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RIP Tom Kennedy

West Hills, CALIF.–Tom Kennedy, a creative executive who was best known in the film industry as a successful writer, producer and director of hundreds of movie trailers, died Dec. 7 here at the West Hills Hospital & Medical Center. He was 63.
MSTies will remember the one feature film he directed, “Time Walker,” a re-edited version of which appeared in episode 405- BEING FROM ANOTHER PLANET.

A full obit is here.

7 Replies to “RIP Tom Kennedy”

  1. mansquatch says:

    Rest in peace Mr. Kennedy.

    Although Time Walker wasn’t the greatest film, it did show us that despite preconceptions, the combination of the Horror and Sci-fi film genres can actually be used to induce sleep.

    Bravo sir, and have a good and well-deserved rest.


  2. Mr. B(ob) says:

    I love the guaca-mummy episode and that thing in it “that’s driving the plot to nowhere”. I hope we get Being From Another Planet on DVD soon.


  3. Dan in WI says:

    And just as we are about to discuss his film this week.


  4. Max says:

    Thank you, Tom, for making breasts look really unappealing.


  5. Aaron says:

    If you, like me, are a game show lover, rest assured this is not Tom Kennedy the legendary game show host (Name That Tune, You Don’t Say, etc.)

    RIP to the “other” Tom Kennedy. I have to check out some of those trailers now.


  6. radioman970 says:

    @ Aaron. First thing I thought of. Game show dude… but, not!

    Big Blue Marble editor. Must have been a wonderful show to work on.


  7. jjb3k says:

    I read the headline too fast and thought it said “RIP Tom Kenny”. For a shocking split-second, I thought we’d lost the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants.


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