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Sid Melton, RIP

BURBANK, Calif.–Character actor Sid Melton, perhaps best known for his roles in the hit television shows “Green Acres” and “The Danny Thomas Show,” died Nov. 2, at the Providence St. Joseph Medical Center here, of pneumonia, his family said. He was 94.
MSTies, to whom he was affectionately known as “little monkey boy,” recall his performances as Sgt. Willie Tatlow in the movie in episode 208- LOST CONTINENT and Pill Box in the movie in episode 520- RADAR SECRET SERVICE.

You can read his obit here.

Also, CBS-TV newsman Andy Rooney, who was parodied by M&tB in a host segment in episode 902- THE PHANTOM PLANET, died Nov. 4.

21 Replies to “Sid Melton, RIP”

  1. Laura says:

    Sal died!?!? I only know him from “Golden Girls.” I’m too young to know “Green Acres” and “Danny Thomas Show.”


  2. Thomas K. Dye says:

    R.I.P. Alf Monroe. He lived a pretty long life, too….


  3. Justin says:

    Where he is now, there’s always plenty of bubblegum and the planes all have propellers instead of jets.


  4. Cubby says:

    My favorite Sid Melton moment comes from an obscure Sam Newfield movie I got from Netflix, I think it was “Fingerprints Don’t Lie,” when Sid is walking down a courthouse hallway and stops in front of the wanted poster, surprised:
    “Wanted For Murder: Sid Melton! … Wanted? This should be in the want ads!”

    RIP, Sid.


  5. SAVE FERRIS says:

    ‘Alf’ died ???………Did somebody remember to tell Ralph ??? ?:-)


  6. big61al says:

    RIP SID. May you always be rock climbing.


  7. Gary Bowden says:

    RIP Sid..You were one of a kind.


  8. Droppo says:

    RIP Sid Melton. Your performance in Lost Continent has entertained me for over 15 years. Thank you for that performance. Along with Droppo, you are my all-time favorite MST3K comic relief character. I adore you.

    Thanks, Mr. Melton.


  9. Stressfactor says:

    big61al said: “May you always be rock climbing”.

    And may he always have a parachute.

    My condolences to his family and friends.


  10. Ooh so he wasn’t really eaten by a Triceratops! What a relief…


  11. Professor Gunther says:

    Watching Hugh Beaumont nearly lose it as they drag Sid Melton up by his butt during the interminable rock climbing sequence is one of the golden moments in Lost Content.

    You will be missed, Mr. Melton.


  12. Mr. B(ob) says:

    Farewell, Mr. Melton. Your long career fortunately included many better things than Lost Continent, though thanks to MST3K even that is much viewed. It’s one of my favorite MST3K episodes.

    A good many people around today see or saw “Green Acres” and “The Danny Thomas Show” the same way they see or saw original “Star Trek”, “I Love Lucy”, “The Addams Family” or any others of a host of famous, long-syndicated TV shows that have become and remained a huge influence on American pop culture. Years ago they ran ad nauseum on UHF channels with low programming budgets. They are still run on many TV and cable TV channels and of course they are on home video services, DVDs, etc. Even if you’re about the same age as much of the cast of MST3K, it’s how many older shows referenced so often on MST3K got seen enough to make it as references on the show.


  13. Spector says:

    Fare thee well, Sid Melton. You were enjoyed.


  14. John M Hanna says:

    Had no idea he was still alive until now. RIP.


  15. So long, Alf. You were enjoyed.


  16. Ron Lake says:

    I been watching Green Acres I got on DVD which is my favorite show. last week I was shocked to see that Sid Melton was still alive also his partner Ralph, played by Mary Grace Canfield also grocer Sam Drucker, played by Frank Cady. Sid lived a long live still sad to here of his passing. He brought a lot of laughter and was one of the better actors.


  17. MikeH says:

    94 years old. Good for you Mr. Melton. I’m one of the few who remembers you from Radar Secret Service. Not much of a role, they should have had you do more in the film.


  18. Operation Weasel-Snitch says:

    My sincere condolences to the Tanner family.


  19. Your New Best Friend says:

    Sid Melton, to an old, old guy, will ALWAYS be Ikky Mudd.


  20. Alex says:

    I had a tape of Lost Continent (MST3k) and it was a good episode. It’s always nice to know somebody on an MST3k movie went on to a better career as such was the case here. R.I.P


  21. Doug says:

    I recently saw him on the big screen at a Nicholas Ray retrospective. He had a bit part as a taxi driver in “Bigger Than Life”. As usual, he was enjoyed!

    RIP, Mr. Melton.


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