natured ribbing of prog rock.


  12. MissT3K says:

    My favorite riff from the aquatic wizards is “This has got litigation written allll over it.” I use that line in my own life when I see people letting children do things that children really shouldn’t be doing.


  13. Edge says:

    I guess I’m the only Star Trek geek that thought of the Elias Sandoval episode (This Side of Paradise), when hearing the music Travis was playing on the pan-flute for the babe while she was skinny dipping. I really would have loved to hear Crow give a ‘I’m not going back Jim.’.


  14. EricJ says:

    @ 58 – For those who don’t remember the Birth of Cable, their frequent quotings of “Do not bring your evil here” was a reference to the opening of USA Network’s el-cheapo syndicated version of “Swamp Thing”, which was rather hard to get away from for most of the early-early 90’s:
    (For most of their early-days-of-cable riffs, You Have to Have Been There.)


  15. losingmydignity says:

    A weaker, slow one for me. Mostly chuckles for the Corman (not a big fan of his movies being riffed). The first short is fun enough, but Catching Trouble always leaves me too repulsed to laugh…much.

    I do believe this one is in my bottom ten.



  16. lancecorbain says:

    Just wanted to say, Aquatic Wizards is easily in my top five favorite MST shorts. Too funny.


  17. ThorneSherman says:

    @7 Yes, I have seen M. Night “who put the sham in shamlalamafilmmaking”‘s The Village, and you are right, the themes are pretty much the same. Mr M. Night is a director who gets increasingly worse with each new film btw.
    @53 Battle Beyond the Stars was a GREAT movie….when i was a little kid, hasn’t held up well, sadly.
    @35 That was no cactus, that was a pickle from Venus.

    Overall, i like this one, the shorts are great for riffs, because after all, the Brains always do better with dark themes on the shorts, and Catching Trouble was perfectly set up for that sort of humor.

    Robert Vaughan hates this move, most likely privately feels that way about most of his career. Take away Man From U.N.C.L.E., and what does he really have? Yes, I know, that wasn’t so hot either.


  18. erasmus hall says:

    Twenty minutes of the caveboys and girls and no more can I take-
    I still after several tries cannot make it to the end-and I once saw 10 minutes of a remake on a pay channel!No wonder America is going down the drain/toilet etc.Yikes!


  19. EricJ says:

    @68 – Oh yes, those Showtime “Let’s keep the title and change everything else” remakes? (No, really, that was the network’s idea…)
    Just try to ignore those ever happened.

    @44 – Check out photos of sports teams in the last part of the 19th century and early 20th century, where young men were close, touching, and smiling.

    (cave-extra with his hand constantly on Vaughn’s shoulder)
    “Uh, Ron, I’m going to count to three…”


  20. Warren says:

    I haven’t seen this in a few years but I’d rank it as average. Generally speaking the Corman episodes don’t do much for me though Night of the Blood Beast was somewhat enjoyable.
    #19 The ACTUAL PREMISE of Battlestar Galactica was searching for the planet Earth. I wouldn’t call that a twist.


  21. Kali says:

    “You know, guys, we’d better get used to this scenery.”

    “Catching Trouble” is one of the better shorts – it is SO a part of its time. I really don’t see that “our boyfriend” Ross really cares about these animals: he just wants to catch them without delay. I watch it now and when Ross tosses the animals over the fence, I almost expected to hear growling and noshing noises from the Brains (the big bears need to be fed).

    Servo: “Wait – I hear something living!”

    Then, “Catching Ross” has got to be one of the best skits they’ve done. You always want to get these guys their own back as punishment. What people considered environmentally correct in the fifties. Still, “Don’t throw me in there! He hates me! We went to camp together,” Joel?

    Village Elder: “One of the clan has come to manhood.”
    Servo: “At the tender age of 37.”

    Father: “It promises much, but only offers a place to die.”
    Joel: “Oh, like Hollywood.”

    “Teenage Caveman.” We hate to say it, but the original is ten times better than the remake. The forty year old teenagers really don’t have a clue. It’s really not such a bad film – if Corman cut twenty minutes out of it, spent more than a dollar on the “monster” costume, and provided more support for the end twist, it might have been a minor classic. After all, the “cavemen” (who don’t actually live in one) are never made aware of the truth – only we are. Corman wanted to call the film “Prehistoric World,” which isn’t right either.

    All in all, 3 out of 5. Bring on the final Gamera film!


  22. Stressfactor says:

    This is one where, for me, the shorts were more entertaining than the movie. I also really like the host segments for this one. Particularly since I grew up in the Midwest and can remember many a rainy day stuck inside being bored out of my mind.

    I also have to say that, in my youth, I went to Silver Springs and Cypress Gardens and also Weekie Wachee. Neither Silver Springs nor Cypress Gardens has anything on Weekie Wachee for tourist trap-ism. Weekie Wachee features “mermaid shows”. ‘Nuff said.

    Also, as a dyed-in-the-wool “Man from UNCLE” fan it’s rather painful seeing Robert Vaughn doing this. Although it could be worse…. it could have been David McCallum.


  23. Dan in WI says:

    Warren #70> The premise (searchig for Earth) isn’t the twist in Battlestar Gallatica. The finding it and then willfully tossing all your technology away and reverting to “caveman” life to erase the evil of the past life only to flash forward to present day to be given the message we are repeating the evil and likely to have the apple cart upset again is the twist.


  24. fathermushroom says:

    If you haven’t caught Robert Vaughn in the BBC caper-series “Hustle” check your TV listings and see if it’s running on your local PBS station. Very good and very amusing.

    I like “Teenage Caveman” as an episode, and I enjoy “Catching Trouble” very much also.

    Unlike most viewers, I have slightly more sympathy with Ross Allen in that his line of work was simply more common and acceptible at the time the film was made. Most zoos obtained animals by wild capture rather than breeding, but you know we proceed in baby steps. Today’s zoos are primarily repositories of endangered species breeding programs, but you gotta get there somehow.

    Anyway I love the jokes they made at Ross’ expense, and the sketch afterward is filled with good silly laughs.


  25. schippers says:

    Depending on my mood, Teenage Caveman is probably my favorite of the Corman movies riffed on MST3K. It’s really cheap, and I don’t think the screenwriter gave the premise a fully proper treatment (why wouldn’t they have names? I think we can assume that our prehistoric ancestors named themselves), but the conflict is well realized and the film is making an earnest, effective statement.

    Robert Vaughn is one of the few Hollywood actors who holds a Ph.D.

    Vaughn supposedly called Teenage Caveman the worst movie ever and was very embarrassed by his participation in it. Apparently he was conveniently omitting Zombie 5: Killing Birds from consideration.


  26. Sitting Duck says:

    @ #24: Perfect hair after the apocalypse is still a thing. Think of shows like Revolution and Falling Skies.

    @ #49: For that matter, how about Ring of Terror? Those college freshmen look a few years shy of drawing Social Security.


  27. schippers says:

    I see from my comments four years ago that I had the exact same thoughts when I posted today. My thinking has not changed at all. The brain within its groove, and all.

    The curse of age.


  28. Bruce Boxliker says:

    2 fantastic shorts, even though one leaves me a little angry, but the following host segment brings sweet sweet vengeance.

    The thing in the background that’s supposed to be the mad’s invention kinda looks like the blinding-light-barrel from Mighty Jack. I love the mad’s fighting, I laugh every time Frank whips out the giant safety scissors.

    The movie is yet another example of my problem(?) with Corman – The movie actually has good ideas, and an interesting twist, but the execution of it leaves much to be desired. Where was that shot of really bad puppet dinosaurs from?

    So, when they have a letter that’s been damaged some way, like the gooey coating on this one, is it them just coming up with something to cover for someone accidentally spilling something on it?


  29. touches no one's life, then leaves says:


    Yes, but the Ring of Terror characters weren’t supposed to be teenagers, they were supposed to be college students. Any teenager or college student will be quick to point out the distinction.

    (I wanted to make a “One Ring of Terror to rule them all” joke but nothing’s coming in. Shrug.)

    I wonder what would happen if a movie with “senior” actors in high school was set in what “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” assures us high school is now like: Everything but outright sex in the halls in front of the teachers. Meh.


  30. Prime Minister Jm J. Bullock (pondoscp) says:

    I’m surprised at the lack of love for what I feel to be one of the better season 3 episodes. Teenage Caveman is an iconic classic! (but I’m a sucker for all the “teenage” MST movies) ;)


  31. ahaerhar says:
    Is this the Bruce Barbour of the letters?


  32. Whoo boy “Catching Trouble”…….. I stated in my review months ago that had to be the WORST short ever featured on MST3K, and yeah my opinion still stands.

    My review…
    Memorable riffs from “Aquatic Wizards”:

    Joel: “Miles from the dock, and they can’t swim!”

    Crow: “This has got ‘litigation’ written all over it.”

    Crow: “You’re shark food now, Baby!”

    Crow: “I’m board jumping.”

    Fav. Riff from “Aquatic Wizards”:
    Crow: “What well-rounded lives these girls must lead…”

    Memorable riffs from “Catching Trouble”:

    Crow: “Chasing rabbits on a mini-bike until their hearts explode?”

    Joel: “Oh, what I’d love to see, that cub’s mom coming through the woods right now.”

    Narrator: “Is that a bear, or a monkey?”
    Servo: “Who are you talking about?”

    Joel: “I’m deeply ashamed of my race right now.”

    Crow: “… or call PETA.”

    Fav. Riff from “Catching Trouble”:
    Servo: “Ross tries to towel away the evil, but nothin’ doin’.”

    Memorable Riffs from “Teenage Caveman”:

    Joel: “They’re making upside down deer cake!”

    Servo: “Oh, like Hollywood!”

    Servo: “Have you seen my training bra?”

    Crow: “I gotta find my clothes and get the hell outta here.”

    Servo: “How can there be Great Danes when there isn’t even a Denmark?”

    Joel: “We’ll be a modern stone age family!”
    “He’s making a sleeping place for him and his woman.”
    Crow: “Have you seen the woman?”

    Crow: “This is why the dinosaurs died out. You bored them to death!”

    Fav. Riff from “Teenage Caveman”:
    Servo: “Looks like H.R. Puffenstuff after a fiery car wreck!”

    – Magic Voice says commercial sign in 5 seconds. It actually takes about 8 seconds. Okay, that’s probably reaching.
    – Holy snap! Frank’s gone off the deep end! Alas, this is one of those shows where we only get one invention presentation. Not really a fan of that.
    – A rare episode in which the short, or in this case SHORTS, isn’t announced.
    – “Catching Trouble” is IMO, the WORST short ever featured on MST3K. Servo says it best; “If you enjoyed ‘Catching Trouble’ there’s something wrong with you!”
    – -As hilarious as the “Catching Ross” segment is, it bothers me that Joel continues pounding the bag, even after placing the (fake) snake in after the Ross doll. Was that a mistake on Joel’s part?
    – Uh, Joel? “Fantasia” was never in black and white.
    – Servo’s comment about a “bathroom rug” crawling towards the cavemen, sort of foreshadows “The Creeping Terror”.
    – Seeing a bear maul one of the cavemen does sort of make up for that stupid “Catching Trouble” P.O.S.
    – Two movie oddities. One, how wide of a vocabulary these cavemen have, and two, the fact that they’re already discussing religious things like God, and whatnot. It makes even less sense come the film’s twist ending.
    – Is that footage of the two reptiles fighting from “Lost Continent”? Even Servo notes it looks familiar.
    – Oh geez… those dinosaur costumes look even worse than the freaking polar bear in “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”!
    – I like how the old man yells, “Enough!” and then there’s a break for commercial.
    – The “fudgical/fudge-sicle” exchange between Joel and Servo, I think, is a “Laverne & Shirley” reference.
    – Host Segment 3 isn’t particularly funny, but I like the point Joel tries to make about taking risks. Something most people are too afraid to do.
    – I love Joel’s reaction to the line “We’ll find someplace to lay down”. It also amuses me that the cavemen use the term “sleeping place”.
    – Erm…. Why didn’t the old man in that monster suit just REMOVE HIS FREAKING SUIT and show the cavemen he was human?!
    – Has anyone else noticed that the fan letter Joel reads mentions “Eegah”? Look carefully when the letter is put up on “still store”.

    Best Segment: “Catching Ross” is lots of fun.
    Worst Segment: The opening segment. What a dud way to start an otherwise terrific episode.

    Overall: A pretty tight episode. *** stars.


  33. BTW, I just want to say what an eerie coincidence it is we’re discussing an episode that contains a short regarding animal cruelty, given the “Cecil the Lion” controversy that has erupted lately.


  34. Be Right There says:

    This is a “shorts over movie” episode for me. “Catching Trouble” is, of course, an all time classic. “Aquatic Wizards” is great too, in the vein of “Snow Thrills” or “Junior Rodeo Daredevils”-J&tB go to the “participants injure themselves” well in all three shorts, but it manages to be darkly funny every time.

    @82-I don’t remember the “fudgecicle” bit from this episode, but do remember a similar exchange from an episode of “The Simpsons”. Never realized it was a reference to something.


  35. thequietman says:

    The shorts outshine the movie on this one. I’d never seen the host segment that follows “Catching Trouble” so I was unprepared for just how vicious they got with Ross, but man, that had to have either been a one-take wonder or several takes just so they could beat up on him again and again and again.

    Fave riff, from “Aquatic Wizards”
    The only knowledge needed is the ability to swim…
    Joel: … in four-inch heels!

    I remember watching that short with my dad (on the Rhino compilation tape) and he always seemed to comment on how close to the trees those children on waterskis were.

    One final note, I’m glad to finally learn where that blooper where Dr. F decides to sample the Pam spray came from…


  36. Basil says:

    Robert Vaughn Discovers … the Helsinki Formula


  37. Sitting Duck says:

    touches no one’s life, then leaves:

    Yes, but the Ring of Terror characters weren’t supposed to be teenagers, they were supposed to be college students. Any teenager or college student will be quick to point out the distinction.

    Since they were apparently suppose to be freshmen, they could be eighteen or nineteen, and therefore technically teenagers.


  38. Cornjob says:

    “We’re all Caveman!!”

    The first short and the movie are great. The real suffering in the 2nd short make it a bit of a buzzkill, but the Catching Ross host segment is a sweet catharsis.


  39. ahaerhar says:

    Rewatched this the other night.

    The “nobody has a name” thing worked better than you’d expect for Corman.


  40. JCC says:

    Brandon Pierce:
    BTW, I just want to say what an eerie coincidence it is we’re discussing an episode that contains a short regarding animal cruelty, given the “Cecil the Lion” controversy that has erupted lately.

    The hunter/dentist is from Eden Prairie!


  41. Prime Minister Jm J. Bullock (pondoscp) says:

    “Slam on Beetle Bailey out of nowhere” – I believe that joke during the Mads fight is just a callback to Daddy-O, when the dorky guy who works at the gym is reading comics.


  42. Cornjob says:

    Underneath all the Corman crap there’s actually a cool story here.


  43. mnenoch says:

    This is a great episode. The two shorts are hilarious, granted I hate the animal cruelty in Catching Trouble but Joel and the bots rightly abuse him both during the short and the segment afterward. The movie itself is actually pretty good for Corman standards. I happened to watch this with my parents this time around and they were making comments on the actors in Teenage Cavemen. My dad grew up during the 50’s and watched a lot of these cheesy scifi films, when at the end the plot twist is revealed he remembered that about this movie. That was a common theme during those movies, of course when Tom makes the comment about “Oh Message, Message coming in people” was on the spot.


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