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RIP Richard Lynch

PALM SPRINGS, CALIF.–Actor Richard Lynch, who employed his platinum hair and scarred face to play villainous characters in such films as “Bad Dreams” and “The Sword and the Sorcerer,” was found dead at his home Tuesday. He was 76. MSTies will remember him as Noel in the movie in episode 904- WEREWOLF.

The AP has the story here.

47 Replies to “RIP Richard Lynch”

  1. WEREWOLF is a silly film, but made for one of the best MST3K episodes.

    Richard has done a lot of good movies. I recommend PUPPET MASTER III: TOULON’S REVENGE, TRANCERS II, ALLIGATOR II: THE MUTATION, and the Chuck Norris version of INVASION USA.


  2. Alligator hunter, Hippy cult leader, Archaeologist, Evil King Guy–a man of many talents.


  3. mansquatch says:

    Dang!!!! He was in sooo many movies, I can remember seeing “The Sword And The Sorcerer” with my brother as a kid, Richard played a great villain.

    He was a staple of the 70s 80s and 90s. You will be missed sir.


  4. snowdog says:

    RIP Mr Lynch. You were ab’slutely fusinating.


  5. Ryan says:

    He’s always fun even in bad movies. My condolances to friends and family.

    Oh, and sorry for this too: he already looks mummified in that picture.


  6. UberNeuman says:

    Noel, you is dead!

    /rip Nana..


  7. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    When I was 12, I watched Bad Dreams, and although it’s been 25 years and my memories of it are surely very skewed, I WON’T go near that movie. RIP, Mr Lynch. Thanks for scaring the crap out of me.


  8. DrBlood says:

    R.I.P. pukey face. I’m sorry, that’s what I thought he looked like, from the Chuck Norris ‘Invasion U.S.A.’ to the Star Trek NG ep that I saw him in, he looked like he was gonna hurl in everything I saw him in. I had no idea it was a facial disfiguration, sorry. R.I.P.


  9. Dwilesjr says:

    R.I.P. good sir I loved your movies


  10. KafkaWasRight says:

    He will be buried nose-to-anus.


  11. losingmydignity says:

    I will go up a shirt size in his honor.


  12. Gary Bowden says:

    I remember seeing this on Google and it wasn’t confirmed that he had passed,so I had to email Sampo just to make sure..R.I.P. sir,you will be missed.Thanks so much for the work you’ve done.There were only a few talented actors in MST3K movies and he was one of them..I salute you!


  13. MikeK says:

    R.I.P. Richard Lynch. I first saw him when I was a kid, in the movies Invasion USA and The Sword and the Sorcerer.


  14. Neptune Man says:

    My condolences to Mr Lynch’s family. I remembered him as the Nazi officer from Puppetmaster III, one of the first horror movies I ever saw, his death scene was great, it still haunts me. Thanks to him we got some hilarious riffs. I will walk over to Kirk Douglas’s house in your honor.


  15. Cornjob says:

    Check out The 9th Configuration. Super creepy rapist biker at the end of this movie.


  16. Peter says:

    Remember Mr. Lynch in many a movie. Yamaglachi baby! RIP


  17. Yipe Striper says:

    Hope he passed peacefully. So long, Mr. Lynch.

    werewolf is in my future… soon.


  18. Stoneman says:

    I saw “Invasion U.S.A.” when I was in my twenties, and Richard Lynch as Rostov made him Chuck Norris’ greatest opponent ever, and elevated that film to the best one starring Chuck ever made (in my humble opinion). The scene where Rostov kills the Billy Drago character and his “girlfriend” was pretty hardcore, and Richard played the stone cold killer perfectly. But when the subject of Hunter came up, he played the out of control rage to the max.

    To quote Joel and the Bots from Gamera Vs. Guiron, you are now one of “the good dead ones”. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest, Mr. Lynch.


  19. big61al says:

    Rip Richard, you are forever amongst friends here.


  20. Thomas K. Dye says:

    I think he was also in a movie with Andy Kaufman,of all people… I remember happening to see him on “Murder She Wrote” and thinking “I wonder if he replaced his toes with grapes?” R.I.P.


  21. MSTie says:

    I read that the frightful-looking scarring on his face was from being burned. I never really noticed the scars so much, but that white hair was always attention-getting. RIP, Mr. Lynch. One of my favorite riffs from “Werewolf” — “Hi, Grandma!” (in unison, when Lynch walks in the room)


  22. Murdock Hauser says:

    I remember the first time I’d seen Mr.Lynch was in “Invasion U.S.A” and in an episode of “The A-Team”. R.I.P Mr.Lynch.


  23. MSTie:

    According to the IMDB, he set himself on fire while tripping on LSD in 1967. Don’t eat the brown acid!


  24. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    Castle Monster: Back in the 60’s it was common to light yourself on fire while tripping. You could always blame the hidden messages in rock songs for making you do it. Blame The Beatles, blame The Rolling Stones, or for that matter blame The Doors, that crazy Jim Morrison tell us to light his fire. Jimi Hendrix wanted to stand next to your fire. And who was the god of hell fire? And what did he bring us? I’ll teach you to burn. I’ll see you burn…….


  25. Chris from CT says:

    He will always be my favorite Grandma…. :-)


  26. Ross:

    Well, I’m glad I waited until the 80’s to drop acid, then. Especially since I was just a newborn baby in 1967.

    You’ve been living like a little girl, in the middle of your little world… (Damn, now I have Arthur Brown stuck in my head!)


  27. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    Sorry I planted that seed Mr. Monster. I’m watching Hellcats and I’ll have that theme song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. That’s what I get for making you think about The crazy world of Arthur Brown.


  28. Charles says:

    I’m really stunned that with his oeuvre, Werewolf was the only film of his to show up on MST3k. He did a lot of stuff that would’ve been perfectly at home in the show.


  29. Better than having Jefferson Starship stuck in your head, at least… Oops. Damn!


  30. radioman970 says:

    One of those faces… seen him in a zillion things but couldn’t recall his name. Shows you don’t have to make a name for yourself to do well in that business. Nice job. RIP


  31. Neptune Man says:

    #29: Wasn’t the band called Jefferson Airplane?


  32. Neptune Man:

    When they were worth a damn, yes.


  33. Lucas D. says:

    May he forever sleep, nose to a– Oh, dammit; #9 beat me to that one. Okay, how about: I’ll bet his final wish to have his toes replaced with grapes.

    Yeah, it’s not quite as good. Damn you, #9!

    Anyways, condolences to that late Mr. Lynch and his bereaved. You properly enunciated your way into our hearts as one of the only guys in WEREWOLF who could speak English, and for that, sir, we are all grateful. Rest in peace.


  34. Actually, I’m specifically referring to We Built this City, which I seem to remember was voted the worst song of the 80’s, recently (it’s mostly just repetitive). It’s all I could think of. They had some good songs, like Find your Way Back and Winds of Change. Meh….



  35. YourNewBestFriend says:

    Richard Lynch was a total ninja. I have no idea whether off-screen he was a nice guy or a complete jerk, but he never once gave a stupid, clumsy, or mail-it-in performance.

    All you have to know about Richard Lynch is his performance in “God Told Me To.” The only comparable performance I’ve ever seen in a B movie was Susan Tyrell in Night Warning.

    Missing both of ’em already.


  36. MikeK says:

    @YourNewBestFriend. Ahh, Susan Tyrell. She’s great in the Angel movie trilogy.


  37. Nick says:

    We met Richard Lynch at an autograph show in Burbank a few months ago – he signed my copy of Werewolf (non mst3k ver), Scanner Cop 1, and Cut and Run and signed my girlfriends copy of Premonition (an awesome movie). He was really cordial and nomming on an everything bagel. He was rad.


  38. PALADIN says:

    After his excellent performance as the terrorist ‘Rostov’ in the Chuck Norris film ‘Invasion U.S.A.’…
    I always considered him ‘The Poor Man`s Rutger Hauer.’

    …And yes, I was that poor man.


  39. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    Castle Monster:
    Had to mention We Built this City by Jefferson Starship. My day, no my weekend is ruined now.


  40. snowdog says:

    Guys, guys! “We Built this City” was by Starship, not Jefferson Starship. By that time, only Grace Slick remained of the original Jefferson Airplane lineup, and even she seemed pretty embarrassed!


  41. snowdog says:

    …of course, Jefferson Starship have yet to explain “Light the Sky on Fire” from the Star Wars Holiday Special.


  42. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    Did Grace Slick leave or go chasing rabbits? Jefferson Starship or just Starship it don’t matter the last great album with the Jefferson Airplane was Volunteers. Anyway the reason we’re here is the passing of Richard Lynch and on that note I will be watching WEREWOLF when I take my afternoon nap today. And I don’t want Castle Monster to even think when he reads this (about my afternoon nap) to think of the song AFTERNOON DELIGHT. Even if he’s rubbing sticks and stones together and it makes a spark ignite I don’t want him to think of SKY ROCKETS in flight. I think to help me sleep this afternoon I’ll have a shot of BRANDY because it helps me sleep, not because my life, my love as a sailor is the sea. It is true that BRANDY is a fine girl, such a fine girl, what a good wife she will be……….


  43. I assume that Richard Lynch was a big fan of Afternoon Delight, and often sung it in the shower. HA! Now get *that* out of your head!


  44. snowdog:

    Yeah, Jefferson was like “‘Knee-deep in the hoopla?’… That’s it, I’m outta here!”


  45. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    I just got out of the shower and read that and now every time I take a shower I’ll have that song and Richard Lynch stuck in my head. Somehow that reads like I’m saying something else, but I’m not. I don’t know where you live Mr. Monster but I’m in Ma. and it’s been 95 plus for the last few days, and we only have AC in our bedroom so I’m off to watch WEREWOLF and take a nap. Enjoy the weekend and keep cool brother.


  46. Fun fact: the “Jefferson” in Jefferson Airplane was taken from blues artist Blind Lemon Jefferson. There was no Jefferson in the band.

    Fun RIchard Lynch fact: He was a fan of gospel music. But then who isn’t?


  47. Eilidh says:

    What horrible people some of you are. With comments like “pukey face”, “he already looks mummified in that picture”, and “he will be buried nose to anus”. Then, a discussion about Jefferson Starship – when the topic is the passing of a legend. Show some more damned respect than that! Richard was an amazing actor and a wonderful human being. There wasn’t a bad bone in his body, and I am glad he won’t be able to read those vile comments! Rest peacefully Richard. You made the world a happier place, and you will be sorely missed.


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