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RIP Herb Reed of The Platters

BOSTON–Herb Reed, the last surviving original member of 1950s vocal group the Platters, died June 4 at a hospice following a period of declining health that included chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was 83.
MSTies will recall The Platters’ appearance in the movie in episode 601- GIRLS TOWN.

The Boston Globe has the story here.

9 Replies to “RIP Herb Reed of The Platters”

  1. big61al says:

    [tear drop]


  2. itsspideyman says:

    The only time Tom Servo in a riff said “This is really good!!”.

    RIP Herb Reed. The Platters are a group again.


  3. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    If there’s a ROCK AND ROLL HEAVEN—–


  4. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    I do know that song is by the Righteous Brothers, I was just saying since the 1960’s we’ve lost some great ones.


  5. sauron says:

    His music just makes you feel good, and thats a great legacy.


  6. Dr. Batch says:

    So why is it a picture of Richard Pryor?


  7. ck says:

    And RIP Ray Bradbury. Does he have mst3000 connections?


  8. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    Oh remember the days of do-wop, talented singers and vocal groups that sang songs that may have served as background music for us being here today. Yes, yes, yes, to be able to watch a singer/group without seeing the crotch grabbed every 4 seconds, as if keeping a dragon at bay. When music had to do with love and romance, and hope for the future. When Rock and Roll was something parent’s didn’t quite understand, they knew it had a hidden message and it was most likely about sex, or drugs, or rock and roll. Let’s spend some time together ( not the night together that would be wrong) …..


  9. Kenotic says:

    Really sad. Also sad, chances are you’ll see “The Platters” live at a casino or Branson at some point in the next few decades, despite having none of the original members and zero say from Herb Reed or other original members’ families. It’s pretty sad. “Bowser” from Sha Na Na has been making this a personal crusade to get states to ban this.


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