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RIP Joel Goldsmith

HIDDEN HILLS, Calif–Joel Goldsmith, the son of famed Hollywood composer Jerry Goldsmith and perhaps best known as a musical composer for the “Stargate” franchise, died at his home here after a long battle with cancer. MSTies will remember him as the score composer for the movie in episode 706- LASERBLAST.

His Variety obit is here.

9 Replies to “RIP Joel Goldsmith”

  1. Aaron says:

    STARGATTTTTEEEE! It’s a crazy trip!
    You go really far and you don’t need a car

    RIP Mr. Goldsmith. I realize he didn’t actually write the main theme to SG1, but still.


  2. Tim Harrod says:

    There’s a place in France… and it’s sad.


  3. Brandon says:

    Servo: “Isn’t that you, Joel?”
    Joel: “Nah, that’s the other Joel. There’s two of us.”



  4. Greasyfries says:

    It’s very sad that he lived about twenty years shorter than his father, the legendary Jerry Goldsmith.


  5. WeatherServo9 says:

    Loved his work on Stargate (especially the SG-1 moves, and Atlantis and Universe) and he also contributed to the Star Trek movie First Contact (with his dad) among too many other projects to name. The loss of now two Goldsmiths is a great one for cinematic music.


  6. CT Himes says:

    Very sorry to hear this. Both Goldsmiths were incredible musicians, and it’s sad that neither is with us any longer. RIP


  7. itsspideyman says:

    Loved the StarGate franchise!

    May he be in Heaven 30 minutes before the turtle-aliens know he’s gone.


  8. Kathy says:

    First the composer from “Touch of Satan” and now this.

    The Day(s) the Music Dies.

    RIP, Gentlemen.


  9. Skiptastic says:

    Doesn’t that also make him responsible for the music of Robot Holocaust? I thought they used the same music…


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