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The Show Makes Another Web List

Over at, Ryan Broderick lists “The Top 20 Most Underrated TV Shows Of The ’90s” and guess which show tops the list?

25 Replies to “The Show Makes Another Web List”

  1. ServoTron3000 says:

    He could not have described MST3K any better!


  2. Gary Bowden says:

    MST3K: The show that keeps giving and giving and giving and……..


  3. Alex says:

    O.K. Not Dinosaurs! I don’t care what anyone says. It’s my favorite joke on the Simpsons, though. “It’s like they copied our whole lives.”

    I got the whole 13 episodes of the Ben Stiller Show on DVD it’s that good. Much love for the first season of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Ren and Stimpy (Whenever they got it out) and those later seasons of Married with Children. Quantam Leap I liked to watch once in a while.

    Always loved Newsradio, too “It’s Crizzapy!”

    There were also shows they missed out on that list perhaps. Kids in the Hall, Brisco County Junior, and the very short show called The Idiot Box with Alex Winter. Just going off my head.


  4. Neptune Man says:

    News Radio, The Drew Carey Show, Ren & Stimpy aren’t precisely obscure shows, they all seem to have a big fanbase. Hell, they are even know here, in the forgotten kingdom of Argentina! Mst3k was the unavoidable choice. Hey! No Sliders? Ortega’s gonna get mad.


  5. MikeK says:

    Where. The. Hell. Is. Time Trax!


  6. Creepygirl says:

    It’s funny that three of my favorite shows of all time happen to be numbers 3, 2, & 1 on the list.

    Freaks and Geeks,
    Twin Peaks, and


  7. noordledoordle says:

    DINOSAURS!!! YES. And the description for MST3K is…well… perfect. :)

    I’d also agree that Ren and Stimpy isn’t really underrated or terribly obscure.


  8. Daniel says:

    Nor is Married With Children.

    Great top 3 though.


  9. big61al says:

    Vindicated! I have always said it was [and still is] the best TV show – ever!


  10. Jeff says:

    None of these shows are “underrated,” except maybe the first one. All of them are pretty well known, and most of them are pretty well respected, especially Twin Peaks and Freaks and Geeks. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think both of those shows are great.

    This list should have been called “The 20 best 90’s TV shows that weren’t Friends or Seinfeld.”


  11. Dropo221 says:



  12. Blast Hardcheese says:

    I’m surprised to see “Twin Peaks” on here–it was all anyone talked about (apart from “The Simpsons”) in the early 90s, although the vogue died almost as quickly as it started (a lot of people, it seems, only cared about the identity of Laura Palmer’s murderer, and seemed less interested in all the other intriguing storylines). “Married With Children” was frequently skewered on “The Simpsons,” so I’m not sure it’s entirely underrated (tho’ maybe Matt Groening was being unfair?). I’d also agree that “Kids in the Hall” should be on the list, but maybe it’s been given its due. And, yes, MST3K as #1–kind of a bittersweet honour, but exactly right.


  13. Mansquatch says:

    Well, DUH!


  14. Thad says:

    …yeah, Married…With Children seems like the oddest choice for inclusion. Even its “Fun Fact” is, like, the single best-known fact about the damn show. It’s so weird I wonder if it’s there as a joke. Or if the guy who wrote it was born in, like, 1987 and doesn’t have more than a vague recollection of when these shows were actually on.


  15. itsspideyman says:

    Wow… brings back memories. My son and I used to watch Ren and Stimpy all the time. My ex-sister-in-law and I would call each other after every Twin Peaks episode. After the last one she call me and said “What the hell was that!?!?!??”

    Quantum Leap…. deserves to be there. Wish they would have had a more fulfilling ending.

    #4 Right about Sliders…. huge following!

    They got it right with NO #1!!!! :)


  16. Iced Chicken says:

    Twin Peaks was amazing!! Surprised to see that Adventures of Brisco County Jr. didnt make this list. I loved that show!


  17. MikeK says:

    Perhaps Married with Children is underrated because it’s dismissed as being nothing but a low-brow sitcom, but it is better than that. I think that “under-appreciated” is the term to use for Married with Children, and maybe a few others on that list. I still enjoy Married with Children all these years later. With the exception of the latter seasons of the show, Married with Children was pretty smart.


  18. FordPrefect says:

    It’s too bad they didn’t get the year it premiered right, but it’s always nice when our favorite cowtown puppet show gets some recognition. Love their enthusiasm.

    (Maybe they were counting the year it premiered on the newly minted “Comedy Central” since that channel didn’t technically exist before 1991.)


  19. Ralph C. says:

    What about “Mr. Show with Bob and David”? That show wasn’t even on the list. If you haven’t heard of it, do yourself a favor and search for it where you search to watch such things.


  20. Shark says:

    Austin Stories is missing from the list – that’s probably the best show from the 90s after MST3K.


  21. Sharktopus says:

    Any list of underrated ’90s TV shows that overlooks Homicide is fundamentally flawed, but it’s nice to see someone else remembers Ghost Writer. I thought I might have imagined that show.

    Shouldn’t Married With Children be on an overrated list?


  22. Fred Burroughs says:

    Hey, the 90s wasn’t THAT long ago, but a few of those are genuinely underappreciated. I would def. add “Get a Life” w/ Chris Elliott to that list.

    Sharktopus, Homocide is mostly forgotten now, but it seems all the actors got pretty good gigs afterward, you see them everywhere. Maybe not Yaphet Koto.


  23. Matt D says:

    I loved Ghost Writer, and that show was definitely underrated for sure. I also agree that Married With Children was not obscure at all. If they wanted to go obscure, they should have gone with the show that was a rip off of MWC but had the dad talk to a stuffed bunny that could talk. Bobcat Goldthwait provided the voice of the bunny, but I can’t remember the title of the show. That’s obscure.


  24. FordPrefect says:

    RE: Sharktopus and Matt D

    Ghostwriter is available on DVD from Shout Factory if you guys haven’t checked that out already.

    Matt D, the “obscure” show you’re thinking of is Unhappily Ever After. It ran for 100 episodes on The WB. It’s not officially available on DVD yet.


  25. The GR says:

    Babylon 5 any one?

    Through the darkness of future past,
    The magician longs to see,
    One chance out between two worlds,
    Fire walk with me.


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